Travels Into Different Parts of Europe: In the Years 1791 and 1792. With Familiar Remarks on Places--men--and Manners, Volume 2

T. Cadell, jun., and W. Davis, 1796

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Pagina 297 - Tis not the coarser tie of human laws, Unnatural oft, and foreign to the mind, That binds their peace ; but harmony itself, Attuning all their passions into love ; Where friendship...
Pagina 297 - By thee adult'rous luft was driv'n from men Among the beftial herds to range; by thee Founded in reafon, loyal, juft, and pure, 755 Relations dear, and all the charities Of father, fon, and brother firft were known. Far be...
Pagina 15 - The Complete Farmer : or a general Dictionary of Hufbandry in all its Branches : containing the various Methods of cultivating and improving every Species of Land, according to the Precepts of both the old and new Hufbandry.
Pagina 70 - Nubium tractus. Ego apis Matinae More modoque Grata carpentis thyma per laborem Plurimum circa nemus uvidique Tiburis ripas operosa parvus Carmina fingo.
Pagina 580 - The Hiftory of Scotland, during the Reigns of Queen Mary and of King James VI. till his Acceffion to the Crown of England ; with a Review of the Scotti/h Hiftory previous to that period ; and an Appendix, containing Original Papers, 2 vols.
Pagina 580 - An Account of the principal Lazarettos in Europe ; with various Papers relative to the Plague ! together with further observations on some Foreign Prisons and Hospitals, and additional Remarks on the present state of those in Great Britain and Ireland.
Pagina 580 - Adelaide and Theodore; or Letters on education: containing all the principles relative to three different plans of education; to that of princes, and to those of young persons of both sexes.
Pagina 580 - A full and plain Account of the Gout, from whence •will be clearly feen the Folly, or the Bafenefs of all Pretenders to the Cure of it, in which every Thing material by the beft Writers on that Subject is taken Notice of; and accompanied with fome new and important Inflructions for its Relief, which the Author's Experience in the Gout above thirty Years hath induced him to impart.
Pagina 580 - Edition. 75. 6d. %* This Treatife comprehends not only the Acute, but alfo the Chronic Difeafes ; and both are treated at much greater Length than in any Performance of the like Nature. It likewife contains an...
Pagina 580 - Memoirs of the Duke of Sully, Prime Minifter of Henry the Great. Containing the Hiftory of the Life and Reign of that Monarch, and his ewn Adminiftration under him.

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