HAVEN'S MENTAL PHILOSOPHY; Including the Intellect, the Sensibilities, and the Will. By JOSEPH HIAVEN, Professor of Intellectual and Moral Philosophy, Chicago University. Royal 12mo, cloth, embossed, 2.00. It is believed this work will be found preeminently distinguished for the COMPLETENESS with which it presents the whole subject.

HAVEN'S MORAL PHILOSOPHY: Including Theoretical and Practical Ethics. By JOSEPH HAVEN, D. D., late Professor of Moral and Intellectual Philosophy in Chicago University. Royal 12mo, cloth, embossed, 1.75.

It is eminently scientific in method, and thorough in discussion, and its views on unsettled questions in mora.s are discriminating and sound.

HOPKINS' LECTURES ON MORAL SCIENCE, delivered before the Lowell Institute, Boston, by MARK HOPKINS, D. D., President of Williams College. Royal 12mo, cloth, 1.50.

An important work from the pen of one of the most profound thinkers of the age. WAYLAND'S ELEMENTS OF MORAL SCIENCE. By FRANCIS WAYLAND, D. D., late President of Brown University. 12mo, cloth, 1.75. WAYLAND'S MORAL SCIENCE ABRIDGED, and adapted to the use of Schools and Academies, by the Author. Half mor., 70 cts. The same, CHEAP SCHOOL EDITION, boards, 45 cts.


WAYLAND'S POLITICAL ECONOMY ABRIDGED, and adapted to the use of Schools and Academies, by the Author. Half mor., 70 cents. All the above works by Dr. Wayland are used as text-books in most of the colleges and higher schools throughout the Union, and are highly approved.

AGASSIZ ANd gould's PRINCIPLES OF ZOÜLOGY; Touching the Structure, Development, Distribution, and Natural Arrangement, of the RACES OF ANIMALS, living and extinct, with numerous Illustrations. For the use of Schools and Colleges. Part I. COMPARATIVE PHYSIOLOGY. By LOUIS AGASSIZ and AUGUSTUS A. GOULD. Revised edition. 1.50.

PART II. Systematic Zoology. In preparation.

"It is simple and elementary in its style, full in its illustrations, comprehensive in its range, yet well condensed, and brought into the narrow compass requisite for the purpose intended."— Silliman's Journal.

RITTER'S GEOGRAPHICAL STUDIES. Translated from the German of Carl Ritter, by Rev. W. L. GAGE. With a Sketch of the Author's Life, and a Portrait. 12mo, cloth, 1.50.

This volume contains the grand generalizations of Ritter's life-work, the Erdkünde, in eighteen volumes; his lectures on the Relations of Geography and History, and a number of important papers on Physical Geography.

PROGRESSIVE PENMANSHIP, Plain and ornamental, for the use of Schools. By N. D. GOULD, author of "Beauties of Writing," "Writing Master's Assistant," etc. In five parts, each, 20 cts.


MILLER'S CRUISE OF THE BETSEY; or, a Summer Ramble among the Fossiliferous Deposits of the Hebrides. With Rambles of a Geologist; or, Ten Thousand Miles over the Fossiliferous Deposits of Scotland. 12mo, pp. 524, cloth, 1.75.

MILLER'S ESSAYS, Historical and Biographical, Political and Social, Literary and Scientific. By HUGH MILLER. With Preface by Peter Bayne. 12mo, cloth, 1.75.

MILLER'S FOOT-PRINTS OF THE CREATOR; or, the Asterolepis of Stromness, with numerous Illustrations. With a Memoir of the Author, by LOUIS AGASSIZ. 12mo, cloth, 1.75.

MILLER'S FIRST IMPRESSIONS OF ENGLAND AND ITS PEOPLE. With a fine Engraving of the Author. 12mo, cloth, 1.50. MILLER'S HEADSHIP OF CHRIST, and the Rights of the Christian People, a Collection of Personal Portraitures, Historical and Descriptive Sketches and Essays, with the Author's celebrated Letter to Lord Brougham. By HUGH MILLER. Edited, with a Preface, by PETER BAYNE, A. M. 12mo, cloth, 1.75.

MILLER'S OLD RED SANDSTONE; or, New Walks in an Old Field. Illustrated with Plates and Geological Sections. NEW EDITION, REVISED AND MUCH ENLARGED, by the addition of new matter and new Illustrations, &c. 12mo, cloth, 1.75.

MILLER'S POPULAR GEOLOGY; With Descriptive Sketches from a Geologist's Portfolio. By HUGH MILLER. With a Resume of the Progress of Geological Science during the last two years. By MRS. MILLER. 12mo, cloth, 1.75.

MILLER'S SCHOOLS AND SCHOOLMASTERS; or, the Story of my Education. AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY. With a full-length Portrait of the Author. 12mo, 1.75.

MILLER'S TALES AND SKETCHES. Edited, with a Preface, &c., by MRS. MILLER. 12mo, 1.50.

Among the subjects are: Recollections of Ferguson-Burns - The Salmon Fisher of Udoll - The Widow of Dunskaith-The Lykewake - Bill Whyte — The Young Surgeon - George Ross, the Scotch Agent - M'Culloch, the Mechanician A True Story of the Life of a Scotch Merchant of the Eighteenth Century.

MILLER'S TESTIMONY OF THE ROCKS; or, Geology in its Bearings on the two Theologies, Natural and Revealed. "Thou shalt be in league with the stones of the field."- Job. With numerous elegant Illustrations. One volume, royal 12mo, cloth, 1.75.

HUGH MILLER'S WORKS. Ten volumes, uniform style, in an elegant box, embossed cloth, 17; library sheep, 20; half calf, 34; antique, 34. MACAULAY ON SCOTLAND. A Critique from HUGH MILLER'S "Witness." 16mo, flexible cloth. 37 cts.

ANNUAL OF SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERY FOR 1864; or, Year Book of Facts in Science and Art, exhibiting the most important Discoveries and Improvements in Mechanics, Useful Arts, Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, Astronomy, Meteorology, Zoölogy, Botany, Mineralogy, Geology, Geography, Antiquities, &c., together with a list of recent Scientific Publications; a classified list of Patents; Obituaries of eminent Scientific Men; an Index of Important Papers in Scientific Journals, Reports, &c. Edited by David A. Wells, A. M. With a Portrait of General Q. A. Gilmore, U. S. A. 12mo, 1.75. VOLUMES OF THE SAME WORK for years 1850 to 1864 (fifteen vols.), with the Likeness of some distinguished Scientific or Literary man in each. 1.75 per volume.

The whole Series bound in uniform style, and put up in an elegant, substantial box, 26.25.

This work, issued annually, contains all important facts discovered or announced during the year. Each volume is distinct in itself, and contains entirely new matter.

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THE PLURALITY OF WORLDS. A NEW EDITION. With a SUPPLEMENTARY DIALOGUE, in which the author's Reviewers are reviewed. 12mo, cloth, 1.50.

THE ROMANCE OF NATURAL HISTORY. By PHILIP HENRY GOSSE. With numerous elegant Illustrations. 12mo, cloth, 1.75.

THE NATURAL HISTORY OF THE HUMAN SPECIES; Its Typical Forms and Primeval Distribution. By CHARLES HAMILTON SMITH. With an Introduction containing an Abstract of the views of Blumenbach, Prichard, Bachman, Agassiz, and other writers of repute. By SAMUEL KNEELAND, Jr., M. D. With elegant Illustrations. 12mo, cloth, 1.75.

TREATISE ON THE COMPARATIVE ANATOMY OF THE ANIMAL KINGDOM. By Profs. C. TH. VON SIEBOLD and H. STANNIUS. Translated from the German, with Notes, Additions, &c. BY WALDO I. BURNETT, M. D., Boston. One elegant octavo volume, cloth, 3.50.

This is believed to be incomparably the best and most complete work on the subject extant.

THE CAMEL; His Organization, Habits, and Uses, considered with reference to his introduction into the United States. By GEORGE P. MARSH, late U. S. Minister at Constantinople. 12mo, cloth, 75 cts.

INFLUENCE OF THE HISTORY OF SCIENCE UPON INTELLECTUAL EDUCATION. By WILLIAM WHEWELL, D. D., of Trinity College, England, and the alleged author of " Plurality of Worlds." 12mo, cloth, 40 cts.

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. A view of the Productive Forces of Modern Society, and the Results of Labor, Capital, and Skill. By CHARLES KNIGHT. With numerous Illustrations. American Edition. Revised, with additions, by DAVID A. WELLS, Editor of the "Annual of Scientific Discovery." 12mo, cloth, 1.75.

GOULD'S MOLLUSCA AND SHELLS. By AUGUSTUS A. GOULD, M. D. (UNITED STATES EXPLORING EXPEDITION, during the years 1838, 1839, 1840, 1841, 1812, under CHARLES WILKES, U. S. N. Vol. XII.) Elegant quarto volume, cloth, net, 10.00.

GOULD'S ATLAS TO MOLLUSCA AND SHELLS. By A. A. GOULD, M. D., &c. One volume quarto. Elegant Engravings on stone. In sheets, plain, net, 25.00; in sheets, colored, net, 40.00.

GEOGRAPHICAL DISTRIBUTION OF ANIMALS AND PLANTS. (UNITED STATES EXPLORING EXPEDITION; during the years 1838, 1839, 40, 1841, 1842, under CHARLES WILKES, U. S. N. Vol. XV.) By CHARLES PICKERING, M. D., Member of the Scientific Corps attached to the Expedition. One volume quarto, cloth, 4.00.


Descriptions of Shells and Mollusks, from 1839 to 1862. By AUGUSTUS A. GOULD, M. D. Octavo, cloth, 2.00; stiff paper cover, 1.59.

MODERN FRENCH LITERATURE. By L. RAYMOND DE VERICOUR. Revised, with Notes, by WILLIAM S. CHASE, A. M. With a fine Portrait of Lamartine. 12mo, cloth, 1.75.

"The only complete treatise on this subject, either in French or English.”—N. Y. Evening Post.


By T. II.
GRAND PIERRE, D. D., Pastor of the Reformed Church, Paris. 16mo, cloth, 65.

SPIRITUALISM TESTED; or, the Facts of its History Classified, and their
Cause and Nature Verified from Ancient and Modern Testimonies. By GEORGE
W. SAMSON, D.D., President of Columbian College, Washington, D. C. 16mo,
cloth, CO.

SPRAGUE'S VISITS TO EUROPEAN CELEBRITIES. By the Rev. WILLIAM B. SPRAGUE, D. D. 12mo, cloth, 1.50; cloth, gilt, 2.00.

SMITH'S PILGRIMAGE TO EGYPT; embracing a Diary of Explorations on the Nile, with Observations Illustrative of the Manners, Customs, and Institutions of the People, and of the present condition of the Antiquities and Ruins. By Hon. J. V. C. SMITH, late Mayor of the City of Boston. With numerous elegant Engravings. 12mo, cloth, 1.75.

THE STORY OF MY CAREER, 2s Student of Frieberg and Jena, and Professor at Halle, Breslau, and Berlin. With Personal Reminiscences of Goethe, Schiller, Schelling, Schleiermacher, Fichte, Novalis, Schlegel, Neander, and others. By HEINRICH STEFFENS. Translated by WILLIAM L. GAGE. 16mo, 1.00.

ANCIENT LITERATURE AND ART. Miscellaneous Essays on subjects connected with classical Literature, with the Biography and Correspondence of eminent Philologists. By Prof. B. SEARS, President of Brown University, B. B. EDWARDS, of Andover, and C. C. FELTON, of Cambridge. Second thousand. 12mo, cloth, 1.75.

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