The History of the San Francisco Disaster and Mount Vesuvius Horror

American Publishing Company, 1906 - 464 pagina's

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Pagina 101 - of the universe, shield us and guide us, Trusting Thee always through shadow and sun; Thou hast united us, who shall divide us; Keep us, O keep us, the Many in One.
Pagina 261 - About thirty miles from the mouth of the bay, and on the southeast side, is a high point upon which the presidio is built. Behind this is the harbor in which trading vessels anchor, and near it, the mission of San Francisco, and a newly begun settlement, mostly
Pagina 200 - sitting in her rocking and quaking parlor, saw the wall part at the ceiling, open and shut twice like a mouth, and then drop the end of a brick on the floor, like a tooth. She was a woman easily disgusted with foolishness, and she arose and went out of there. One

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