The day immediately following the preceding sabbath.
§ 31. Christ departs from Ca-
pernaum, i. 35–39.

iv. 42–44.
§ 32. Restores to life the young

man at Nain, vii. 11-17.
$32. Peter's copious draught

of fishes; of which no traces
are discoverable with respect
to the time when it hap-

pened, v. 1-11.
§ 33---37. Another history of a single day, which was likewise a sabbath.
$ 33. Christ defends his dis.

ciples who plucked ears of corn on the sabbath, xii. 1-8.

ii. 23–98.

vi. 1-5. § 34. Cures a withered hand, xii. 9--21.

iii. 1-12.

vi. 6-11. § 35. Drives out a devil, and is

accused of doing it by the assistance of Beelzebub, the prince of the devils; his answer, xii. 22-50.

iii. 22–35.

vii. 19-21. xi. 14-36.
§ 36. Dines with a Pharisee;

conversation at table, xi. 37.

-xii. 12. $37. Preaches in parables, xiii. 1453.

iv. 1-34.

viii. 4-18. § 38. Christ endeavo

vours to retire from the multitude, and sails to the other side of the lake Gennesaret. Account of one who offers himself to be a disciple of Christ; and of another, who requests permission to remain with his father, till his death, viii, 18–27.

iv. 35-41.

viii. 22–25. ix. 57-63. $39. Drives out a devil who

calls himself Legion, vili. 28–34.

v. 1–20.

viii. 26-39. $ 40. Heals a paralytic person, ix. 1-8.

ii. 1-12. v. 21. ,

v. 17-26. $ 41. Calls Matthew and Levi;

dines with tax-gatherers, ix. 9-17.

ii. 13-22.

v. 27-39. $ 42. Heals a woman afflicted

with an hemorrhage, and restores the daughter of Jairus, who was supposed to be dead, ix. 18—26.

v. 22-43.

viii. 40-56. § 43. Restores two blind men

to sight, ix. 27-31. § 44. Restores a dumb man to

his speech, ix. 32–34. § 45. Sends out his twelve apostles, ix. 35.-xi. 1.

vi. 7-13.

ix. 1-6. and (but at a later

period) the seventy disciples,
x. 1-24.*

* “ I place the sending out of the seventy disciples in the same article with that of the twelve apostles, merely because the two facts resemble each other; for we have no knowledge of the precise period in which the former event happened. The Evangelists themselves have often adopted a similar plan.”

[blocks in formation]

§ 52. Account of several re

markable transactions and discourses at a great festival in Jerusalemn, oinitted by the other Evangelists, chap. v. entire.

[blocks in formation]

$ 53. Five thousand men fed

with five loaves and two fishes, xiv. 13–36.

vi. 30-56. $ 54. Discourses on washing of

hands, clean and unclean meats, and other Jewish doctrines, xv. 1-20.

vii. 1--23. $ 55. Christ heals the daughter

of a Canaanite woman, xv. 21-28.

vii. 24-30. § 56. Performs several miracles, xv. 29–31.

vii. 31-37. § 57. Feeds four thousand men

with seven loaves and a few small fishes, xv. 32–39.

viii. 1-10 $ 58. Answers those who re

quire a sign from heaven, xvi. 1-4.

viii. 11-13. $ 59. Commands his disciples

to beware of the leaven of
the Pharisees, which com-
mand they misunderstand,
xvi. 5-12

viii. 14-21.
$ 60. Restores a blind man to

sight, viii. 22-26. $ 61. Asks his disciples whom

they suppose him to be. Peter answers that he is the Messiah, which Jesus confirms, xvi, 13—20.

viii. 27-30. § 62. Foretells his death on the cross, xvi. 21-28.

viii. 31.-ix. 1. § 63. Is transfigured on

ix. 18-21.

ix. 21--27.


lofty mountain beyond the Jordan, xvii. 1-13.

ix. 2–13.

ix. 28-36.






ix. 14-29.

ix. 37-42.

ix. 30-32.

ix. 43-445.

§ 64. Cures a lunatic, xvii.

ix. 38-50.

ix. 46–50. xvii. 1-4.

$ 69-83. Single scattered ac-

counts, recorded only by St.
Luke, some of which belong
to the three or four last
months of the life of Christ;
others to an earlier period,
and which are not arranged
according to the order of

§ 69. Christ is refused the

offices of hospitality by the

Samaritans, ix. 51–56.
$ 70. Answers the question,

who is our neighbour, x. 25

§ 71. Visits Martha a second

§ 65. Again foretells his ap-

proaching sufferings, xvii.

$ 66. Pays the half shekel as

tribute for the service of the

temple, xvii. 24-27.
$67. His discourses occasioned

by the dispute, who was the
greatest in the kingdom of

heaven, xviii. 1--20.
§ 63. Answers Peter's ques-

tion how often we must fer-
give, xviii. 21-35.

time: his discourse relative
to her too anxious prepara-

tions for table, x. 38-42.
$72. Teaches his disciples to

pray, xi. 1---13.
§ 73. Discourses occasioned by

the request which a person
preseni had made to Christ,
that he would command his
brother to divide with him

his inberitance, xii. 13—59.
§ 74. Discourses occasioned by

Pilate's having put to death
several Galileans, and mingled
their blood with their sacri-

fices, xui. 1–9.
$ 75. Christ cures on the sab-

bath-day an infirm'woman,
who was unable to walk up-

right, xili. 10-92.
§ 76. Answers the question,

whether few or many will be

saved, xiii. 23-30.
§ 77. Replies to those who de-

sire bim to retire because
Herod songht to put him to

death, xii. 31-3).
$ 78. Dines with a Pharisee on

the sabbath-day. His ac-
tions and discourses on that

occasion, xiv. entire.
$ 79. Dines with publicans,






and justifies his conduct to
those who censure him. Ac-
ceptation of the Gentiles, xv.

§ 80. On this occasion he in-

structs bis disciples in the
true use of riches, and de.
fends his doctrine against the
Pharisees, who deride it, xvi.

§ 81. His discourse on the ex-

traordinary effects of faith,

xvii. 5-10.
§ 82. Heals ten lepers, of whom

the Samaritan alone returned

thanks, xvii. 11-19.
$ 83. Answers the question,

when the kingdom of God
should come, xvii. 20.-xviii.

[blocks in formation]

$ 84. Answers the question re-

lative to divorces, xix. 1-12.
$ 85. Takes little children into

his arms, and blesses them ;
and on this occasion reproves

his disciples, xix. 13— 15.
$ 86. Answers a rich young

man, who asked him how he
should obtain eternal life;
Christ's important discourse
on this occasion with his

disciples, xix. 16.—xx. 16.
§ 87. Discourses again on his

approaching death, xx. 17

§ 88. The mother of the sons

of Zebedee requests for them
the first rank in the kingdom
of Christ; Christ's answer,
XX. 20—28.

[blocks in formation]

§ 89—92. Supplement of several events and discourses

$93. Restores two blind men

omitted by the three first Evangelists, which took place
especially at Jerusalem, and which belong to the period
between No. 53. and No. 88.

1$ 89. Christ's actions and dis-

courses at Jerusalem, at a
feast of tabernacles, vii. 1.-

x. 21.

$ 90. Discourses at Jerusalem

at the festival of the dedica-
tion of the temple, x. 22-

§ 91. Christ raises Lazarus

from the dead, xi. 1-46.
s 92. Returns to Ephraim, si.


to sight, xx. 29—34.

X. 46-52.

xviii. 35–43.
§ 94. Visits Zaccheus, xix. 1-

§ 95. Describes in a parable

the Jews who rejected him,
xix. 11-27.



§ 96. Christ is anointed at

Bethany by Mary; he de-
fends this action against the
unjust censure of bis disci-
ples, and particularly of Ju-
das Iscariot, who forms the
resolution to betray him,

xxvi. 6_13.
§ 97. Christ's entry into Jeru-

salem, xxi. 1-11.
$ 98. He goes as Lord into the

temple, and again drives out
the sellers ; he curses a fig-

tree, xxi. 12-22.
$ 99. Answers the question by

what power he does this, xxi.

$ 100. Parable of the neglected

festival of a king, xxii. 1-14.
$ 101. Answer to the question

relative to tribute money,

XXII. 15--22.
§ 102. Au wers to the objec-

tion ni ide by the Sadducees
to the rt urr. ction of the

de d, xxi. 23–33.
§ 103. Answer to the question,

which is the great command-
ment of the law? xxii. 34

$ 104. The question proposed,

whose son the Messlau is?

xxii. 41-46.
§ 105. Discourses against the

Pharisees, xxiii. entire.

§ 107. Prophecy of the de

struction of Jerusalem, xxiv.

§ 108. Addition to the pre-

ceding prophecy, found only
in the Gospel of St. Matthew,

XXV 1-30.
$ 109. Christ answers the ques-

tion relative to the last juulg-

ment, xxv. 31–46.
$ 110. After the preceding

discourses were ended, he
again foretells his approach-
ing death, xxvi. 2.




xiv. 3-9.

xii. 1-8.

xi. 1-10.

xix. 2244.

xij 19


xi. 11-26.

xix. 45-48.

xi. 27.-xii. 12.

xx. 1-19.

xii, 13-17.

xx. 20—26.

xii. 1827.

xx. 27-40.

xii. 2834.

xii. 35–37.

XX. 41–44.

XX. 45-47.

xii. 38–40.
$ 106. Smali alms offering of a
widow commended, xii. 41


xxi. 1-4.

xiii. entire.

xxi, 538.

111. Of the Greeks who
wished to see Jesus ; Christ's
discourse on this occasion,
and the answer from heaven,

xii. 20—36.
$ 119. Discourse on the infide-

lity of the Jews after the
performance of so many mi.
racles, xii. 37-50.

$ 113. Judas Iscariot promises

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