A New History of Aberdeenshire, Deel 1

Alexander Smith
L. Smith, 1875 - 1373 pagina's

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Pagina 190 - O whare will I get a skeely skipper, To sail this new ship of mine ? " O up and spake an eldern knight, Sat at the king's right knee : " Sir Patrick Spens is the best sailor, That ever sailed the sea.
Pagina 531 - And cheerfu' sing, alang wi' me, The reel o' Tullochgorum. O, Tullochgorum 's' my delight, It gars us a' in ane unite, And ony sumph ' that keeps up spite, In conscience I abhor him. For blythe and cheery we's be a, Blythe and cheery, blythe and cheery, Blythe and cheery we's be a', And mak
Pagina 404 - Bonnie lassie, will ye go, will ye go, will ye go, Bonnie lassie, will ye go to the Birks of Aberfeldy ? Now simmer blinks on flowery braes, And o'er the crystal streamlet plays, Come let us spend the lightsome days In the Birks of Aberfeldy.
Pagina 185 - Appear like mice; and yon' tall anchoring bark, Diminish'd to her cock; her cock, a buoy Almost too small for sight: The murmuring surge, That on the unnumber'd idle pebbles chafes, Cannot be heard so high: — I'll look no more; Lest my brain turn, and the deficient sight Topple down headlong.
Pagina 395 - Then after we had stayed there three hours or thereabouts, we might perceive the deer appear on the hills round about us (their heads making a show like a wood), which being followed close by the...
Pagina 272 - Near yonder copse, where once the garden smiled, And still where many a garden -flower grows wild; There, where a few torn shrubs the place disclose, The village preacher's modest mansion rose. A man he was to all the country dear, And passing rich with forty pounds a year...
Pagina 583 - The hoary head is a crown of glory, if it be found in the way of righteousness.
Pagina 659 - Little children, let no man deceive you: he that doeth righteousness is righteous, even as he is righteous.
Pagina 190 - Wodensday. They hadna been a week, a week, In Noroway, but twae, When that the lords o' Noroway Began aloud to say, — 'Ye Scottishmen spend a' our King's goud, And a
Pagina 403 - There's some say that we wan, Some say that they wan, Some say that nane wan at a', man; But one thing I'm sure, That at Sheriffmuir A battle there was, which I saw, man; And we ran, and they ran, and they ran, and we ran, And we ran and they ran awa', man.

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