Collections of the Virginia Historical Society: Constitution of the Virginia Historical and Philosophical Society ... February, 1833. President Cusing's address. Stuart, [J.] Memoir of Indian wars. Record of Grace Sherwood's trial for witchcraft, in 1705. A list of donations to the ... society. A list of the officers and members of the society. 1833

Virginia Historical Society, 1888

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Pagina xlvi - ROBINSON (Conway) An account of discoveries in the west until 1519, and of voyages to and along the Atlantic coast of North America, from 1520 to 1573. Prepared for " The Virginia historical and philosophical society," and published by the society : 8vo large — Richmond, printed by Shepherd & Colin, 1848 ; deposited by William Maxwell.
Pagina 223 - The Treasurer and company of Adventurers and Planters of the City of London for the first colony in Virginia...
Pagina 69 - Virginia, to be paid when there shall be ten of the infidels' children placed in it, and in the meantime ^24 by year to be distributed unto three discreet and godly men in the colony, which shall honestly bring up three of the infidels' children in Christian religion and some good course to live by.
Pagina xvii - A Map of Virginia. With a Description of the Country, the Commodities, People, Government, and Religion, Written by Captaine Smith, sometimes Governour of the Country.
Pagina 6 - Virginia for the training and bringing up of infidels' children to the true knowledge of God and understanding of righteousness. He conceived it the fittest that as yet they should not build the college, but rather forbear awhile, and begin first with the advances they have to provide and settle an annual revenue, and out of that to begin the erection of said college. And for the performance hereof also moved that a certain...
Pagina 43 - ... two or three months, and then after their arrival will be long in settling themselves ; as also that the Indians are not acquainted with them, and so they may stay four or five years before they have account that any good is done.
Pagina 17 - Upon some dispute of the Polonians resident in Virginia, it was now agreed ( notwithstanding any former order to the contrary) that they shall be enfranchised, and made as free as any inhabitant there whatsoever...
Pagina xxxix - The| Present State] of | Virginia. | Giving) A particular and short Account of the In-|dian, English, and Negroe Inhabitants of that | Colony. | Shewing their Religion, Manners, Government, | Trade, Way of Living, &c. with a Description of| the Country.
Pagina xii - ... in England. London : 1608. This tract, of fortytwo small quarto pages, is printed in black letter, and is extremely rare. A copy is in the library of the New York Historical Society — from which a reprint was made in the Southern Literary Messenger. In a preface signed IH, the statement that "some of the books were printed under the name of Thomas Watson, by whose occasion I know not, unless it were the over-rashness or mistaking of the workmen, but since having learned that the said discourse...
Pagina xli - I. Maryland's Influence upon Land Cessions to the United States. With minor papers on George Washington's Interest in Western Lands, the Potomac Company, and a National University. By HERBERT B. ADAMS, Ph. D. (Heidelberg). January, 1885; pp. 102. Price 75 cents. II-III. Virginia Local Institutions :— The Land System ; Hundred ; Parish ; County ; Town.

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