The Country Housewife and Lady's Director, in the Management of a House, and the Delights and Profits of a Farm: Part II Including a Great Variety of the Most Curious Receipts ... To which is Added from a Poulterer in St. Jame's-Market, the Manner of Trussing All Sorts of Poultry ...

D. Browne and T. Woodman, 1732 - 188 pagina's
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Pagina viii - The country gentleman and farmer's monthly director. containing necessary instructions for the management and improvement of a farm in every month of the year; wherein is directed the times and...
Pagina 32 - Those who like the full flavour of Onions only cut off the strings and tops (without peeling off any of the skins), put them into salt and water, and let them lie an hour ; then wash them, put them into a kettle with plenty of water, and boil them till they are tender : now skin them, pass them through a colander, and mix a little melted Butter with them. NB Some mix the pulp of Apples, or Turnips, with the Onions, — others add Mustard to them.
Pagina 7 - Hand, and passed thro' a Sieve, without bruising the Kernels of the Berries; add to every Gallon of Liquor three Pounds of Lisbon Sugar, and to the whole Quantity put an Ounce and a half of Ginger, sliced, and three quarters of an Ounce of Cloves; then boil this near an Hour, taking off the Scum, as it rises, and pour the whole to cool, in an open Tub, and work it with...
Pagina 94 - Tart of the Ananas, or Pine-Apple. From Barbadoes. Take a Pine-Apple, and twist off its Crown: then pare it free from the Knots, and cut it in Slices about half an Inch thick; then stew it with a little Canary Wine, or Madera Wine, and some Sugar, till it is thoroughly hot, and it will distribute its Flavour to the Wine much better than any thing we can add to it. When it is as one would have it, take it from the Fire; and when it is cool, put it into a sweet Paste, with its Liquor, and bake it gently,...
Pagina viii - ... necessary Instructions for the Management and Improvement of a Farm in every Month of the Year. Wherein is directed the Times and Seasons proper for Ploughing and Sowing of all Sorts of Corn...
Pagina 20 - Meat, or dressed hot for the Table. The Sturgeon is a Fish commonly found in the Northern Seas; but now and then, we find them in our great Rivers; the Thames, the Severn and the Tyne. This Fish is of a very large size; even sometimes to measure eighteen Foot in length.

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