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Ar length, after many difficulties, the new series of our Periodical has attained to the termination of its first volume, and we have the pleasing task of returning thanks to our friends, and soliciting a continuance of the patronage by which it has hitherto existed. We are not afraid to say that we deserve patronage; we have accomplished a work hitherto unknown-supported, (shall we say creditably ?) with small resources, a religious periodical for nearly eight years, and that in connection with the much abused Established Church-and that without compromising principle, or stooping to associate with our high objects any thing connected with the party feelings of the day. At a time when the ardour of politics seemed to absorb even the Church itself, our Periodical stood clear of it; at a time when violence affected all classes, we have preserved a tone of moderation; at a time when speculation and wildness were the order of the day, our aim, and we trust we have attained it, has been sobriety and moderation. We anticipated the result our Periodical has not obtained the popularity that we confess we anticipated. We have not been violent with the violent, political with the politician, or speculative with the Millennarian. We are too moderate for the one, too serious for the other, too scriptural for the third, and incapable of digesting the plain and wholesome food which it has been our anxiety to offer, they have preferred the deleterious draught of excitement. We thank our gracious Providence that all are not so; and while many cannot, and many will not support a religious publication, that many of the best friends of Ireland and her interests, of the Church and its stability, are to be found among our patrons. We can only promise, then, a continuation of the same exertions to please, and a confident assurance that when we find our principles cannot be maintained, we shall surrender our trust. It has, we will confess, surprised us not a little, that the heads of our Church in Ireland have not

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