On Sexual Reproduction as a New Critique of the Theory of Natural Selection: Sex as Creative Teleonomy and the Implications for Darwinism

1 jan. 2014 - 178 pagina's

Darwinism is one of the most successful scientific theories, and its validity is largely unquestioned within the scientific community. Most criticism comes from creationist streams of thought, and primarily focuses on aspects of improbability, such as on the alleged improbability of the origin of life, or of accidental mutations and natural selection yielding the astonishing complexity of living beings. In this work, a new criticism of the theory of natural selection is introduced. Its aim is to show that a salient characteristic of living beings, sexual reproduction, defies Darwinism, and not based on an improbability, but on an impossibility of explanation. Moreover, it is a critique that does not endorse creationism, but demands that the discussion about the explanation of organic phenomena should be held in a much broader philosophical context.


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