Poems, Narrative and Lyrical

D. Robertson, 1832 - 232 pagina's
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Pagina 40 - I've borne a weary lot; But in my wanderings, far or near, Ye never were forgot. The fount that first burst frae this heart Still travels on its way; And channels deeper, as it rins, The luve o' life's young day. O dear, dear Jeanie Morrison, Since we were sindered young, I've never seen your face, nor heard The music o' your tongue; But I could hug all wretchedness, And happy could I dee.
Pagina 38 - How cheeks brent red wi' shame, Whene'er the scule-weans laughin' said, We cleek'd thegither hame ? And mind ye o' the Saturdays (The scule then skailt at noon), When we ran aff to speel the braes — The broomy braes o...
Pagina 174 - The grass is soft, its velvet touch is grateful to the hand, And, like the kiss of maiden love, the breeze is sweet and bland ; The daisy and the buttercup are nodding courteously, It stirs their blood, with kindest love, to bless and welcome thee : And mark how with thine own thin locks — they now are silvery gray — That blissful breeze is wantoning, and whispering* "Be gay!
Pagina 42 - It's vain to comfort me, Willie, Sair grief maun ha'e its will — But let me rest upon your briest, To sab and greet my fill. Let me sit on your knee, Willie, Let me shed by your hair, And look into the face, Willie, I never sail see mair!
Pagina 37 - The thochts o* bygane years Still fling their shadows ower my path, And blind my een wi...
Pagina 39 - The throssil whusslit sweet ; The throssil whusslit in the wood, The burn sang to the trees, And we with Nature's heart in tune, Concerted harmonies; And on the knowe abune the burn, For hours thegither sat In the silentness o' joy, till baith Wi
Pagina 43 - I canna live as I hae lived, Or be as I should be. But fauld unto your heart, Willie, The heart that still is thine, And kiss ance mair the white, white cheek, Ye said was red langsyne. A stoun...
Pagina 187 - His sad eerie cry, And the wee stars were dreaming Their path through the sky ; The burn babbled freely Its love to ilk flower, But we heard and we saw nought In that blessed hour. We heard and we saw nought Above or around ; We felt that our love lived, And loathed idle sound.
Pagina 176 - To suck once more in every breath their little souls away And feed my fancy with fond dreams of youth's bright summer day, When, rushing forth like untamed colt, the reckless, truant boy Wandered through green woods all day long, a mighty heart of joy.
Pagina 34 - I kiss thee. The smile of a maiden's eye Soon may depart ; And light is the faith of Fair woman's heart ; Changeful as light clouds, And wayward as wind, Be the passions that govern Weak woman's mind.

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