Freedom of Religion Worship. or, the Jubilee of Ordi-


NAYLER, James, of near Wakefield in Yorkshire.

Spiritual Wickednesse, in Heavenly places, proclayming Free-
dome to the Forme, but persecuting the power; or an
answer to a Booke, intituled, Freedom of Religion Worship:
or, the Jubilee of Ordinances, set forth without a name.
4to. No Printer's name, place, or date.
The Worcestershire Petition to the Parliament for the
Ministry of England defended, by a Minister of Christ
in that County, &c.

London, Printed for Tho. Underhill, at the Blue
Anchor, in Pauls Church-Yard, and Francis Tyton,
at the Three Daggers, in Fleet Street.
4to. 1653. 51


THE QUAKERS DREAM: or, the Devil's Pilgrimage in
England being An infallible Relation of their several
Meetings, Shreekings, Shakings, Quakings, Roarings,
Yellings, Howlings, Tremblings in the Bodies, and
Risings in the Bellies: With a Narrative of their several
Arguments, Tenets, Principles, and strange Doctrine:
The strange and wonderful Satanical Apparitions, and
the appearing of the Devil unto them in the likeness of a
black Boar, a Dog with flaming eyes, and a black man
without a head, causing the Dogs to bark, the Swine to
cry, and the Cattel to run, to the great admiration of all
that shall read the same. (With curious wood cut
figures of Naked females, &c., on the title page.)
London: Printed for G. Horton, and are to be sold at the
Royal Exchange in Cornhil.
4to. 1655.

Reprinted in "The Curiosity Book."


(Brit. Mus. E. 14
The QVAKERS terrible VISION; or, The Devils's Progress to
the City of LONDON: Being a more true and perfect
Relation of their several Meetings, Transes, Quakings,
Shakings, Roarings, and Trembling Postures; the ap-
pearing of two strange Oracles, with an old Love-lock
cut off from Satan's head; the manner of putting it in
practice, and drawing in of others; the burning of their
fine Cloaths, Prints, and Ribbons which seemed to them
like so many Hellish Hags, and Furies; their several
Opinions and Tenets, holding a community with all
mens Wives, either sleeping or waking; their strange
Doctrine, Raptures, and Inspirations; and the most
hideous Actions of all the several sorts of Quakers; as
Catharists, Familists, Enthusiasts, Montanists, Valencians,





& Libertins, the like never read, or heard of before, since
the memory of man. (With Curious Wood-cuts.)

London, Printed for G. Horton, in the great year of
4to. 1655. 1
(Brit. Mus. E 885



A DECLARATION from the Children of Light (who are by the
World scornfully called Quakers) against several false
reports, scandals and lyes, in several news Books and
Pamphlets, put forth by Henry Walker, R. Wood, and
George Horton, whose lyes, and slanders shall not pass for
truth; but shall be judged, and cast out by Michael and his
Angels into the world, which is their habitation amongst the
children of darkness. Also, A Warning from the Lord to all
Ballad-makers, and Image-makers, with them that print and
sell them, &c.

London, Printed for Giles Calvert, at the Black Spread
Eagle, at the West end of Pauls.

pearing in their Inchantment of One Mary White at Wick-
ham-skeyth in Suffolk, 1655.

London, Printed by T. M., for Edward Dod, and are to
be sold at his shop at the Gun in Ivie-laine.
(Brit. Mus. 8651.7.)

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PARNEL, James, of Colchester.

The Quacking MOUNTEBANCK, or The Jesuite turn'd
QUAKER. In a Witty and full Discovery of their Pro-
duction and Rise, their Language, Doctrine, Discipline,
Policy, Presumption, Ignorance, Prophanes, Dissimulation,
Envy, Uncharitablenes, with their Behaviours, Gestures,
Aimes and Ends. All punctually handled and proved, to
give our Countrymen timely Notice to avoid their Snares
and subtile Delusions, Simulata Sanctitas Duplicata Ini-
quitas. By one who was an Eye and Eare Witnesse
of their Words and Gestures in their new hired great
Tavern Chappell, or the Great Mouth within Aldersgate.
London, Printed for E. B., at the Angell in Pauls-
4to. 1655. 24

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GOLIAH'S HEAD Cut off with his own Sword, &c.

4to. 1655. 1

FOX, George, answers the above in,

The Great MISTERY of the Great Whore unfolded, &c. (Page 31.) Folio. 1659. An Answer according to truth, that trembles not, nor quakes, nor quaileth, given to thirty-six queries, propounded by James Parnel, &c.


4to. 1655. 1

4to. 1655. 12}



The QUAKERS Fiery Beacon: Or, The Shaking-Ranters
Ghost: being A new Relation, and further Discovery of
their strange and sudden Agonies, Trances, Quakings,
Shakings, Raptures, Visions, Apparitions, Conflicts with
Satan, Revelations, Illuminations, Instructions in new
divine Mysteries, and seraphical Divinity; their several
Callings, Missions, Messages, Orders, Sects, Places, and
Persons; their inchanted Potions, Ribbons, and Bracelets;
their Declaration in Westminster-Hall, touching Heaven
and Hell: And a Narrative of their present Actings and
Extasies, for the sweeping away of our good Fundamental
Laws like so many old Cobwebs. (With a Wood cut on
the title page of The Shaking Ranters Ghost.)
London, Printed for G. Horton.

(Brit. Mus. E. 44)

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A Serious Review of some Principles of the Quakers.
FARNWORTH, Richard, of Balby, in Yorkshire.

By one JOHN STALHAM, and as he saith Preacher of the
Gospel at Edenborough in Scotland: and the other stiled, 4
Serious review of some Principles of the QUAKERS; wherein
error is discovered, and truth defended: By P. E. and
written with a pen at Edenborough, Printed in the year 1655,
and a written name, as if it were the Printer called Peter
English, but no printed name; and thus they shuffle, but
laid open to their shame, and truth in this short answer is
defended and cleared, and their error is discovered, and they
ensnared, &c.

4to. 1655. 1

London: Printed for Giles Calvert, at the black Spread
Eagle at the West end of Pauls.
4to. 1655.

FOX, George.

The Great MISTERY of the Great Whore unfolded, &c. (Page 257.)
Folio. 1659.

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The Quaker's Fear; wonderful, strange, and true news
from the famous town of Colchester, in Essex, shewing
the manner how one James Parnell, a Quaker by profes-
sion, took upon him to fast twelve days and twelve nights
without any sustenance at all, and called the people that
were his followers or disciples, and said that all the
people of England that were not of their congregation
were all damned creatures; also of his blasphemous life
and scandalous death in the jayl at Colchester, this pre-
sent month of April, 1656. A Ballad. (Black Letter.)
With 8 Woodcuts.
Broadside, 1656. 1
A Sad Caveat to all Quakers. Not to boast any more that
they have God Almighty by the hand, when they have
the Devil by the toe. Containing a true Narration of
one Williom Pool an apprentice, & a known Quaker neer

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Worcester, who on Friday, in last Febr. the 20, boasting
that he had that day Christ by the hand, and must ac-
cording to appointment go to him again, did on that
evening by the temptation and impulsion of the Devil
drown himself in the River. Together with the Judge-
ment of the Coroner and Jury, who fo

'ty of


As also the

Quakers who digge

most unpareleled presumption


who undertook to raise him again to me,

manner of it, and the words that at that time she uttered;
The like whereof never heard in Christendome. (Black
Letter, except Title page.)



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London, Printed for W. Gilbertson, in Giltspur-street,
without Newgate.
12mo. 1657. 16 pages



Note. W. Pool is said to have been an apprentice to Geo. Knight, of the Parish
of St. Claius, in the City of Worcester.

Three Dutch Pamphlets.
swered by

HOSANNAH to the Son of DAVID: or A Testimony to the
Lord's Christ. Offering it Self, indifferently, to all
persons; though more especially intended for the People,
who pass under the Name of QUAKERS, &C.

London, Printed by William Godbid.


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FOX, George.

The Great Mistery of the Great Whore unfolded, &c. (Page 219.)
Folio. 1659.

Query, the titles?


4to. 1657. 22

AMES, William.

Den Antixt ontdeckt-Antichrist discovered and laid open; or
an answer to three pamphlets published without the
Author's name, but in the Light the Author is discovered,
judged, and cast out.

4to. 1657.

A true Relation of the Life, Conversation, Examination,
Confession, and Iust deserved Sentence of James Naylor
the grand Quaker of England. Who for his Blasphemous
and abominable Opinions, and Practises, was whipt at a
Cart's-taile, from Westminster to the Royall-Exchange in
London, December the eighteenth 1656, and thereto stand
in the Pillory, and to have the letter B set upon his fore-
head, and to be burnt through the toung with a hot Iron,
and to be kept in Prison during life, without being




allowed any sustenance, but what he shall earne with his
owne Labor. (Chiefly Black Letter.)

London, Printed for Thomas Vere at the Angell without
Small 12mo. 1657. 16 pages.


Note. With a curious frontispiece, with these words underneath, "The
Manner how James Naylor stood in the Pillory, and was whipt from the
Pallace-yard at Westminster, to the Royall Exchange in London, December
the 18th, 1656."

The QUAKERS QUAKING. Or, the most just and deserved punishment inflicted on the person of JAMES NAYLOR for his most horrid blasphemies. Together with the Confession of his Associates, who were

Timothy Wedlock.
Thomas Symons.
John Stranger.

Hannah Stranger.
Martha Symons.
Dorcas Erbury.

As also the reasons why the further punishment of the
said James Naylor was suspended on Saturday, Decemb.
20 and deferred by order of Parliament untill Saturday,
Decemb. 27. He remains still a prisoner to Newgate,
where many of his Associates do daily resort to him. To
which is added, The severall damnable opinions of the

London, Printed for W. Gilbertson, at the Bible in Gilt-
spur-street, without Newgate.
12mo. 1657.

Note. On the back of the Title page is a curious Wood-cut "The manner
of James Naylor's standing in the Pillory, in the Pallace-yard, at West-

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(Brit. Mus. 12...)

Twenty QUAKING QVERIES, Having been Clowded, and now Brought forth to Light, By Mad-Toм.

London, Printed for Robert Page, living in Barbican in
three Pigeon-Alley.

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Note. The first Query is, "Whether the first QUAKER did not spring out of 4to. 1659. a Monk's Belly?" The 8th.-Whether George Fox did nothing else to that Holy Sister, than stroke her; when he cured her of the King's-Evil? Brit. Mus. 12. I. b.


796. 6.


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A Catechism. (See SAMUEL EATON.)

BURROUGH, Edwd., of Westmoreland.

Some False Principles and errors discovered and refuted,-in
answer to Samuel Eaton's Catechism.

4to. 1659. 51

James Nailor's RECANTATION, Penned, and directed by
Himself, to all the People of the LORD, Gathered and
Scattered. And may most fitly serve as an Antidote



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