FORD, Stephen,—continued.

liberty was granted, a meeting-place was erected for him
in Miles-lane, near Thames Street, where he was Pastor of
a Congregational Church. Here he held a catechetical
lecture for young men at 7 in the morning on Lord's days,
and afterwards changed it to the evening; which it is to be
hoped did much good. Dr. W. says, "It hath been re-
ported that this Mr. Ford had been a Servant to the head
of an house." Supposing that report true, he might yet be
a very worthy and useful man, and might afterwards have
gone thro' a course of study. WORKS.-A Discourse,
entitled, "A Gospel Church.-A Disc. on Regeneration."
Palmer's Nonconformists' Memorial, Vol. 2. page 309.

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Quakerism No Christianity, &c. By John Faldo (Epis.
subscribed by Stephen Ford, and 20 other Divines.)

8vo. 1675.

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PENN, William, Founder of Pennsylvania.

A JUST REBUKE to One and Twenty Learned and Reverend
DIVINES (so called) being an Answer to an Abusive Epistle
against the Quakers, &c.

4to.. 1674.

BEEZLEY, James, of London.

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FORMEY, John Henry Samuel, was born at Berlin in 1711.
He became Pastor of the French Church, Professor of
Eloquence, and afterwards of Philosophy in the French
College, and lastly Secretary to the Academy of Sciences
in his native City, where he died in 1797.

Histoire Ecclesiastique, 2 Vols.

the PRESENT TIME. Written originally in French, By Mr.
FORMEY, Secretary to the Academy of Sciences at BERLIN.
To which is added, An APPENDIX, Giving an account of the
People called METHODISTS. By the TRANSLATOR. 2 Vols.
London, Printed for R. Davis, in Picadily; J. Newbery,
in St. Paul's Church-Yard; and L. Davis and C.
Reymers, in Holborn.
8vo. 1766. 86%
Note.-Contains in Vol. 2, p. 237. "Article XIII.-Of ENTHUSIASTS,

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A Letter to Dr. Formey, F.R.S (2 editions)
London: Printed for W. Nicoll, &c.

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8vo. 1776. 41

BEVAN, Joseph Gurney, of Stoke Newington.

A Refutation of some of the more modern misrepresentations of
the Society of Friends,-With a Life of JAMES NAYLER, &c.
London: Printed and sold by William Phillips, &c. 8vo. 1800.


FOWLER, Christopher, M.A. Born at Marlborough about 1610, and educated at Oxford, where he continued some time as a preacher. He removed thence to Woodhey in Berks. After that to St. Margaret's, Lothbury in London: from thence he went to Reading, where he was Vicar of St. Mary's, and at length Fellow of Eton Col. Upon K. Charles's return he lost this fellowship, and in 1662 was ejected from Reading. He afterwards retired to London, where he exercised his ministry in private. He died in Southwark, in Jan. 1676.-Palmer's Nonconformists' Memorial, vol. 1, p. 231.

TLE, Directed to all the publick Teachers in this Nation,
and prefixed to a Book, called (By an ANTIPHRASIS) Christs
Innocency pleaded against the Cry of the Chief Priests.
Written in hast By THOMAS SPEED, once a publick Teacher
himself, and since revolted from that Calling to Merchan-
dize, and of late grown a Merchant of Soules, trading
subtilly for the QUAKERS in Bristoll. WHEREIN The
Jesuiticall Equivocations and subtle Insinuations, whereby
he endeavours secretly to infuse the whole Venome of
Quaking Doctrines, into undiscerning Readers, are dis-
covered; a Catalogue of the true and genuine Doctrines
of the Quakers is presented, and certaine Questions
depending between us and them, candidly disputed,


Christopher Fowler
Simon Ford

Ministers of the Gospel
in Reding.

London, Printed for Samuel Gellibrand, at the Ball in
Pauls Church Yard.
4to. 1656. 10°

SPEED, Thomas, of Bristol.

-The Guilty-Covered CLERGYMAN Unvailed; in a plain and candid
Reply unto Two Bundles of Wrath and Confusion, wrapt up
in one and twenty sheets of Paper. The one written by
Christopher Fowler and Simon Ford, of Reading; The other
by William Thomas, of Ubley, in Somersetshire. Wherein
all their malicious Slanders and false Accusations, which
they cast upon the Truth, are clean wash'd off; Their
weapons with which they war against the Lamb, broken
over their own heads; and they, with the rest of the Tyth-
exacting Teachers, proved to be the great incendiaries, and
Misleaders of these nations. By THOMAS SPEED, & Friend to
all that tremble at the word of the Lord, &c.

London, Printed for Giles Calvert, at the Black Spread
Eagle, at the West end of Pauls.
4to. 1657. 11
Note.-William Thomas's pamphlet, consisting of 11 sheets of paper, and
C. Fowler's & S. Ford's of 10, make up the "Two Bundles of Wrath and
Confusion," in 21 sheets.

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FOWLER, Christopher,-continued.

A True Charge in Ten Particulars against the People call-
ed Quakers. (In Edwd. Burrough's Works, page 635.)

BURROUGH, Edward, of Underbarrow, Westmoreland.

A Discovery of some part of the War between the Kingdom of the

LAMB, and the Kingdom of ANTI-CHRIST: Held forth in this
Account of several Disputes and Queries, between a Minister
of Christ (really so) and one that hath the Name of a Minis-
ter, but is proved to be a Minister and Member of Antichrist
by evident Testimonies. And is a short Account of the
Covetousness, Ignorance, Envy, and the Fruits of Darkness
brought forth by C. Fowler, a professed Minister in Reading.
London, Printed for Robert Wilson, at the Black Spread-

Eagle and Windmill, in Martins, near Aldersgate 4to. 1659.

Reprinted in his Works, page 625.

FOWLER, Edward, an English Prelate, was born at Westerleigh. in Gloucestershire, in 1632, and educated at Corpus ChristiCollege, Oxford; but took his Master's degree at Cambridge. In 1656 he became Chaplain to the Countess of Kent, who gave him the Rectory of Northill in Bedfordshire. In 1678 he was presented to All-Hallows, Bread Street; and in 1675 to a Prebend in Gloucester, where he had a dispute with the Corporation, respecting a Sermon which he preached and printed. In 1681 he was instituted to the Vicarage of St. Giles's Cripplegate, on which he resigned All-Hallows. He was made Bishop of Gloucester in 1691, and died at Chelsea in 1714. Besides several Sermons and tracts he wrote,—

The DESIGN of CHRISTIANITY; or, A plain Demonstration
and Improvement of this Proposition, viz. That the endu-
ing men with Inward Real Righteousness or True Holi-
ness, was the Ultimate End of our Saviour's Coming into
the World, and is the Great Intendment of His Blessed Gos-
pel. By EDWARD FOWLER, Minister of God's Word at
Northil in Bedford-shire.

London, Printed by E. Tyler and R. Holt for R. Royston,
Bookseller to the King's most Excellent Majesty, and
Lodowick Loyd.


(Brit. Mus. 1019. K. 10.)

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Rector of Alhallows Bread Street London. The Second

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London, Printed for R. Royston, Bookseller to his most Sacred Majesty, at the Angel in Amen-Corner. 8vo. 1676. 21 (British Museum, 4374. aa.)


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1671. 201

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FOWLER, Edward,-continued.

The Design of Christianity, &c.-By EDWARD Fowler, D.D.
now Lord Bishop of GLOCESTER. The Third Edition Revised
and corrected by the Author.

London, Printed by J. H. for Luke Meredith, at the Star
in S. Paul's Church-Yard.
8vo. 1699. 15

(Brit. Mus. 1413. e. 23.)

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The Design of Christianity, &c.-By EDWARD FOWLER, A.M.
Rector of North-Hill in Bedfordshire; and afterwards
Lord Bishop of Gloucester.

He that followeth me shall not walk in Darkness. John viii. 12,
The 4th Edition.

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London, Printed for John Rivington at the Bible and
Crown in St. Pauls Church-Yard.
8vo. 1760. 191

(Brit. Mus. 4378. aaa.)

Note. The reference to Friends in this book is very slight.

Note.-The two Books, "A Friendly Conference." &c. 1676. and "A Vindi-
cation of the Friendly Conference," &c. 1678. See ANONYMOUS, have by
some been attributed to this Author, but my belief is that they are not by

FOX, Bohun, L.L.B. Vicar of Melkesham in Wiltshire.

Agrippa almost perswaded to be a Christian: or, the Self con-
demned QUAKER. Being a True copy of Two PAPERS
Lately Printed by THOMAS BEAVEN, in relation to the
QUAKERS. With a Preface and some Reflections on the
last of them, Entituled His Second Thoughts. By Bohun
Fox, L.L.B. Vicar of Melkesham in the County of Wilts, and
late Fellow of New-College, Oxon.

For their Folly [and Falshood] shall be manifest unto all Men.
2 Tim. 3. 9.

London: Printed for John Wyat, and Sold by Roger
Warne, Bookseller, in Chippenham. .

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8vo. 1707. 4

The same.-London: Printed for John Wyat, at the Rose in
St. Paul's Church-Yard.
8vo. 1707. 8

BEAVEN, Thomas, Junr., of Melkesham in Wiltshire.

The High-Priest of MELKSHAM, his Reasonings, his concessions,
and his Self-Contradictions: Briefly Examined in a Sober
Vindication of a Paper Entituled, Second Thoughts, Relating
to the QUAKERS, being a Reply to Bohun Fox's "Agrippa, &c.
By Thomas Beaven, Jun.

London: Printed and Sold by J. Sowle, in White-Hart-
Court, in Gracious-Street.

8vo. 1707. Sa

Thomas Beaven's Vindication of his Second Thoughts re-
lating to the Quakers considered. Being an Answer to a

FOX, Bohun,-continued.

late pamphlet, abusively entituled, The High Priest of
Melkesham, &c.

London: Printed for John Wyat, at the Rose in St. Paul's
Church-yard, and Sold at R. Warne's in Chippenham.

BEAVEN, Thomas, Junr., of Melkesham in Wiltshire.

Some Observations on the Controversie lately depending, between
Bohun Fox, Vicar of Melksham, and Thomas Beaven, Jun.
London: Printed and sold by J. Sowle, in White-Hart-
Court, in Gracious Street.

FRANCIS, Duke of Westminster.

The Fulnesse and Freenesse of GODS GRACE in JESUS
CHRIST; declared In the Point of Election, by a middle
way betweene Calvin and Arminius, and different from
them both, In an uniforme Body of Divinitie. By Francis

8vo. 1707. 51

London, Printed by Richard Oulton and Gregory Dexter. (Brit. Mus. E. 146. -) 4to. Anno Dom. 1642. 22†


The Fulness and Freeness of GODS GRACE in CHRIST
declared. I. In the Point of Election, by a middle way
between Calvin and Arminius, and different from them
both. II. How God Orders and appoints Men to their
final Ends; some to Honor, some to Dishonor to Eternity.
In an uniform Body of DIVINITIE. In Two Parts. By

(Brit. Mus. E.
E. 925)


London, Printed by Thomas Newcomb, for John Clark and
are to be sold at his shop at Mercers Chappel in Cheap-
4to. 1655. 221

8vo. 1708. 1

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Note.-Part 1. is the edition of 1642, with a new title page. Each part has
a separate title page and pagination, the title of the 2nd Part is,-"The
Fulness and Freeness of GODS GRACE in CHRIST Declared. Namely, How
God orders and appoints Men to their final ends; some to Honor, some to
Dishonor to Eternity." The Second Part. London, Printed by Thomas
Newcomb, for John Clark and Miles Mitchel and are to be sold at their
shops in Mercer's Chappel, and in Westminster Hall.

4to. 1655.

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The Fulness and Freeness of GODS GRACE in Jesus Christ,
declared In two general Points: First, That Personal
Election is no ground of the Saints Perseverance in the
Grace of God by Jesus Christ. Secondly, In what sense
the Scriptures speake the Saints Perseverance in that
Grace. The Third Part. By FRANCIS DUKE. (Cooke?)
London, Printed by T. N. for Wil. Milward, without
Westminster Hall Gate, and Miles Michael within the
4to. 1656. 15
(Brit. Mus. E. 892


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