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ABRAHAMS, Dr. Galenus, Reputed Chief of the Socinian Mennists, in Holland," says William Sewel, in his History of Friends.

-VERDEDIGING der Christenen die DOOPSGEZINDE Genaamd
Worden Beneffens Korte Groudstellingen Van Hun
Gelove en Leere, door Galenus Abrahamsz, Met Kennis,
en toestemming, van andere sijner Mede-Leeraaren.
t' Amsteldam: By de Wed P. Arentz, en C. Vander Sys,
Boekyerkopers in de Beurs-straat, in de drie Raapen.
8vo. 1699. 18

AMES, William, of Frampton Cotterell, Gloucestershire.

De Uerhozgentheden van het Rijcke Godts.-The Mysteries of
the Kingdom of God, and the working, leading, and guiding
of God's Spirit declared, in opposition to the literal worship
maintained as the true worship of God, by Galen


4to. 1661.

ADAMS, J., Chaplain in Ordinary to King Wm. the Third.

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A SERMON preached at St. Clement Danes, the 29th of September, 1700. Occasioned by the Recantation of Mr. Clement Joynes, (lately a Quaker). By J. ADAMS, Chaplain in Ordinary to His Majesty. Published at the Request of the Persons concerned, and several others of that Parish. London: Printed for D. Brown, without Temple Bar; and Peter Buck, in Fleet Street 4to. 1700. ADDERLEY, William, a Nonconformist Divine, Lecturer at

St. Sepulchre's, London.

The Foot Out of the Snare. (Part by him)

See JOHN TOLDERVY, in my Catalogue of Friends' Books, Vol. 2, page 745.
NAYLER, James, of Ardesloe, near Wakefield, Yorkshire.

Foot yet In the Snare. Discovered in an Answer to John
Toldervy, William Adderley, and others.
London: Printed for Giles Calvert, &c.

4to. 1656. 7



4to. 1656. 41 B

ADDERLEY, William,-continued.

TOLDERVY, John, of London.

The NAKED TRUTH Laid Open, against what is amiss, &c.
London, Printed for G. Calvert, &c.

ADRIANS, Jacob, of Holland. (Book unknown).

AMES, William.

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Een hartneckigen, &c. A stiff-necked and shameless Lyar Reproved, (in) Jacob Adrians, formerly called Mr. Jans, fol. no date. i ALBERTI, George William, a Preacher at Tundern, in Hanover, was born in the year 1725, and died in 1758.

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Aufrichtige Nachricht von der Religion, Gottesdienst,
Sitten, und Gebräuchen der Quaker.-Letters on the
State of Religion, Worship, Manners, and Customs of
the Quakers
Hanover, 1750.

Besides the above, G. W. Alberti published "Thoughts on Hume's Essays
on Natural Religion," under the name of Alethophilus Gottingensis.
Written during his residence in England.

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4to. 1656.

ALCOT, William, an Anabaptist. See EDWARD PAYE.
ALEXANDER, John, of Leith, in Scotland.

Jesuitico-Quakerism Examined, or a CONFUTATION of The
Blasphemous and unreasonable Principles of the QUA-
KERS; with a Vindication of the CHURCH OF GOD in
BRITAIN, from their Malicious Clamours, and Slanderous
Aspersions. By John Alexander, Preacher of the Gospel.
London: Printed for Dorman Newman, at the Sign of the
King's Arms, in the Poultry.
4to. 1680. 82}


The following Preamble is prefixed to this book, viz, :—
My Lord Bishop of Edinburgh having appointed me to
review and examine a Book Compiled by Mr. John
Alexander, &c., by John Hamilton, dated, Leith, October
16, 1679."

KEITH, George, of Aberdeen, and other places, see my Catalogue of
Friends' Books, vol. 2, p. 18.

Truth's Defence: or, the Pretended EXAMINATION, by John
Alexander, of Leith, of the Principles of those (call'd
QUAKERS) Falsly termed by him, Jesuitico-Quakerism, Re-
Examined and Confuted. Together with some Animadversions
on the Dedication of his Book to Sir Robert Clayton, then
Maior of London. By G. K.

London: Printed for Benjamin Clark in George-Yard in
Lombard Street, Bookseller.
ALLEN, James, of Boston, New England. One of the Ministers


An ANSWER to George Keith's LIBEL, &c.
Allen, Increase Mather, and others.)

(Epis. by James

Boston: (New England) Printed, &c.


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Small 8vo. 1682. 16

Small 8vo. 1694.

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