MITCHELL, William,-continued.

for the PRESBYTERIAN Ministers of the CHURCH of SCOTLAND,
and for Mr. Simson Professor of Divinity in Glasgow. III.
His True and Everlasting Almanack, for the World to
come. With his dreadful Sermon to the Quakers. All
dedicated to his Majesty KING GEORGE, II. King of Great
Britain, France and Ireland, and Defender of my Faith.
8vo. Printed in the Year, 1728. 16

Note.-This Tinclarian Doctor says, concerning Friends, see p. 236 of the
above book," Now I must come forth, and fight against the Devil and
the Quakers, as Paul fought against the Beasts at Epheses, so I must
fight against these vile Beasts the Quakers."

MOODEY, James, of Boston, New-England.-See INCREASE
MATHER. Answered by George Keith, in his "Pretended
Antidote, &c.

MOORE, Thomas, Junior, of Lynn, Norfolk.

Mercies for Men, Prepared in, and by Christ, even for such
as neither know them, nor him. Discovered, that they
might know, and enjoy them. Or A Discourse of the In-
terest there is for All men in, and by Christ in the end,
and usefulnesse of the Beleevers peculiar Priviledges and
Service. In which is also some Information about that
Service to which the Grace of God, that bringeth salvation
to All men, instructeth, and obligeth the Beleever for the
good of them All, according to capacity, and opportunity
given him. Likewise some directions for, and concerning
Christian Magistrates. In the opening some Instructions
arising from the Apostles Exhortation to Timothy, 1 Tim.
2. 1, 2. Delivered in November 1658, at the Munday
meetings at Black-Friers: And because what then was
spoken, met with some publick opposition, this is now
published for further satisfaction. Written by THOMAS
MOOR, Junior.

London, Printed by R. I. and are to be Sold in Popes-
4to. 1654. 191

An ANTIDOTE against the spreading Infections of the
spirit of Antichrist, abounding in these last Days under
many Vizors: Being A Discovery of a Lying and Anti-
christian Spirit in some of those called Quakers; and
therein some opening, clearing, and Vindicating of the
Great things of God's Law, or Doctrin, mainly struck at
by them, as concerning the Person of Christ, and the
Works done in that Person for us; the infinite and
abiding vertue of them, and of them only for the taking
away our Sin, and concerning his Second appearing, and

MOORE, Thomas, Junior,-continued.

the Glory then to be revealed, Likewise concerning the
Scriptures. In Relation of what passed in writing between
them, and Thomas Moore Junior, after and upon occasion
of a Meeting at Glentworth, with the sum of what was dis-
coursed at that Meeting also; as likewise, of divers Queries
from some of them about Cambridge, with the answers to
them. By THO. MOORE Junior.

Printed at London by R. Ibbitson for Livewell Chapman
at the Crown in Pope's-head-Alley.
4to. 1655. 15†

NAYLER, James, of Ardesloe near Wakefield.

SATAN'S Design discovered; who under a pretence of worship-
ping Christ's Person in Heaven, would exclude God and
Christ, the Spirit and Light, out of the World-Clearly laid
open in an Answer to Thomas Moor, who calls his Book an
Antidote against the Spreading Infections, &c. By a Servant
to Truth called James Nayler.

London, Printed for Giles Calvert, at the Black-Spread-
Eagle, near the West-End of Pauls.
4to. 1655.

A DEFENCE against the Poyson of SATAN'S DESIGNE, cast
out of his Mouth by JAMES NAYLER, in his Pretended
Answer to An Antidote against the spreading Infections of
the Spirit of Antichrist, lately Published by THOMAS MOOR.
Shewing how manifestly the said J. N. hath altered the
Sayings of T. M. in that Book, and grossely Belyed him,
and the Truth Attested by him, so as every Reader may
see, in most of the things spoken to, and by that may
judge of the rest of his Accusations, that might require
some farther Witnesse than J. N. or T. M. to prove,or dis-
prove them. With some Discovery of the Emptiness, and
Unsoundness of his pretended Answers, with his Altering
the Sayings, and Corrupting the Sense of the Scriptures
therein. Likewise of the Wolf appearing under the Sheep-
skin, in the Beginning, and Close of his Book. By Thomas
Moor, Junior.

NAYLER, James, of Ardesloe near Wakefield.

A Second Answer to Thomas Moore, To that which he calls his
Defence against the poyson, &c. Wherein is shewed the
crooked wayes, the Serpent is forced to take to keep God and
his Creatures at a distance, and yet would do it under the
Name of a Teacher. By a friend to the seed of truth,
called James Naylor.

London, Printed for Livewel Chapman, at the Crown in
4to. 1656. 91


London, Printed for Giles Calvert, at the Black-Spread-
Eagle, at the West-end of Paul's.

4to. 1655.


MOORE, Thomas, Junior,-continued.

FOX, George, Founder of the Society of Friends.

The Great Mistery of the Great Whore unfolded, &c. (page 129)
Folio. 1659.

A LAMENTATION over the Dead in Christ, not as those with-
out hope; with instruction, admonition, and encourage-
ment to the Survivers. As it should have been delivered
to the People (had not Satan hindered) at the Funeral of
Mr. Henry Rix of Cambridge, Jan. 19, 1656-7, in pursuance
of his earnest request on his Death-Bed. Now published
for the benefit of those that will hear. By THOMAS MOORE

Printed at London by R. I. for Livewell Chapman, at the
Crown in Pope's-head-Alley.
4to. 1657.


-and JOHN HORNE. A Breife Discovery of THE PEOPLE called QUAKERS, and A Warning to all People to beware of them, and of their Dangerous Principles. Being a true Narrative of the sum and substance of two Disputes with them at two severall Meetings, that is to say, with John Whitehead at Gedney in Lincolnshire, Sept. 2 and with George Whitehead, and George Fox, at Lin in Norfolk, Sept. 15. 1659. By John Horne, and Thomas Moore, Junior: both of Lin aforesaid.

London: Printed by J. Brudenell for the Authors.

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WHITEHEAD, George, of Orton, Westmoreland, last of London.
and JOHN WHITEHEAD, and GEO. Fox, the Younger.-A Brief
Discovery of the Dangerous Principles of John Horne (a Priest
in Lin) and Thomas Moore, junior, both Teachers of the
people called Mooreians or Manifestarians, (and called by
Bome Freewillers or Independants.) In Answer to their Book
called A Brief Discovery of the People called Quakers, &c.—
By the Truth which is in George Whitehead, John Whitehead,
George Fox the Younger.

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Printed for Thomas Simmons at the Bull and Mouth near
4to. 1659. 5

4to. 1659. 8

BREACH upon BREACH: or an Acknowledgement of Judiciall
Breaches made upon us, procured by SINFULL BREACHES
found amongst us; with Instruction, Admonition, and en-
couragement yet to turn to him that smites us, as the sum
of it was delivered at the Funeral of Mr. Jeremiah Colman,
(late Preacher of the Gospell at Hetherset in Norfolk) Feb-
ruary 18, 1651. By Tho. Moore Junior (with a Postscript).
London; Printed by J. B. for the Author.
-Instruction to the Living, from the Consideration of the

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4to. 1659. 14

MOORE, Thomas, Junior,-continued.

future state of the DEAD. or, The Doctrine of the Resur-
rection of the Dead, and of Eternal Judgment by Christ,
as evidenced in the Testimony of Christ, as the sum of
it was delivered at the Funerall of Mrs. Elizabeth Harrison,
Boston; Jan. 1657. By Tho. Moore Junior.

London: Printed by E. Brudenell, for John Allen at the
Sun-Rising in St. Pauls Church-Yard. 4to. 1659. 81

4to. 1660.

and John Horne,-A Fuller Discovery, &c.

Note.-Answered by George Whitehead. See JOHN HORNE.

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MORE, Henry, an English Divine, was born at Grantham, in Lincolnshire, in 1614. He was educated at Eton, and next at Christ's College, where he applied to the study of the Platonic philosophy, took his degrees in Divinity, and obtained a fellowship. In 1640 he published "PsychoZoia, or, the Life of the Soul," a philosophical poem, which he republished, with other pieces, in 1647. He refused the highest ecclesiastical preferments; and though he accepted a Prebendal stall in the church of Gloucester, he soon resigned it in favour of Dr. Fowler. He died in 1687. His Philosophical and Theological works have been published in 2 vols., Folio.-Life by Ward.

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-An EXPLANATION of The grand Mystery of GODLINESS; or, A True and Faithfull Representation of the Everlasting Gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, the Onely Begotten Son of God and Sovereign over Men and Angels. By H. More, D.D.

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London, Printed by J. Flesher, for W. Morden Bookseller"
in Cambridge.
Folio. 1660. 151


Note. This Work contains, see Book X., Chap. XIII., page 580. "1. The
Author's application to the better-minded Quakers. 2. He desires
them of that Sect to search the grounds and compute the gains of their
Revolt from Christ. 3. That there are no peculiar Effects of the Spirit of
God in the Sect of the Quakers, but rather of Pythonisme. 4. That their
Inspirations are not divine, but diabolicall, &c.,-and lastly, of his hope
of their return to Christ."

A COLLECTION of several Philosophical Writings of Dr.
HENRY MORE Fellow of Christ's Colledge in Cambridge.

As Namely,
Antidote against Atheism.
Appendix to the said Antidote.
Enthusiasmus Triumphatus.
Letters to Des-Cartes, &c.
Immortality of the Soul.
Conjectura Cabbalistica.

MORE, Henry,-continued.

The Second Edition more correct and much enlarged.
London, Printed by James Flesher, for William Morden
Book-seller in Cambridge.
Folio. 1662. 208
Contents.-In his "Enthusiasmus Triumphatus," page 18, Sect. XXV.
"Of Quaking and of the Quakers."

Reprinted. The Second Edition.

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DIVINE DIALOGUES, Containing sundry Disquisitions &
Instructions Concerning the ATTRIBUTES OF GOD and his
PROVIDENCE in the WORLD. Collected and compiled by
the Care and Industry of Franciscus Palæopolitanus.
Whereunto is annexed A brief Discourse of the true
Grounds of the Certainty of Faith in Points of Religion,
together with some few plain Songs or Divine Hymns on the
chief Holy-Days in the Year.-In 2 Vols.

London, Printed by James Flesher. 8vo. 1668.

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Thy Wisdom, O Lord, reacheth from one end to another mightily;
and sweetly doth she order all things.

London, Printed and Sold by Joseph Downing in Bartholo-
mew-Close near West-Smithfield, MDCCXIII. 8vo. 1713. 41
Note.-Quakers are frequently mentioned in this book.

MORRIS, Samuel, of Bristol.

The LIFE of The Learned and Pious Dr. HENRY MORE, Late
Fellow of Christ's College in CAMBRIDGE. To which are
annex'd Divers of his Useful and Excellent Letters. By
Richard Ward, A.M. Rector of Ingoldsby in Lincolnshire.
London, Printed and Sold by Joseph Downing in Bartholo-
8vo. 1710. 24†

mew-Close near West-Smithfield.

Note. This book contains "The Lady Vis-Countess Conway [formerly Mrs.
Ann Finch] mentioned; with Remarks on the Quakers, page 192. Dr.
More's Character of the Lady Conway, &c. page 203. Letter 6. Important
Queries proposed to Dr. More by the Lady Conway, page 289. Letter 7.
His answer to the forementioned Queries, page 291. Letter 8. "A Letter
to William Penne, Esq.; about Baptism, and the Lord's Supper, and some
Usages of the Quakers, page 811.

A Looking-Glass for the Quakers.

B. E.-Gervase Benson, John Fallowfield, John Moorland, and others.
An Answer to Samuel Morris, of Bristol.

Note. This answer is added to John Audland's Book, "The Innocent deli-
vered out of the Snare, &c. 4to. 1655.

MORSE, John, of Watford, Herts. An Anabaptist.

A Letter to William Penn,-dated Watford, the 4th of the
11th month, 1672.-(In W. Penn's Reply, entitled,
"Plain Dealing, &c."
4to. 1672.

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