MORSE, John,-continued.

PENN, William, Founder of Pennsylvania.

Plain-Dealing with a traducing Anabaptist; or Three LETTERS
Writ upon occasion of some Slanderous Reflections, given
and promoted against William Penn by one John Morse.
Published for Common Benefit, that all Impartial People may
be better acquainted with the Invective Spirit of some so
called, and their ungodly sly way of Defaming such as dissent
from them, especially in their Restless Indeavours against
the poor Quakers. By a Lover of Charity and Sincerity in
all, W. P.
4to. Printed in the Year, 1672.

Reprinted in his Works, vol. 2, page 179.

MORTON, Nathaniel, Secretary to the Court for the Jurisdic-
tion of New-Plymouth.

NEW-ENGLANDS MEMORIALL: or, A brief Relation of the
most Memorable and Remarkable Passages of the Provi-
dence of God, manifested to the PLANTERS of New-England
in America; With special Reference to the first Colony
thereof, Called NEW PLIMOUTH. As also a Nomination of
divers of the most Eminent Instruments deceased, both
of Church and Common-wealth, improved in the first
beginning and after-progress of sundry of the respective
Jurisdictions in those Parts; in reference unto sundry
Exemplary Passages of their LIVES, and the time of their
DEATH. Published for the Use and Benefit of present and
future Generations, By NATHANIEL MORTON, Secretary to
the Court for the Jurisdiction of New-Plimouth.

Deut. 32. 10. He found him in a desert Land, in the waste howl-
ing wilderness he led him about; he instructed him, he kept him
as the Apple of his Eye.

Jerem. 2. 2, 3. I remember thee, the kindness of thy youth, the
love of thine Espousals, when thou wentest after me in the wilder-
ness, in a Land that was not sown, &c.

Deut. 8. 2, 16. And thou shalt remember all the way which the
Lord thy God led thee this FORTY YEARS in the Wilderness, &c.

(With "To the Reader," by JOHN HIGGINSON, and THOMAS


Cambridge: Printed by S. G. and M. J. for John Vsher
of Boston.
4to. 1669. 27

(Brit. Mus. C. 33. C. 28.)

Note.-Contains, "The Quakers (that cursed Sect) arrive at Plimouth, in
1657," p. 151. "The damnable opinions of the Quakers are vented up and
down the Country in 1659," p. 157.

The place of printing is in the United States, and the Printers were SAMUEL

MORTON, Nathaniel,-continued.

The same,-The 2nd Edition.

Boston, reprinted for Daniel Henchman, at the corner Shop
over against the Brick-Meeting-House.



Note. I have not seen a copy of this 2nd edition, Davis gives the imprint of
it, "Boston, by Nicholas Boone, 1721," and says, "To this edition was
added a Supplement by Josiah Cotton, Esq., Register of Deeds for the
County of Plymouth."

Reprinted, The 3rd Edition, (copied from the Second)
Newport, by Solomon Southwick. 1772.

The New-England's Memorial, &c. (The 4th Edition.)

Plymouth, Mass. Reprinted by Allen Danforth. 12mo. 1826. 8 [Brit. Museum, 1446. 6.]

to the court, for the Jurisdiction of New-Plimouth. Fifth
Edition. Containing besides the original work, and the
Supplement annexed to the Second edition, LARGE ADDI-
graphic Copy of an ancient Map. By JOHN DAVIS, Fellow
of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and Member
of the Massachusetts Historical Society.

Itur in antiquam sylvam.

Boston: Printed by Crocker and Brewster, No. 47, Wash-
ington Street, late No. 50, Cornhill.

[Brit. Museum, 1447. g.]

New-England's memorial

8vo. 1826. 80

Sixth edition also

Governor Bradford's History of Plymouth Colony;
Portions of Prince's Chronology; Governor Bradford's
Dialogue; Gov. Winslow's Visits to Massassit; with
numerous marginal notes, and an Appendix containing
numerous articles relating to the labors, principles
and character of the Puritans and Pilgrims. [Published
by the Congregational Board of Boston.]
[Brit. Museum, 9602. c.]

8vo. Boston, 1855.

HOLDER, Christopher, of Winterborn in Gloucestershire.

The Faith and Testimony of the Martyrs, and Suffering Servants
of Christ Jesus, persecuted in New England vindicated, against
the lyes and slanders cast on them by Nathaniel Morton in
his Book intituled, New England's Memorial. Written for
the sake of the honest hearted, by a servant of the living God,
who is a witness of the Resurrection of Christ Jesus, and of
his appearance the second time without sin unto salvation,
Christopher Holder. [Part by JOHN ROUS.]

4to. No Printer's name or place, [about 1670.]


MOSHEIM, John Lawrence, a German Divine, was born at Lubeck in 1695. At the invitation of the king of Denmark, he went to Copenhagen; from whence he was called, by the Duke of Brunswick, to a Professorship at Helmstadt, where he was also appointed Ecclesiastical Counsellor,and Superintendant of the Schools. Afterwards he became Chancellor of the University of Gottingen, and died there in 1755. His works are,-1. A Latin Translation of Cudworth' Intellectual System, with Annotations, 2vols, 4to.-2. Observationes Sacræ.-3. Vindiciae Antiquæ Christianorum disciplinæ.-4. De ætate apologetici Tertulliani.-5. Historia Tartarorum Ecclesiastica.-6. Hist. Mich. Serveti.-7. De rebus Christianorum ante Constantinum magnum Commentarii.-7. Institutiones Hist. Christianæ. The two last have been translated into English; one by Mr. Vidal, and the other by Dr. Maclaine.-Dict. Hist.

An ECCLESIASTICAL HISTORY, antient and modern, from the
Birth of Christ, to the beginning of the present Century:
in which The Rise, Progress and Variations of Church
Power are considered in their Connexion with the State
of Learning and Philosophy, and the Political History of
Europe during that Period. By the late learned JOHN
LAWRENCE MOSHEIM, D.D. and Chancellor of the University
of Gottingen. Translated from the Original Latin, and
accompanied with Notes and Chronological Tables, by
ARCHIBALD MACLAINE, D.D. In Five Volumes. To which
is added An Accurate Index. A New Edition.
London: Printed for T. Cadell, in the Strand. 8vo.

1774. 150

Note. A Vindication of the Quakers, was annexed to the Philadelphia edition
of this book printed in 1798.

BEVAN, Joseph Gurney, of Stoke Newington.


A Refutation of some of the more modern misrepresentations of
the Society of Friends, commonly called Quakers; with a Life

London: Printed and sold by William Phillips, George-yard,
Lombard Street.
8vo. 1800.

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MUGGLETON, Lodowick, was a Journeyman Tailor, who with his Companion JOHN REEVE, set up for Prophets, in the turbulent times of OLIVER CROMWELL. They gave out that they were THE TWO LAST WITNESSES spoken of in the Revelations. The followers of Muggleton were strong opposers of the common notion of the Trinity, and seem to have entertained proper ideas of the Injustice, Impolicy and Odiousness of Persecution. This appears from a work, entitled, The Muggletonian Principles prevailing,

MUGGLETON, Lodowick,-continued.

published in 1695.-It is a reply to an Adversary. "When God gathers up his Jewels, many of those that have been judged Heretics, will rise Saints, and many of those that your Churches have canonized for Saints will rise Devils! For no Persecutors of Conscience will escape the stroke. If any man object Paul's persecuting the Church, they may know that Paul at that time acknowledged no Jesus at all; therefore when both sides acknowledge a Jesus, take heed how you persecute!"

Since writing the above paragraph, I have met with the following Inscription-taken from the Church-Yard,* Spinning-Wheel-Alley, Old Bethlem. Mr. Ludovick Muggleton, died Monday, March 14, 1697, in the 88th year of his age.

"Whilst Mausoleums and large Inscriptions give;
Might, Splendor, and past death make potents live,
It is enough to briefly write thy name,

Succeeding times by that will read thy fame;
Thy deeds, thy acts, around the globe resound,
No foreign soil where Muggleton's not found!

This is a singular instance of the extravagance of the
followers of this now almost forgotten Prophet. I have
been down to the ground, and no stone tells where the
Prophet lies.-Evans's Sketch of the Denominations of the
Christian World, 13th edition. 1814.

* Now the Terminus of the North London Railway, BROAD STREET STATION.

A Transcendent Spiritual Treatise upon several heavenly Doctrines, from the holy spirit of the man Jesus, the only true God, sent unto all his elect, as a token of his eternal love unto them, by the hand of his own Prophet, being his last Messenger, and Witness, and forerunner of the visible appearing of the distinct personal God in power and great glory, in the clouds of Heaven, with his ten thousands of personal Saints, to separate between the elect world, and the reprobate world, to all Eternity: Containing those several Heads set down in the next page following. John Reeve and Lodowick Muggleton, the two last Witnesses and true Prophets of the man Jesus, the only Lord of Life and Glory, sent by his holy Spirit to seal the foreheads of the Elect, and the foreheads of the reprobate, with the eternal Seals of Life and Death, and suddenly after we have delivered this dreadful Message, this God the man Jesus, will visibly appear to bear witness whether he sent us or not ye that are the blessed shall patiently wait for the truth of this thing. If any of the Elect desire to speak with us concerning anything written in this Treatise, they may hear of us in Great Trinity Lane, at a Chandlers

MUGGLETON, Lodowick,—continued.

shop, against one Mr. Millis, a Brown Baker, near the
lower end of Bow-lane.

Printed for the Authors, and are to be sold by them at the
place above-named.

The same.

The same.

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The same. Re-printed in the year 1756: and Re-printed by
Subscription, in the year 1822, by W. Smith, King Street,
Long Acre.
A General Epistle from the Holy Spirit unto all Prophets,
Ministers, or Speakers in the World. Wherefore if any
Man in the World shall be left to despise this writing from
the greatest to the least by calling of it blasphemy, a devil
delusion or a lie in so doing they have committed that un-
pardonable sin against the holy Spirit that sent us where-
fore from the presence of the Lord Jesus, elect men and
angels we pronounce them cursed and damned soul and
body to all eternity. John Reeve and Lodowick Muggle-
ton, the two last Spiritual Witnesses, and alone true
Prophets of the Holy Spirit, by commission from the true
God that ever shall write or speak unto unbelieving Magis-
trates, Ministers and People until the only Lord of Life
and Glory, the Man Jesus personally appeareth in the air,
with his mighty Angels, to bear witness to this testimony:
even so come Lord Jesus. From Great Trinity Lane, at
a Chandler's Shop, against one Mr. Millis a Brown Baker,
near Bow Lane End, London, 1658, in the Second Year
of our Commission by voice from heaven. 4to.? 1658.
Reprinted. With, "A Remonstrance, &c. . 4to. 1719.
Reprinted.-R.Brown, Printer, 26 St.John Street, Clerken-
4to. [1881?]


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A Letter presented unto Alderman Fouke, Lord Mayor of
London, from the two Witnesses and Prisoners of Jesus
Christ, in Newgate, as an eternal Witness unto him;
with a Declaration unto the Recorder Steel, and the Lord
Chief Justice Rowles, with the whole Bench and Jury;
and in general, unto all Civil Magistrates and Juries in
the World: John Reeve, and Lodowicke Muggleton, the
two last Spiritual Witnesses, and true Prophets, and only
Ministers of the everlasting Gospel, by Commission from
the Holy Spirit of the true God, the Lord Jesus Christ,
God and Man, in one Person, blessed to all eternity. 1658.




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