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MUGGLETON, Lodowick,-continued.

Reprinted in "A Volume of Spiritual Epistles," 1755 and

A Remonstrance from the Eternal God declaring several
Spiritual Transactions unto the Parliament and Common-
wealth of England unto his excellency the Lord General
Cromwell the Council of State the Council of War and
to all that love the Second Appearing of the Lord Jesus
the only God, and Everlasting Father blessed for ever.
By John Reeve and Lodowicke Muggleton, The two last
Witnesses and true Prophets, imprisoned for the testimony
of Jesus Christ, in Old Bridewell.


The same,-Printed in the Year, 1653, and Re-printed in the
Year 1719.

Note. The next following, "A General Epistle, &c." is reprinted with this
edition. Remonstrance 2
General Epistle 1


The same,-London: Printed in the Year 1653. Re-printed
in 1791. [1719?] and Re-printed in the year 1881, by R.
Brown, 26, St. John Street, Clerkenwell.
The same,-Printed in the Year 1658, and reprinted in 1798.
Small 8vo.
A DIVINE LOOKING-GLASS: or the third and last Testament
of our Lord JESUS CHRIST, whose personal Residence is
seated on his Throne of Eternal Glory in another World;
Being the Commission of the Spirit, agreeing with, and
explaining of the two former Commissions of the Law
and the Gospel, differing onely in point of Worship. Set
forth for the Tryal of all sorts of supposed Spiritual Lights
in the world, until the Ever-living true JESUS, the onely
High and Mighty God personally appear in the Air, with
his Saints and angels. By John Reeve and Lodowick Mug-
gleton, Pen-men hereof, and the last chosen Witnesses un-
to that Ever-blessed Body of Christ Jesus glorified, to be
the onely wise, very true God alone, Everlasting Father,
and Creator of both Worlds, and all that were made in


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The same (being the 2nd edition)

Printed in the Year of our Lord 1656,and since reviewed by, and reprinted for Lodowick Muggleton, one of the said Witnesses, dwelling in great Trinity-Lane, in London, near the Sign of the Lyon and the Lamb, where this Book is to be had. (With a Portrait) 4to. 1661. 27 [Brit. Museum, 4410. cc.]

MUGGLETON, Lodowick,-continued.

The same,-The Third Edition.

London; Printed in the Year of our Lord 1656, and since
Reprinted by Subscription in the Year, 1719. 4to.

The Fourth Edition.

4to. Printed in the Year of our Lord 1656, and re-printed
(by Subscription) in the Year, 1760.

A Divine LOOKING GLASS: or, Heavenly Touch-Stone; Pro-
ceeding from the unerring Spirit of an Infinite Majesty,
whose Personal Residence is Seated on his Throne of
bright burning Crowns of Eternal Glory in another World.
Purchased in this World from his Divine Self only, by
Vertue of powring forth his unvaluable Life Blood unto
Death, through the Transmuting of his incomprehensible
Glory into a Body of Flesh, sent forth for a Tryal of all
sorts of supposed Spiritual Lights in this Nation, etc., etc.
Printed in the Year of our Lord, 1656. And Re-printed
by Subscription in the Year, 1719.


Fifth edition.

London First printed in 1656; revised by, and printed for
Lodowick Muggleton, in 1661; Re-printed (by Sub-
scription) in 1846, by Catchpool & Trent, 5, St. John's
square, from the Second edition revised by the Prophet
Lodowick Muggleton; and may be had of Joseph and
and Isaac Frost, St. John's square, Clerkenwell; Joseph
Gandar, 18, Northampton Park, Islington; and
William Ridsdale, Lenton, near Nottingham; and of
Booksellers. (Portrait)
8vo. 1846. 12}

An Occasional Discourse, &c., at the end.
(Brit. Museum, 1012. d. 14.)

Note.-An Additional or 2nd Title was added to the 3rd. edn. viz.

Joyful News from Heaven or the last intelligence from our
Glorified Jesus above the Stars wherein is infallibly re-
corded how that the Soul dieth in the Body, and lieth in
the grave until the day God will raise it from death with
a true description of the Kingdom of Heaven and of
Hell. Also is discovered, I. What that is which sleeps in
the Dust. II. The nature its Rest. III. The man-
ner of its Waking. IV. The mystery of the Dispute
'between Christ and the Woman of Samaria as touching
the true Point of Worship clearly open'd. Wherein you
have, drawn up, a Divine Charge against the Teachers of

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MUGGLETON, Lodowick,-continued.

the Baptists. With all other Teachers publick and private
for counterfeiting the Commissions of the Man Jesus being
therein convicted of spiritual High Treason against
Christ the Great Commissioner of Heaven and Earth.
With a true Description of the Kingdom of glory, prepared
only for the Seed of Adam that blessed Seed of Faith and
true Relation of the Kingdom of Darkness prepared for the
cursed Seed of Cain, World without end. Written by
John Reeve and Lodowick Muggleton, the Last Com-
missionated Witnesses and Prophets of that only High,
Immortal, Glorious God, Christ Jesus.



The same.
Small 8vo. Re-printed in the Year, 1706.
Re-printed. 4to. No Printer's name, place, or date, [1751-8.] 7
A TRUE INTERPRETATION of the Eleventh Chapter of the
Revelation of St. John, and other Texts in that Book; As
also many other places of Scripture. Whereby is unfolded
and plainly declared the whole councel of God concerning
Himself, the Devil, and all Mankinde, from the Foundation
of the World, to all Eternity. Never before revealed by
any of the sons of men, until now. By Lodowick Muggle-
ton, one of the two last Commissionated Witnesses and
Prophets of the Onely high, immortal, glorious God, CHRIST

Printed in the Year of our Lord 1662, for the Author, dwelling in Great Trinity-lane in London, near the Sign of the Lyon and the Lamb. 4to. (Brit. Museum, 1016. K.


This, with The Sacred Remains, and The Soul's Mortality, and
The Answer to William Penn, Reprinted by Subscription
in the Years 1751, 1752, and 1753.

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The same.


London: Printed for the Author in the Year 1662.
printed by Subscription in the Year 1753. And Re-
by Subscription in the year 1883, by R. Brown, St. John
Street, Clerkenwell.

The Neck of the QUAKERS Broken: or, Cut in sunder
by the two-edged Sword of the Spirit which is put into my

First, in a Letter to Edward Bourne, a Quaker.
Secondly, In Answer to a Letter to Samuel Hooton and


Thirdly, In a Letter to Richard Farnsworth, Quaker.

4to. [1758.] 27

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MUGGLETON, Lodowick,-continued.

Fourthly, In an Answer to a printed Pamphlet of the
said Richard Farnsworth, Entituled, Truth Ascended:
or, The Anointed and Sealed of the Lord defended &c.
Written by Lodowick Muggleton, one of the two last
Prophets and Witnesses unto the High and Mighty God, the
Man Christ Jesus in Glory.

Amsterdam: Printed in the Year of our Lord God, 1668.
And are to be had in Great-Trinity-Lane, over against
the Lyon and the Lamb.

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4to. Re-printed in the Year, 1756. 12

Note. It was for publishing this book that Muggleton was tried at the Old
Bailey, in 1677, and being found guilty was sentenced to pay a fine of
£500, and to stand upon the Pillory in three of the most eminent places of
the City, the Royal Exchange, Temple Bar and Smithfield on three several
days. He however clears the Quakers of having any hand in this perse-

The Imprint, "Amsterdam, &c." is without doubt a ruse, and the vol. was
thought ante-dated, so as to put it under the protection of the Act of In-
demnity of 1674.

* See "The Spiritual Epistles," p.

A LETTER sent to THOMAS TAYLOR, Quaker, In the Year
1664. In Answer to many blasphemous Sayings of his in
several pieces of Paper, and in the Margent of a Book.
Amongst many of his wicked ignorant Sayings, I have
given an Answer to some of the chief and main things of
Concernment, for the Reader to know: The particular
Heads are seven.-By Lodowick Muggleton.

4to. Printed in the Year of our Lord, 1665.

The same.
Note.-this edition was re-printed and added to "The Quakers' Neck broken,"
the pagination running on.

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Re-printed in the Year, 1756. 2

Mysterious SAYINGS and VISIONS opened, of the whole
Book of the REVELATION of St. JOHN. Whereby is unfolded,
and plainly declared those Wonderful deep Mysteries and
Visions interpreted; concerning the true God, the Alpha
and Omega; with variety of other Heavenly Secrets,
which hath never been opened nor revealed to any man
since the creation of the World to this day, until now.
By Lodowick Muggleton, one of the two last Commissionated
Witnesses & Prophets of the onely high, immortal, glorious

Printed in the Year of our Lord, 1665, for the Author
Lodowick Muggleton, in Great Trinity-Lane London,
near the Sign of the Lyon and Lamb.


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MUGGLETON, Lodowick,-continued.

The same.

First printed for the Author in the Year 1665, and now re-
printed by subscription, 1746.


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The same.

London: First printed for the Author in the Year 1665;
Printed by Subscription in 1746, and Reprinted by sub-
scription in 1808. Morris and Reeves Printers, 83, Red-
Cross Street, Southwark.

QUAKERS; Wherein they may see themselves to be Right
Devils. In ANSWER to George Fox his Book, called, Some-
thing in Answer to Lodowick Muggletons Book, which he
calls The QUAKERS Neck Broken. Wherein is set forth the
Ignorance and blindness of the Quakers Doctrine of Christ
within them; and that they cannot, nor doth not know
the true meaning of the Scriptures, neither have they the
Gift of Interpretation of Scripture. As will appear in
those several Heads set down in the next Page following.
Written by Lodowick Muggleton, one of the two last Pro-
phets and Witnesses unto the High and Mighty God, the
Man Christ Jesus in Glory.

The same.

- A True INTERPRETATION of the Witch of Endor. Spoken of in 1 Sam. xxvIII. begin at the 11th Verse. Shewing, 1. How She and all other Witches do beget or produce that Familiar Spirit they deal with, and what a Familiar Spirit is, and how those Voices are procured, and Shapes appear unto them, whereby the Ignorant and Unbelieving People are deceived by them. 2. It is clearly made appear in this TREATISE, that no Spirit can be raised without its Body, neither can any Spirit assume any Body after Death; For if the Spirit doth walk, the Body must walk also. 8. An Interpretation of all those Scriptures, that doth seem as if Spirits might go out of Men's Bodies when they die, and subsist in some place or other without Bodies. Lastly, Several other things needful for the mind of Man to know; which whoever doth understand, it will be great Satisfaction. By LODOWICK MUGGLETON, Penman hereof, and the last chosen Witness unto that Ever-Blessed Body of Christ Jesus Glorified, to be only Wise, very true God



4to. Printed in the Year, 1668. 12} Note. In the lines of page 88, for Russell's wife and another woman read Bridget Russell and Mrs. Poole.

. 4to. Re-printed in the Year, 1756. 181

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