MUGGLETON, Lodowick,-continued.

alone, Everlasting Father, and Creator of both Worlds, and
all that were made in them.

4to. London, Printed in the Year, 1669. 7‡

Reprinted. The Second Edition.

4to. London, Printed by Subscription in the Year 1724. 6

Reprinted. The Third Edition.

London, Printed by Subscription in the Year 1724, and
Re-printed in MDCCXCIII.

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Small 8vo. [1798.] 83

London: Printed by Subscription in the Year 1724, Re-
printed in 1793. And Re-printed in the Year 1881, by
R. Brown, 26, St. John Street, Clerkenwell. 4to.

Note. To the second edition of this book, there is added, beginning at page
45, the following, viz.—

A Copy of a Letter written by the Prophet Muggleton, to Mr.
Edward Fewterril of Chesterfield, bearing Date from
London March 29, 1660." (Concerning Witchcraft.)

Reprinted, in, "A Stream from the Tree of Life, &c.," at
page 30.
4to. 1758.

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tituled, The New Witnesses proved old Hereticks. WHEREIN
He is proved to be an ignorant Spater-brained Quaker,
who knows no more what the true God is, nor his secret
Decrees, then one of his Coach-horses doth, nor so much;
For the Oxe knoweth his Owner, and the Ass his Master's
Scrip, but Penn doth not know his Maker, as is manifest
by the Scriptures, which may inform the Reader, if he
mind the Interpretation of Scripture in the Discourse
following. I. That God was in the Forme, Image and
likeness of Man's bodily Shape, as well as his Soul from
Eternity. II. That the Substance of Earth and Matter
was an eternal, dark, sensless Chaos, and that Earth
and matter was eternal in the Original. III. That the
Soul of Man is generated and begot by Man and Woman.
with the Body, and are inseparable. IV. That the Soul
and Body of Man are both Mortal, and doth die and go
to dust until the Resurrection. V. That to fulfill the
Prophecy of Esaias God descended from Heaven into the
Virgin's Womb, and transmuted his spiritual Body into
a pure natural body, and become a Man-Child, even the
Childe Jesus, Emanuel God with us. VI. That God by


MUGGLETON, Lodowick,-continued.

his Prerogative Power, hath elected the Seed of Adam to
be saved, and hath pre-ordained the Seed of the Serpent,
such as Penn the Quaker is, to be damned, without any
other Inducement, but his own Prerogative Will and
Pleasure. VII. A Reply to the Discourse between Penn
and me.
VIII. What is meant by the Armour of God,
the Wilderness, and the wilde Beasts I fought with in the
Wilderness. By LODOWICK Muggleton.

4to. London, Printed in the Year, 1673. 19}

Reprinted. 4to. No Printer's name, place, or date, [1753 ?] 18

The same.

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London: Re-printed by Subscription, in the Year 1835,
by E. Brown, St. John St., Clerkenwell. .

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Here followeth a Declaration what the whole Armour of God is,
and what is meant by the Wilderness; and a description of the
Wilde Beasts I fought with after the manner of men in the
Wilderness, as I was journeying and travelling towards the
heavenly Canaan, in those 6 years time, from the year 1662
to the year 1668. Concerning my Travels through the
Spiritual Wilderness of Mens hearts in Mortality, towards
the spiritual and heavenly Land of Canaan. By Lodowick

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. 4to. No date. 2}

Note.-This Declaration is the latter part of the "Answer to Penn," and the
following is an Extract from a Letter to Thomas Tomkinson, January 19,
1678. concerning Penn's book.

"Now I shall write a few words to satisfy you, that my answer to
William Penn's book is got safe out of the press, but with great
charge and difficulty; the volume is pretty large, nineteen sheets
and an half, and there is variety of matter in it that is new, never
written before, very pleasant to read: the books are half a crown
a-piece, I will not let one go under to friend nor stranger, there-
fore if you please to make those friends acquainted with it that
will go to the price of it, let them send money, and I will send
as many of them as the money doth amount to at half a crown
a-piece."-Spiritual Epistles, 2nd edition, p. 366.

The Acts of the Witnesses of the SPIRIT.

In Five Parts;

By LODOWICK MUGGLETON, One of the Two Witnesses, and True Prophets of the only High, Immortal, Glorious God, Christ Jesus. Left by him, to be publish'd after's death. In the latter days two Bright Stars shall arise, raising up men being dead in their Sins, which shall resist the Beast,and the Waters of the Dragon; testifying and preaching the Law of the Lamb, and the Destruction of Antichrist, and shall diminish his Waters; but they shall be weakened in the Bread

MUGGLETON, Lodowick,-continued.

of Affliction, and they shall rise again in stronger force; and
after Truth shall be revealed, and the Lamb shall be known:
After this shall be but a small Space.

Fox in his Book of Marters. [With an "Epistle Dedicatory,"
by T. T. [Thomas Tomkinson]. (Written 1677) (With
a Portrait by Caffeel).

4to. London: Printed in the Year of our Lord God, 1699. 23}
(Brit. Mus, 699. f. g.
1. 8.)


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Note. Few copies of this edition have the original title page and Epistle Dedicatory, containing ten lines respecting the fate of "Judge Jephreys;" even in perfect copies these lines are usually found crossed out with a pen. The same,-London: Printed in the year of our Lord God 1699: and Re-printed in the Year 1764,


Sacred Remains: or, a DIVINE APPENDIX; being a COLLECTION
of several TREATISES Epistolary and Publick. Originally
Written above Fifty Years since, By the Lord's last Im-
mediate Messenger, JOHN REEVE, and Now, after care-
ful Examination by the most correct Copies communicated
for the Consolation and Establishment of the Church of
Christ, by their Brethren, whose Faith in these and all
other his irremandable Declarations, doth (and by Divine
Protection) will remain unshaken to Eternity. [Written

4to. Printed by Subscription in the Year 1706. The
rest are to be sold at Two Shillings per Book, against the
Sign of the Pidgeon in Lamb-Alley in Bishopsgate-
Street, London.

(Brit. Museum, 609. 1.)

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Note. This book contains nothing by Muggleton, and was probably pub-
lished by the Reevites.

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4to. No date. 14
Reprinted, entitled," Sacred Remains, or, A DIVINE AP-
PENDIX; being a Collection of Five Spiritual Epistles,
originally written about the year 1654: also William
Sedgwick's Replies to several Queries sent to him, by the
Lord's Last immediate Messenger JOHN REEVE, then re-
siding in London. Third Edition.

London: Re-printed for Joseph Frost, 17, Half Moon
Street, Bishopsgate Street; By Andrew T. Roberts, 2,
Hackney Road, opposite Shoreditch Church. 4to. 1856. 10

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Contents of Sacred Remains," 1st edition.

Queries sent to Mr. Sedgwick, by the Prophet Reeve, p. 1.
Mr. Sedgwick's Replies, p. 3.

The Prophet's Answer to Mr. Sedgwick's Replies, p. 6.
Of the One Personal Uncreated Glory, p. 20.

MUGGLETON, Lodowick,-continued.

The Prophet's Answer to a Letter sent him by Esquire Pennington,
p. 29.

An EPISTLE to the Earl of Pembrooke, p. 88.

An EPISTLE to a KINSMAN, p. 47.

What was from Eternity, p. 51.

A General TREATISE of the Three Records, or Dispensations, p. 62.
A CLOUD of Unerring Witnesses Plainly Proving there neither is,
nor ever was, any other God but Jesus Christ: the LORD, p. 74.

An EPISTLE to a QUAKER. (By John Reeve.,

8v. [Printed in the Year 1711 ?]
Reprinted in, "A Stream from the Tree of Life, &c.," p. 49.
4to. 1758.

An EPISTLE of the Prophet REEVE. Written in the year
1656. With, "An Occasional Discourse from the First and
Second Verse of the Second Chapter of the Divine Looking-
Glass, concerning the Prophet Reeve, &c. By the Prophet
Muggleton, Septem. 28. Anno Dom. 1668.

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4to. [Printed 1719.] 1

Note.-The Epistle, as above, was reprinted in "A Stream from the Tree of
Life, &c," 1758. The Occasional Discourse," has been reprinted separately.
An Occasional Discourse from the First and Second Verse of
the Second Chapter of the Divine Looking-Glass, concerning
the Prophet Reeve, that Darkness, Death and Hell, lay
secretly hid in the Spiritual Earth eternally with God.
By the Prophet Muggleton, Septem. 28. Anno Dom. 1668.
4to. [London, Printed in the Year, 1719.]
Note.-Printed at the end of "An Epistle of the Prophet Reeve."

Reprinted, at the end of "A Divine Looking-Glass, the
4th edition."

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4to. 1760.

Reprinted, at the end of "A Divine Looking-Glass, the
5th edition.

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8vo. 1846.
Lodowick Muggleton's Letter to Robert Peirce, concerning
the Holy Ghost. (Written August 2nd, 1680.) With,
"The Testimony of the Prophet Muggleton concerning
the Death of Moses."

4to. [Printed in the Year, 1719?]

Note.-The Letter to Robert Peirce, was reprinted in the "Volume of
Spiritual Epistles," see page 826, 1st edition, 1755, and p. 484, 2nd edition,
1820, and "The Testimony concerning the Death of Moses," was reprinted
in the "Stream from the Tree of Life." 1758.

tituled, Observations on some Passages of Lodowick Mug-
gleton's Interpretation of the 11th Chapter of the Revela-
tions. Also some Passages of that Book of his Intituled, The



MUGGLETON, Lodowick,-continued.

Neck of the Quakers Broken. And in his Letter to Thomas
Taylor. Whereby it might appear what Spirit the said
Lodowick Muggleton is of, and from what God his Com-
mission is. As by what Authority his Spirit is moved
to write against the People called Quakers. Written to
inform those that do not know the Antichristian Spirit
of False Teachers in these our Days. By Lodowick Mug-
gleton. Written in the YEAR, 1669.

London: Printed by Subscription in the Year 1719. 4to.
The same,-

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London: Printed by Subscription in the year 1719; And
Re-printed in the year 1831, by R. Brown, 26, St. John-
street, Clerkenwell.
Note.-Muggleton sent this book to the press in the year 1699, but only
one sheet was set up, the copy and proof being seized out of the Printer's
hands, the particulars of which are given as follows, in a Letter to Thomas
Tomkinson, dated January 31, 1669.

"This is to certify you that I have sent seven books of the Interpre-
tation of the Witch of Endor. I did intend the Answer to Isaac
Pennington should have been printed also; but it did miscarry
in the Press.

"I never was so crossed in all the books as I have printed, as in these
two; for this of the Witch of Endor hath been for six months in
the Printer's hands; but with much difficulty, and trouble, and
charge, I have got it safe out of the press: but because this
Printer was so base, and kept it so long, I put the other to
another Printer, thinking to have it done before this, and so it
would; but through the forgetfulness of the Printer, not taking
the copy in his pockets as he thought to do, he went out and left
the copy and proof of one sheet upon the press with his servants,
and the searchers came immediately up stairs and took it, and
would have carried it to the Council; but the printer made
friends for money, else he would have been utterly undone; for
it cost the printer seven pounds, and me five pounds to pacify the
matter, and not get it done neither. But I have preserved the
copy, most part of it, and hereafter I do think to print it, but not
at present, it will be no ways convenient."-Spiritual Epistles,
2nd edition, 1820, p. 279.


The Prophet Reeve's Epistle to his Friend, discovering the dark
Light of the Quakers; written in the Year 1654 September
the 20th.

An Epistle of John Reeve to Mr. Hill. (June 11. 1656.)
Another Epistle of John Reeve's to the same Person.-For his
Loving Friend Christopher Hill, Heel-maker in Stone street
in Maidstone, in Kent. These.-London, June the last

Another Epistle of John Reeve's to the same Person.

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