MUGGLETON, Lodowick,-continued.

ANSWERS to Muggleton and Reeve,-continued.
PENN, William,-continued.

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B. (T. H.)

It is to be noted that though the Muggletonians have reprinted Muggleton's
books against Friends down to the present day, yet Friends have not
reprinted the foregoing answers; for instance, Edward Burrough's
and Josiah Coale's works, have not been reprinted. R. F.'s works were
never collected, and the tract never reprinted. When G. Fox's works
were collected the tract against Muggleton was not included; and
though Isaac Penington's have been reprinted, the part about Muggleton
is omitted; the same with Wm. Penn's.


Books by Believers in the Doctrines of John Reeve and
Lodowick Muggleton, (including some favourable to their
principles or friendly towards them by Non-Believers.)


An Elegy on the Death of Mr. Lodowick Muggleton, Great
Teacher and Chief Pillar of a Society of People from him
so call'd, who departed this Life on Monday, the 24th of
March having passed the 88th year of his Age, and bore
the Character of a Mighty Prophet among his own people.
Broadside, 1698.
The same.-Printed at the request of some of their followers,

Reprinted, 1754.



Broadside, 1881.

Note. This "Elegy" written by a Non-Believer, was printed at the request
of Muggleton's Followers.

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An ODE. (on his belief in MUGGLETON.)


4to. (No Printer's name, place, or date.) #







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ROWN, John, of

FALL. Being a Short and True DEMONSTRATION OF
JOHN BROWN, a Brother to the Saints, and a Friend
to the Elect. By way of QUESTION and ANSWER.
Norwich: Printed by S [tephen] White, Magdalen-street.
4to. [1771.] 7

CLAXTON, Lawrence, of Cambridgeshire.

See page 124 of this Catalogue.

FROST, Joseph, and ) of St. John's Square, Clerkenwell, London,
Brass Founders.

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DIVINE SONGS of the Muggletonians, in grateful Praise to the
only true God, the Lord Jesus Christ.-Printed by Sub-
scription. (Portrait.)

London: Printed by R. Brown, 26, St. John Street,
16mo. 1829. 201
Note. The 197th Song in this Collection is by Elizabeth Henn.

A LIST OF THE BOOKS, with part of their title pages and the
price of each book, of the THIRD AND LAST TESTAMENT of
the only God, our Lord Jesus Christ. Written by JOHN
REEVE and LODOWICK MUGGLETON, the Two Witnesses pro-
phecied of in the Eleventh chapter of the Revelations of
Saint John the Divine.

London: Printed by R. Feeny, 26, St. John Street, Clerken-
16mo. 1843. +

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A List of Books and GENERAL Index to John Reeve & Lodo-
wick Muggleton's WORKS: being the Third and last Testa-
ment of the only God our Lord Jesus Christ.

London: Printed by Feeny and Co., 26, St. John Street,
8vo. 1846. 11

FROST, Isaac.

showing the Rise and Progress thereof, by a short Histor-
ical Account: the General Theory, with a variety of Re-
marks thereon. Second, The System in accordance with
THE HOLY SCRIPTURES, showing the Rise and Progress
from Enoch, the Seventh from Adam: The Prophets,
Moses and others, in the First Testament: Our Lord
Jesus Christ, and his Apostles, in the New or Second
Testament: Reeve and Muggleton, in the Third and Last


FROST, Isaac,-continued.

Testament; with a variety of remarks thereon. By ISAAC
FROST. (With 11 plates.)

"Nevertheless we, according to His Promise, Look for New
Heavens and a New Earth, wherein dwelleth Righteousness."
-2 Peter iii. 13.

Entered at Stationers' Hall.

London: Printed by Catchpool & Trent, 5, St. John's
Square; Published
Simpkin, Marshall, & Co., Station-
Large 4to. 1846. 14

FROST, Joseph.

A Printed Letter, dated, January, 1858,-respecting there
being no "List of the Subscribers, to the 4th edition, of
"The Divine Looking-Glass, &c." 1760.


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PEAT, J., and others.

SONGS Of Gratefull raise to the Ever-Blessed, Glorious King
of Saints And Merciful Immortal God, Our LORD JESUS
CHRIST. (First Edition of the Song Book.) 16mo. [1790?] 57 pages?

First SONG, by J. PEAT.

Second SONG, by James Miller.

Third SONG, by James Miller.


EDMUND TOULMAN receiving the Truth, by Robert Ingram.


Sixth SONG, by WILLIAM WOOD, Joiner.

Seventh SONG, by Boyer Glover.

Eighth SONG, by George Hermitage.
Ninth SONG, by Rebecca Batt.
Tenth SONG, by J. Miller.
Eleventh SONG, by B. Glover.

Twelfth SONG, Made by John Gates, once Clerk of Eggam in Berkshire.
Thirteenth SONG, by Boyer Glover.
Fourteenth SONG, by Boyer Glover.
Fifteenth SONG, by William Wood, Painter.
Sixteenth SONG, by Robert Pickard.
Seventeenth Soxo, by James Miller.
Eighteenth SONG, by Boyer Glover.
Nineteenth SONG, by John Williams.
Twentieth SONG, by William Wood, Painter.
Twenty-first (miscalled Twenty-fifth) SONG, by Boyer Glover.

Note. The 4th and 5th Songs, by Robert Ingram, who became a Birchite,
are omitted in the Song Book of 1829.

POWELL, Nathaniel.

A true Account of the Trial and Sufferings of LODOWICK
MUGGLETON, One of the two last Prophets and Witnesses of
the Spirit, left by our Friend Powell, who witnessed the
Trial and all his Sufferings, therefore He gives a more





POWELL, Nathaniel,-continued.

full and particular Account of the Whole Proceedings
than the Prophet has left on Record, which is the Cause
of my Printing it, That Believers may see how patiently our
Prophet bore those sufferings on Truths Account. Knowing
when time is ended, he should meet his God, his King
and Redeemer, with all those that truly believe Jesus
Christ, that was Crucified, was the only and alone eternal
God, one Glorious distinct Person in the form of a Man,
who now reigns in the highest Heavens, where we shall
behold his glorious Face, to live with him, and praise his
Holy Name for ever!

4to. Printed for T. Fever, (a Birchite.) 1808. S† An Answer to James Hurst, alias Patteson, (an apostate), in M.S.

SADDINGTON, John, born at Arnesby in Leicestershire, about 1634, died in London, September, 1679.

-A Prospective Glass for SAINTS and SINNERS: whereby may appear and be seen, 1. The Author's Life expressed in the first Epistle. 2. That there is no true peace of mind in those that account themselves Believers, so long as they lead a corrupt life. 8. What great Enemies the Riches of this World, and Poverty are to Truth. 4. What that truth and true knowledge is, which giveth satisfaction to the mind of Man in this life. And several other things necessary to salvation. By John Saddington, A true Believer of the Witnesses of the Spirit, sent forth by the immediate voice of God Almighty, in the year 1651.

The same.

Printed in the Year 1678, and reprinted for J. May, by T.
B. Underdown, Deal.

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4to. Printed in the Year 1673. 12

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8vo. 1823. 7

Note. This book is not specially written against Friends, but the Author
charges them with being of an anti-christian spirit "in denying the Resur-
rection of the Body of Christ".

The ARTICLES of TRUE FAITH, depending upon the COMMIS-
SION OF THE SPIRIT. Drawn up into Forty-Eight Heads,
by JOHN SADDINGTON, An Ancient Believer; for the Benefit
of other Believers, That now are, or hereafter shall come
to believe; and to confound and disprove all despisers,
that say, "We know not what we believe." Anno


London: Printed by R. Brown, 26, St. John Street,
8vo. 1830.
Note. On a separate paper (one leaf), pasted on the cover of the above
pamphlet, "I do believe that there is a God full of all Spiritual Glory
above or beyond the Stars."




SADDINGTON, John,—continued.



Note. This is an allegory in poetry, referring to the trial of Muggleton, who
is the "Worme."


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The Creed. Signed J.T.

Reprinted, with the Author's name. 4to. (No Printer's name, place or date.) TOMKINSON, Thomas, of Sladehouse, Staffordshire, born 1681, died about 1710.

4to. No date.

The HARMONY of the THREE COMMISSIONS; or, None but
CHRIST: Wherein is infallibly declared that all Prophets in
the Time of the Law, or under the first Commission, and
all Apostles and Ministers in the Time of the Gospel,do each
of them unanimously agree in their Doctrine concerning
GOD. And that according to the Doctrine of the third Com-
mission, which Doctrine was in the two first Commissions,
and is more fuller in this, being the Commissions of the
Spirit; namely, that there is None but CHRIST, None but
CHRIST; no other God but our Lord Jesus Christ, now in
Heaven glorified. The first RECORD evidenced. Unto us
a child is born: unto us a Son is given: He shall be called
the mighty God and the everlasting Father.-Isa. ix. 6.
The second RECORD evidenced. Great is the mystery of
Godliness; God manifested in Flesh. There are three that
bear Record in Heaven, &c.-1 John. v. 7. The third
RECORD evidenced. In the Days of the Voice of the seventh
Angel, when he shall begin to sound, the Mystery of GOD shall
be finished. By THOMAS TOMKINSON. First written in the
Year of our Lord God 1692; Revised and abridged by the
Author, and printed in the Year M.DCC.LVII. 8vo. 1757.

The Muggletonians Principles PREVAILING: Being An
Answer in full to a Scandalous and Malitious Pamphlet,
Intituled A True Representation of the Absurd and Mis-
chievious Principles of the Sect called MUGGLETONIANS;
Wherein the aforesaid Principles are vindicated, and
proved to be infallibly True. And The Author of that
Libel, his Scandalous Title and Subject proved as False
to Truth, as Light is to Darkness: And that he knows no
more what the true God is, nor what the right Devil is;
nor any true Principle or Foundation of Faith, for all his
great Learning he so much bosts of, then those Jews

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