TOMKINSON, Thomas,-continued.

that put the Lord of Life to Death: For learned and
taught Reason is but natural, and so falls short of the
Glory of God; as will appear in the following Discourse.
By T. T.

4to. Printed in the Year of our Lord God, 1695. 10
The same,-Reprinted by T. Hayward, Beach Street, Deal.
4to. 1822. 10

Truth's Triumph: OR A WITNESS To the Two WIT-
NESSES, Together with an EXPLANATION of the
Torments of HELL. Written by Thomas Tomkinson,
Deceas'd. And now published by T. B. PART VII.

4to. Printed in the Year MDCCXXIV. 26 pp.
-(The Running Title :)-Truth's Triumph: Or, the Devils TOR-
MENT. (John Middleton, his book, 1769.)

Written by Thomas Tomkinson, Deceas'd. And now Pub-
lished By Some FRIENDS. PART VIII.

Printed in the Year MDCCXXI.

(John Middleton, his book, 1769.)

(The Running Title :)-Truth's Triumph: Or, the Saints Joy.


Note. This appears to be the whole of Truth's Triumph as printed previous
to 1823.
TRUTH'S TRIUMPH; or, A Witness to the Two Witnesses;
from that unfolded Parable of Our Lord and Saviour,
Jesus Christ, the High and Mighty God, Matthew, chap. 13,
verse 30 to 42, wherein the Fundamentals of Faith are
clearly discussed, Opened and Examined; Being drawn
up into these Eight Heads following: That is to say,

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First Of the True God.
Secondly. Of the Two Seeds.
Thirdly Of the Right Devil.
Fourthly. Of Predestination.

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Fifthly Of the Laws Nature.
Sixthly Of the Soul's Mortality.
Seventhly Of the Devil's Torments.
Eighthly. Of the Saint's Joys.

BY THOMAS TOMKINSON, A Believer and true Lover of the
Commission of the Spirit, being written for the benefit
of himself and others, who are of the Seed of the Son of
Man, the Lord Jesus Christ, the High and Mighty God,
being both Father, Son, and Spirit, in one single Person,
blessed for ever. Amen.

Be not forgetful to entertain strangers, for by that means some
have received Angels unawares, and have not known it.-Heb.
13. 2.

Written in the Year of our Lord God, 1676; Transcribed

24 pp.


TOMKINSON, Thomas,-continued.

by the Author, with some Alterations, 1690, and Printed
by Subscription, 1828.

London: Printed by W. Smith, King Street, Long Acre.

4to. 1828.

A Practical DISCOURSE upon The Epistle, by Jude. Originally
Written by THOMAS TOMKINSON, Gent. Being a copy of a
Manuscript left with Thomas Tomkinson Jun. his Grand-


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Deal: Printed for James May, & Joseph Gandar, by J.
B. Underdown.
8vo. 1828. 14
Note.There are two distinct editions of this work in the Author's
Autograph, the first being dated 1704.

The MYSTERY of FAITH, by Thomas Tomkinson, Copied by

A SYSTEM of RELIGION, Singular and Surprising:
Treating of the following Heads. I. Of the Nature of
GOD, and that Jesus Christ is the Only One and True
GOD. II. Of the TRINITY, in a Manner wholly differing
from either the Athanasians or Arians, nearer to the plain
literal text of the Scripture, and less liable to philosophi-
cal objections. III. Of the Devil; that he is no where to
be found, but incarnate in Man. IV. Of the SOUL'S
dying with the Body till the Resurrection, shewing that
the Notion of an immaterial Soul distinct from the Body,
is an inconceivable philosophical Absurdity, and against
the whole Tenor of the Scripture. V. Of PREDESTINATION.
VI. That there are in Man two Principles natural to his
Constitution, a good and a bad, which Necessarily deter-
mine his Actions, and are at Enmity with each other;
and how to know which is predominant. VII. A Philo-
sophical Manner of accounting for the RESURRECTION.
Faithfully Collected from a curious Manuscript, found among
the Papers of THO. TOMKINSON, Gent.

8vo. London: Printed in the Year, 1729. 9 Price Sticht 2s. Bound 2s. 6d.

Reprinted by T. Goode, 30 Aylesbury Street, Clerkenwell.

4to. 1857. 161

Zion's Sonnes, 1679. M.S. Autograph. 4to. 115 leaves and
appendix of 16 leaves.

-The Soul's Struggle, 1681. M.S.

Note.-Transcribed by Arden Bonell.


TOMKINSON, Thomas,-continued.

-The Christian Convarte, or Christianytie Reviewed,1692.M.S.

Note-An autobiographical work. Transcribed by Arden Bonell.

The White Diuell Uncased, 1704, in M.S.

Note.-There are two editions of this in the same year in the author's auto-

Joyful Newes from Heaven, for the Jews are called, . N.D.
in M.S.

Note.-A Poem in 26 stanzas, transcribed by Arden Bonell.

A Brief Concordance of all the Chief Heads of all the
writings of John Reeve and some of the writings of
Lodowick Muggleton, in M.S.
12mo. Ñ.D. 70 pp.
Note.-Transcribed by William Cheir. Probably composed between 1664 and


TURNER, Robert.

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An INDEX To the Three Witnesses on EARTH, to the One
Personal God CHRIST JESUS. Moses and the Prophets to
the Work of Creation, CHRIST and the Apostles to the
Work of Redemption, Reeve and Muggleton to the Work
of Resurrection. By ROBERT TURNER.

London, Printed for the Author. [Price Ninepence.]

4to. 1789. 41


The TESTAMENT of the Twelve PATRIARCHS, The Sons of
JACOB. Translated out of Greek into Latin, by ROBERT
GROSTHEAD, Sometime Bishop of Lincoln: And out of his
Copy, into French and Dutch by others; and now
Englished. To the Credit whereof, an Ancient Greek Copy,
written in Parchment is kept in the University Library of

London: Printed by Benja. Harris for the Company of

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Note. This book was first printed in 1577.

THE BOOK OF ENOCH the Prophet: an Apocryphal production, supposed for ages to have been lost; but discovered at the close of the last century in Abyssinia; now first translated from an Ethiopic MS. in the Bodleian Library. By RICHARD LAURENCE, LL.D., Archbishop of Cashel, late



Professor of Hebrew in the University of Oxford. Third
Edition, revised and enlarged.

Oxford, Printed by S. Collingwood, Printer to the Univer-
sity, for John Henry Parker. Sold also by J. G. and

F. Rivington, London.

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Note. The date of the 1st edition is 1821, and the 2nd edition, 1828.

LIBRI ENOCH Prophetæ versio Ethiopica, quæ seculi sub fine Novissimi ex Abyssinia Britanniam Advecta vix Tandem Litterato orbi innotuit; Edita A Ricardo Laurence, LL.D. Archiepiscopo Cassiliensi.


Oxonia, Typis Academicis, impensis Editoris. Prostat
venalis apud J. H. Parker, Oxonia; et J. G. et F.
Rivington, Londini.

8vo. 1888. 101


ADAMS, Hannah.

A VIEW OF RELIGIONS, in Three Parts. A New Edition,
By Andrew Fuller.

London: Printed for T. Williams & Co., &c. 8vo.


1805. 82

Memoirs of Religious Impostors from the Seventh to the
Nineteenth Century.

London: Printed for Jones & Co., Warwick Square, and
sold by all Booksellers.


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12mo. 1828.

Note.-Containing, "Memoirs of Lodowick Muggleton."

A true NARRATIVE of the Proceedings at the Sessions-
house in the OLD-BAYLY, At a Sessions held there on
Wednesday, the 17th of January, 167. Giving a full
Account of the true Tryal and Sentence of LODOWICK
MUGGLETON For Blasphemous Words and Books. As
also the Tryals and Condemnation of a Woman for killing
her Bastard Child; and of a man for personating another
person in giving Bayl before a Judge. With an Account
how many are Condemned, Burn'd in the Hand, to be
Whipt, and Transported. With Allowance, Roger

London: Printed for D. M.
(Brit. Museum, P.P. 1849. a.)

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167. 1

MUGGLETONIAN BOOKS, pro and con,-continued.

A Modest Account of the wicked Life of that grand Impostor
Lodowick Muggleton: wherein are related all the remark-
able Actions he did, and all the strange Accidents that
have befallen him, ever since his first coming to London,
to this Twenty fifth of January, 1676. Also a Particular
of those Reasons, which first drew him to these damn-
able Principles: with several pleasant Stories concerning
him, proving his Commission to be but Counterfeit, and
himself a Cheat; from divers Expressions which have
fallen from his own Mouth. Licensed according to order.
Printed at London for B. H. in 4to. 1676.

6 pages

Reprinted in The Harleian Miscellany, Vol. 1. p. 610.
4to. 1808.

Note.-Quakers are mentioned and also misrepresented in this pamphlet.

A True REPRESENTATION of the Absurd and Mischievous
PRINCIPLES of the SECT, Commonly known by the
Bishop of Chichester.)

London, Printed for Ric. Chiswell, at the Rose and Crown
in St. Paul's Church-Yard,
4to. 1694. 41

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Dictionarium Sacrum sen Religiosum. A DICTIONARY of all
RELIGIONS, whether Jewish, Pagan, Christian, or Maho-
metan. More Particularly comprehending 1. The Lives
and Doctrines of the Authors and Propagators, &c. [By

The 2nd edition, with very large Additions. 8vo. London, 1723.
Note.-Contains, an account of Lodowick Muggleton, and his Tenets.
(adverse to him)

OBSERVATIONS on some ARTICLES of the Muggle-
tonians CREED: viz. I. That Matter existed without
Beginning. II. That a Good, and also an Evil Principle
did eternally exist; and that the Devil had a carnal know-
ledge of Eve. III. That God existeth in the form of an
old Man about Six Feet high. IV. That God became an
Infant. V. That whilst Jesus Christ was upon Earth,
there was no God in Heaven. VI. That when Jesus
Christ died, God died; and there was then no God either in
Heaven or on Earth. VII. That MUGGLETON and REEVES
(Two Sectaries, who liv'd in the time of OLIVER
CROMWELL'S Protectorship,) were two Divinely inspired

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