MUGGLETONIAN BOOKS, pro and con,-continued
WILLIAMS, John, Bishop of Chichester.

See under MUGGLETONIANS. ANON., p. 827.

WYETH, Joseph, of London.


Anguis Flagellatus: or, a Switch for the Snake.
an ANSWER to the Third and Last Edition of the SNAKE

8vo. London, 1699. 85


1. An Oval painting of the Head and Bust, in the Bird Gallery at the British Museum.

2. Painting full length by Muggleton's Friend, William Wood, of Braintree.-In the possession of the Muggletonian Body.

8. Caste of the Prophet's features taken after death.-From this cast a 4to. Copper plate engraved was executed by G. V. Caffeel. It bears the following inscription: "Lodowick Muggleton. Dyed the 14th of March, 1693, then aged 88 years 7 months and 14 days. An original impression of this, 4to., Mezzotint, was priced by a London Printseller a few years ago as Extra Rare £1. 11. 6. Later impressions were published by Caulfield and Herbert, 4to. 1794.

4. A Small Oil Painting from the same, by Richard Pickersgill in 1813.

5. A half length engraving was executed by J. Kennerley, from the full length Portrait, in 1829. Prefixed to the "Song Book," at the expence of Joseph and Isaac Frost.-This engraving has been Photographed Carte-de-Visite size.

Note.-There are Collections of Muggleton's works, and also of his followers,
in the Library of the British Museum; in the Bodleian Library, at
Oxford; in Sion College, London Wall; in Dr. Williams's Library, Queen
Square, Bloomsbury; in the Friends' Library, Devonshire House, Bishops-
gate Street Without; in the Friends' Library of Biblical Literature, 5,
Bishopsgate Street, without, and in the Library of St. Paul's Cathedral
is a Volume of Pamphlets in which is written,

"30th August 1676.

Seized at Lodowick Muggleton's house by
Samll. Mearne
Richard Clark


Another Volume is in the Library of Lambeth Palace, also seized by the
Wardens of the Stationers' Company, in which is endorsed on the back of
the title page of the first tract,

"Aug. 30th, 1676.

Seaz'd att Muggleton's house, in the Posterne, by

Samuell Marne
Richard Clarke


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NANGLE, Edward, of Achill, Province of Connaught, County of

Mayo, Ireland.

The Achill Missionary Herald, for August, 1852.-Proprietor
Rev. Edward Nangle.-Publisher George Awe.

Note. The above contains a Review of Sarah Greer's "Quakerism, or the
Story of my Life, &c." For some particulars concerning the controversy
occasioned thereby, see The British Friend, for 5th, 7th and 8th months,
1856, &c.

NEEDHAM, Clement, a Presbyterian of Saxelby, in the Vale of
Belvoir, Leicestershire.

A Sober Disquisition of the People's Right to Tythes. 1672.




NEEDHAM, Clement,-continued.

RUDYARD, Thomas, and WILLIAM GIBSON, of London,

TYTHES ENDED by CHRIST with the Levitical Priesthood, and
therefore no Maintenance for a Gospel Ministry,-Being an
Answer to two Reviling Pamphlets,-The One by C. Ñ. a
Presbyterian, and the other by Cress Wheatley, an Episcopal
Priest. The said C. N. and C. W. are herein justly rebuked
for their enmity and Lyes against the People of God, and
their arguments and Plea for Tythes considered and fully
answered. [Postscript by GEORGE WATT.]

WILLSFORD, John, of Nether-Broughton, in Leicestershire.

The Lying Spirit and False Aspertions turned home again, or an Answer to two Reviling Letters about the Peoples Right to Tythes, sent to the People call'd Quakers in the Vail of Bellvier, by Clement Needham, a Presbyterian; who writes himself A Farmer in the County of Leicester. By J. W. 4to. Printed in the Year, 1673. NEEDLER, Benjamin, Rector of St. Margaret-Moses, Friday Street, London. Of St. John's College, Oxford. A worthy Divine. After he was ejected, he lived and preached privately at North-Warnborough, in Hampshire, where he died in 1682. Works.-Expository Notes, with practical observations on the first five Chapters of Genesis.-Three Sermons in the Morning Exercises.-A Poem on the Death of Mr. Jer. Whitaker.-Palmer's Nonconformists' Memorial, vol. 1, p. 122.

4to. Printed in the Year, 1678. 12

Quakerism No Christianity, &c. By John Faldo. (Epistle
subscribed by Benjamin Needler and 20 other Divines.)
8vo. 1675.

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PENN, William, Founder of Pennsylvania.

A JUST REBUKE to One and Twenty Learned and Reverend
DIVINES (so called) Being an Answer to an Abusive Epistle
against the Quakers, &c.
4to. 1674. 4

NELSON, Robert, a learned and pious writer, was born June 22, 1656, at London, where his Father carried on the business of a Turkey-merchant. He was educated at St. Paul's School, and next under Dr. Bull, afterwards Bishop of St. Davids. When old enough for the University, he was entered at Trinity College, Cambridge; and in 1680 he went on his travels, accompanied by Mr. Edmund Halley. In 1682 he married Lady Lucy, who concealed from him the circumstance of her being a convert to Popery, which, though it affected him greatly, did not alienate his affections. Mr. Nelson was strongly attached to James II., and he continued to communicate


NELSON, Robert,-continued.

with the Non-Jurors till the death of Bishop Lloyd, when
he returned to the established Church. He lived on
terms of intimacy with Archbishop Tillotson; and was
the zealous promoter of all works of charity. He died
Jan. 16, 1714-15, and was buried in the Cemetery of St.
George, Queen Square.—Biog. Britt.

Life of Bishop Bull. (Portrait.)

The Light Within, &c.

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NEUSS, H. G., and others.-See QUAKERS, Historia, &c.

NEWMAN, John, of

COALE, Josiah, of Winterburne in Gloucestershire.

A Vindication of the LIGHT WITHIN, against the Darkness, Error,
and Blasphemy of John Newman, in his Book, entituled, The
Light Within, &c.


4to. 1671.

8vo. 1713.

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Reprinted in his Works, (page 269.) WHITEHEAD, George, of Orton, Westmoreland, last of London. Christ Ascended above the CLOUDS, his Divinity, Light in Man. His being The Word, His being In Saints, His being the only way and Rule, vindicated from the cloudy, erroneous, heretical, and blasphemous Conceits of John Newman, and his Brethren. -And the said J. N. his Book, stiled, The Light within, &c. (with his Manifest Contradictions, both scripturally, historically, and rationally examined. By a servant of Christ, G. WHITEHEAD. 4to. London, Printed in the Year, 1669. 9


NEWTON, Benjamin Wills, of Plymouth.

A Remonstrance to the Society of Friends, by B.W. Newton.
London: Published by Nisbet & Co., Berners Street, Sold
by Rowe, Plymouth.
12mo. 1835. 41

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TREFFRY, Joseph, of Plymouth.

Strictures on a late publication, entitled, “A Remonstrance to
the Society of Friends,"

London: J. & A. Arch, Cornhill; Darton and Harvey,
Gracechurch Street, &c.
8vo. 1836.

NEWTON, Samuel, of Norwich, a Presbyterian Priest.

A LETTER to the Author [JAMES BEEZLY] of a LETTER to
DR. FORMEY; in which some of the prevailing sentiments
of that worthy Body of Men called QUAKERS, as they stand
in Mr. ROBERT BARCLAY'S APOLOGY, and as they are


NEWTON, Samuel,-continued.

touched upon in that LETTER, are freely discussed, and
their apprehended natural Tendency manifested.

Norwich: Printed by Richard Beatniffe, in the Cockey-
Lane; And sold by R. Baldwin, in Paternoster-Row,
8vo. 1767. 5

PHIPPS, Joseph of Norwich.

Observations on a late Anonymous Publication, intituled, A
Letter to the Author of a Letter to DR. FORMEY, &c. in Vin-
dication of Robert Barclay, and the PRINCIPLES of the People
called Quakers. By J. Phipps.

London: Printed and Sold by Mary Hinde, at No. 2, in
George-yard, Lombard Street, &c., &c.
8vo. 1767.

PHIPPS, Joseph, of Norwich.

The Original and Present State of MAN, briefly considered;-To
which are added, Some REMARKS on the Arguments of Samuel
Newton, of Norwich. By JOSEPH PHIPPS.

London: Printed and Sold by Mary Hinde, at No. 2, in
George-yard, Lombard Street, &c.

The Leading Sentiments of the People called Quakers
examined, as they are stated in Mr. Robert Barclay's
Apology; with an answer to what Mr. Phipps has ad-
vanced for the defence of them, in his observations upon
an Epistle to the Author of a Letter to Dr. Formey.
London: Printed by S. Burchall, in Aldersgate-Street,
for E. and C. Dilly, in the Poultry.
8vo. 1771. 151


PHIPPS, Joseph, of Norwich.

- A REPLY to a Late Publication of S. Newton, of Norwich, intitu-
led, An Appendix, &c. In Answer to which it is plainly shewn,
that the Quakers are not Calvinists; That the GoSPEL com-
prehends more than Words, or the bare Sense of Words; and
that the SPIRIT of TRUTH is to be experienced and sensibly felt
in the Minds and Consciences of Men.

8vo. 1773. 141

Reprinted, See my Catalogue of Friends' Books, vol. 2. p. 414. An Appendix to a late Publication, entitled the Leading sentiments of the Quakers examined, &c. By S. Newton, of Norwich. Being an answer to the principal things advanced by Mr. Phipps in his last performance, in which the Author takes his final leave of the Controversy, with a friendly address to Mr. Phipps and his Brethren. Norwich: Printed by J. Crouse, for M. Booth, in the Market-place. 8vo. [About 1780.] 2

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London: Printed and Sold by Richardson and Urquhart
under the Royal Exchange, and M. Hinde, at No. 2, in
George-yard, Lombard-Street.
8vo. 1774. 21


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