WATSON, Thomas,-continued.

thanks, and earnestly desired a copy of it. Alas! (said Mr. W.) that is what I cannot give, for I do not use to pen my prayers; it was no studied thing, but uttered as God enabled me, from the abundance of my heart and affections, pro re nata." Upon which the good Bp. went away, wondering that any man could pray in that manner extempore. After his ejectment he continued the exercise of his ministry in the City as Providence gave opportunity, for many years; but his strength wearing away, he retired into Essex, and there died suddenly in his Closet at prayer.-Palmer's Nonconformists' Memorial, Vol. 1, p. 148. Quakerism No Christianity, &c., by John Faldo. (Epistle subscribed by Thomas Watson, and 20 other Divines.)

8vo. 1675.

PENN, William, Founder of Pennsylvania.

A JUST REBUKE to One and twenty Learned and Reverend
DIVINES (so called) Being an Answer to an Abusive Epistle
against the Quakers, &c.
4to. 1674.

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WEBB, Nathaniel, Bookseller of London.



WELDE, Thomas, of St. Mary's, Gateshead, is living was in the Bishopric, tho' parted from the Town of Newcastle only by the river. He was turned out by Mr Ladler, who had a dormant presentation to the living from Bi Morton, He had been formerly Minister at Terling in Es; but not submitting to the ceremonies, the place was too hot for him, and he was forced to quit it, and go over to NewEngland.-Palmer's Nonconformists' Memorial, vol. 1,p.


Another account.


WELDE, Thomas, a Minister in Tarling in Essex, emigrated to Boston, Massachussets, June 1632, and in the next month assumed Charge of the Church in Roxbury; about 1689 was appointed, in conjunction with JOHN ELIOT and RICHARD MATHER, to make a metrical translation of the Psalms, (published at Cambridge, 1640. 4to. The Bay Psalm Book;) in 1641 was sent with HUGH PETERS as agent for the Colony to England; became settled in the ministry at Gateshead, was ejected for Nonconformity in 1662, and is supposed to have died the same year.Allibone's Dictionary of English Literature, vol. 8, p. 2686.

The Perfect Pharisee, under MONKISH Holinesse, opposing the Fundamental Principles of the Doctrine of the Gospel,

WELDE, Thomas,-continued.

and Scripture Practises of Gospel-Worship manifesting
himself in the generation of Men called Quakers.
Gateside, Printed by S. B. and are to be sould by Will.
London, Bookseller in Newcastle.
4to. 1658.


London, Frinted for Richard Tomlins, at the Sun and
Bible neur Pie-Corner.
4to. 1654. 61

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FOX, George, Founder of the Society of Friends.

The Great MISTERY of the Great Whore unfolded, &c. (pages 74
and 227.)
Folio. 1659.

NAYLE, James, of Ardesloe near Wakefield, Yorkshire.

NAYLER, James, of Ardesloe near Wakefield, Yorkshire.

An Answer to the Booke called "The Perfect Pharisee under Monk-
ish Holinesse :" Wherein is layd open, who they are that
oppose the Fundamentall Principles of the Doctrine of the
Gospel, and the Scripture Practises, which the Authors of
that Book would cast upon those they call Quakers, &c. By
one whom the world calls James Nayler. (Part John Aud-
land's.) To [the Reader, by Alex. Parker.]


4to. [No Printer's name or place, 1655 ?]
A Further Discovery of that generation of men called
Quakers by way of reply to an Answer of James Nayler
to the Perfect Pharisee. Wherein is more fully layd
open their Blasphemes, notorious Equivocations, Lyings,
Wrestings of the Scripture, Raylings, and other detest-
able Principles and Practises. And the Booke called, The
Perfect Pharisee, is convincingly cleared from James
Nayler's false aspersions; with many difficult scriptures
(by him wrested) opened.

Gatede, Printed by S.B.

4to. 1654. 12

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DISCOVERY of the Man of Sin, acting in A Mystery of Iniquitie,
Pleading for his Kingdom, against the Coming of Christ to
take away sin. Or, An Answer to a Book set forth by Tho.
Weld, of Gateshead, Richard Prideaux, Sam. Hamond, Will.
Cole, and Will. Durant, of Newcastle. By way of Reply to
an Answer of James Nayler's to their former Book, called,
The Perfect Pharisee: Who call themselves Ministers of
Christ, but are found ministring for the Kingdom of Anti-
christ. Published for clearing the innocency of the Truth
from their malicious slanders, and discovering their deceits.
By one whom the world calls James Nayler.

London, Printed for Giles Calvert at the Black-Spread-
Eagle neer the West-end of Pauls.

4to. 1654.
4to. 1655.

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Reprinted, being a Second Answer. (Same imprint.)
He also wrote the following,


A Short Story of the Rise, Reign, and Ruine of the Anti-
nomians, Familists, and Libertines, that infested the
Churches of New-England. (2 editions.) 4te. London, 1644.

7 7

WELDE, Thomas,-continued.


4to. London, 1692,

An Answer to W. R., his Narration of the Opinions and
Practises of the Churches lately erected in New-England
vindicating those Churches.
4to. London, 1644.

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A Catalogue of Erroneous Opinions condemned in New-
England in 1637.
4to. London, 1692.

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and SAML. HAMMOND.-A False Jew, &c.

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WESLEY, John, Founder of the Sect called Methodists, was the Son of SAMUEL WESLEY, the Rector of Epworth, and was born there the 17th of June, 1703.-He received his education at the Charter House, and afterwards became Fellow of Lincoln College, Oxford.-He died in London, March 2nd, 1791, and was buried in the City Road. Aged about 88 years.

Note. Written upon the discovery of a Scot, who first pretended to be a Jew,
and then a Baptist, and was found a Cheat.

A LETTER to a PERSON Lately join'd with the PEOPLE
called QUAKERS. In Answer to a Letter wrote by him.

Small 8vo. London, Printed in the Year, 1748.
Reprinted. The 2nd edition. 8vo. Printed in the Year, 1748,
Reprinted in the next (commencing at p. 127.)

A Preserbatibe against Unsettled Notions in RELIGION. By

Bristol: Printed by E. Farley, in Small-Street

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BURTON, Thomas, of London.

A Friendly Letter to John and Charles Wesley, wrote for the
sake of their Followers, who are, or may be Dissatisfied with
their way of worship, By a Person that found occasion to
withdraw from their Society, and join with the People called

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8vo. London, Printed for the Author in the Year, 1747.
Reprinted. 2nd edition.
8vo. 1748.

12mo. 1758. 10

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CURTIS, John, of Bristol.

A Letter to the Author of a Pamphlet, entitled, "A Letter to a
Person lately joined to the People called Quakers, in answer
to a Letter wrote by him.

Printed by Sam. Farley, in the Old Market.

Folio. Broadside, 1741.

FRY, John, of Sutton-Benger, Wilts. [ANON.]

Some Remarks on a PAMPHLET, intitled, A Letter to a Person
lately join'd with the People called Quakers, in answer to a

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WESLEY, John,-continued.

FRY, John,-continued.

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Letter wrote by him. In a LETTER from a Friend in the
country to another in BRISTOL.

Bristol: Printed by S. Farley, in the Old Market. [Price
8vo. 1748.


London: By Samuel Clark, in Bread Street, Cheapside.

HELTON, John, of Cork, afterwards of Bristol, and formerly one of
John Wesley's approved Preachers.

Reasons for quitting the Methodist Society; being a Defence of
Barclay's Apology, in answer to a printed letter to a Person
joined with the people called Quakers. In a Letter to a

8vo. 1761.

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London: Printed by J. Fry and Co., Queen Street, Upper
Moorfields, &c. .

8vo. 1778. 4

Reprinted. The 2nd edition.

8vo. 1779.

Reprinted. The 3rd edition, corrected. Philadelphia. 8vo. 1784. 31
The LORD our Righteousness. A SERMON preached at the
Chapel in West-Street, Seven-Dials, On SUNDAY, NOV. 24,

Bristol: Printed by William Pine, in Narrow- Wine-Street.
12mo. 1766.

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London: Published by John Mason, 14 City Road; and
sold at 66, Paternoster Row. (No. 20, Tract Series.)
12mo. No Date.

Note. In this Sermon (see page 18 and page 12 of the last edition) John
Wesley says that, "It is well known that he (William Law) absolutely and
zealously denied, the imputation of the righteousness of Christ: As
zealously as Robert Barclay, who scruples not to say, "Imputed righteous-
ness, imputed nonsense!" The body of the people known by the name
of Quakers, espouse the same sentiment."

An Extract of the life of Madam Guion. By John Wesley.

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Extracts from his Journal from October, 1785 to August
8th, 1779, inclusive. In 5 vols. Various editions.

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8vo. 1776. 141


8vo. Memoirs of the late Rev. Mr. John Wesley, by John Hampson, A.B. 3 vols. Small 8vo. 1791. 431

Birth of Christ to

A Concise Ecclesiastical History, from the
the Beginning of the present Century. In Four Volumes.
London: Printed by J. Paramore, at the Foundry, Moor-
fields: And sold at the New Chapel, in the City-Road;
and at the Rev. Mr. Wesley's Preaching Houses in
Town and Country.
12mo. 1781. 56

WESLEY, John,-continued.

BEVAN, Joseph Gurney, of Stoke Newington.

A Refutation of some of the more modern misrepresentations of
the Society of Friends, &c., (by Wesley and others.)

London: Printed and sold by William Phillips, dc. 8vo. 1800.

WESTMINSTER, (Francis, Duke of,) See FRANCIS.
WETENHALL, Edward, D.D., a learned and pious Prelate, and
Bp. of Kenmore, was born at Lichfield, 1686; died in
London, 1718.-I suppose the same as the next.

WETENHALL, Edward, Bishop of Cork and Ross,

The TESTIMONY of the Bishop of Cork As to a Paper Inti-
tuled, GOSPEL TRUTHS, held &c. by the People called
Quakers And Delivered to Him by an eminent Member
of them.-Cork, July the 2d. 1698.

Note.-A Copy of this paper is printed and inserted in Wm. Penn's
"Defence," as follows.

PENN, William, Founder of Pennsylvania.

A DEFENCE of a Paper, Entituled, Gospel Truths, against the Ex-
ceptions of the Bishop of Cork's Testimony. By W. Penn.
London, Printed and sold by T. Sowle, in White-Hart-
Court, in Gracious Street, and at the Bible, in Leaden-
Small 8vo. 1698.

Reprinted. The 2nd edition.

Small 8vo. Printed in the Year, 1698.
-A Brief and Modest Reply to Mr. Penn's Tedious, Scurrilous
and Unchristian Defence against the Bishop of Cork, &c.
Printed. October, 1699.

WIGHT, Thomas, of Cork, in Ireland.

and NICHOLAS HARRIS.-Truth further Defended, and William
Penn Vindicated; being a REJOYNDER to a Book Entituled,
A Brief and Modest Reply, to Mr. Penn's Tedious, Scurrilous,
and Unchristian Defence, against the Bishop of Cork. Where-
in that Author's Unfairness is Detected, his Arguments and
Objections are Answered. By T. W. and N. H.

8vo. Printed in the Year, 1700.

WHATELY, Creswel, (or Wheatley.)

The Quakers Libel answered.

WHITEHEAD, George, of Orton, Westmoreland, last of London.
The Pernicious Way of the Rigid PRESBYTER and Antichristian
Ministers DETECTED. And several weighty Matters (in Con-
troversie, betwixt Sion and her Adversaries, or between the
true Church and the false) discussed. To inform both
Magistrates, Ministers and People, against the Spirit of anti-
christ and Persecution. Partly upon occasion of a Book,
entituled, The QUAKERS LIBEL Answered, by Creswel Whately,
who calls himself Minister of the Gospel, &c.

London, Printed for Robert Wilson.

4to. 1662.






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