BATE, James,-continued.

St. Paul's Deptford; and Formerly CHAPLAIN to his Excel-
lency Horatio Walpole Esq.; his Majesty's Ambassador
Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary at the Court of France.
London: Printed for John Carter, at the Blackmore's
Head opposite to the Royal Exchange, in Cornhill.
Price 1s.

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Defence of a Congratulatory Letter to the Rev. Dr. Trapp, in
reply to Quakero Methodism.

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8vo. [1740.] 41

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8vo. 1740. 10

Infidelity Scourged: or, Christianity Vindicated. I.
From the Scandalous Aspersions of Mr. THOMAS CHUBB, in
his four late Dissertations, viz. 1. On Melchizedek. 2. On
Jacob and Esau. 3. On Balaam. 4. On the Extirpation
of the Canaanites. II. From the Sophistry of a late
Book called, Christianity not Founded on Argument. Con-
taining a full, clear, and ('tis hoped) a satisfactory Answer,
to some of the most popular Objections to Revelation,
more especially those that concern the History of the Old
Testament; and establishing such Principles as may enable
even an unlearned Reader, to answer most other Objec-
tions of like sort. By JAMES BATE, M.A., Rector and
Lecturer of St. Pauls, Deptford. Formerly Fellow of St.
John's Cambridge; and Chaplain to Mr. Walpole, his
Majesty's Ambassador at Paris.

London: Printed by H. Kent and sold by J. Roberts, at
the Oxford Arms in Warwick-Lane. [Price Two shillings
and sixpence.]
8vo. 1746. 16
[Brit. Mus. 4016 b.]

FINCH, Richard, of London.

A Letter to the Reverend Mr. Bate, Rector of St. Paul, Deptford;
occasioned by his Book, intitled, Infidelity scourged, or Chris-
tianity vindicated, &c., treating of 1. The Reason of the under-
taking. 2. The Asperity of Mr. Bate's Writings. 3. The Fall
of Man. 4. Moral obligation. 5. The Case of Jacob and Esau.
6. The Quakers vindicated from Mr. Bate's virulent and pal-
pable Misrepresentations of that people. By the Author of
Free and Impartial Thoughts, etc.

London: Printed for J. Robinson, at the Golden Lion, in
Ludgate Street, &c.
8vo. 1746. 2

BELL, R., of London.

REMARKS on a PAMPHLET entitled, Infidelity scourged or Chris-
tianity vindicated, Written by JAMES BATE, M.A., Rector of St.
Paul's, Deptford. Wherein the Origin of DEISM is inquired
into and assigned, and Mr. Bate's Treatment of the Quakers
detected and exposed.

London: Printed for M. Cooper, at the Globe, in Paternoster-
Row, &c.
8vo. 1746.


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BATE, James,-continued.

His Works besides the above are,

An Address to his Parishioners on the Rebellion in 1745.

An Essay towards a Rationale of the Doctrine of Original
8vo. 1755,
Reprinted.-A 2nd edition.


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BAXTER, Richard, a Nonconformist Divine, was born the 12th of 9th Month, 1615, at Rowton, in Shropshire. In 1640, he was invited to be Minister at Kidderminster, which situation he accepted. He afterwards settled in London, where he suffered much for his nonconformity. In 1685, he was tried before Chief Justice Jefferies, for some passages contained in his paraphrase on the New Testament; and being found guilty, was sentenced to be imprisoned two years; but after a short confinement, by the mediation of Lord Powis, he obtained his liberty, and preached without molestation. He died in 1691, and was buried in Christ Church, Newgate Street, London.

The Worcester-shire Petition to the Parliament for the
Ministry of England defended, by a Minister of Christ in
that County; in answer to XVI Queries, printed in a
Book, called, "A Brief Discovery of the threefold Estate
of Antichrist:" whereunto is added, XVII Counter-
Queries, and an humble Monition to Parliament, People,
and Ministers. [ANONYMOUS.]

ALDAM, Thomas.
LAWSON, Thomas.

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London, Printed for Tho. Underhill at the Blue Anchor
in Paul's Church Yard: and Francis Tyton at the
Three Daggers in Fleet Street.
4to. 1653.

A Brief Discovery of a threefold Estate of Antichrist now extant
in the World.-Also Certain Queries upon a Petition lately
presented to the Parliament from divers Gentlemen and others
in Worcestershire, &c.

London: Printed for Giles Calvert, Black Spread Eagle, at
the West end of Pauls.

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NICHOLSON, Benjamin, of Tickell.

TRUTH'S DEFENCE AGAINST LIES, In a brief Answer to a Book,
intituled the Worcestershire Petition defended; set forth by one
(of England's blind guides) who calls himself a Minister of Christ,
yet pleads altogether, that the Friars, Abbots, Bishops, and
Chapters Lands which the Papists set forth to maintain their
Idolatrous Worship, are of Divine right and institution, and
were given to the maintaining of the Church of England, which
he calles the Church of Christ, and complains of the sin of


4to. 1653. 3

BAXTER, Richard,-continued.

Sacriledge, against those who have, or shall take any of the
aforesaid Lands or Tithes, from the Clergy, which he calles the
Church, &c.
4to. No Printer's name or place. [1653?]

FOX, George, Founder of the Society of Friends.

The Great MISTERY of the Great Whore unfolded, &c., (at page
Folio. 1659.

The QUAKER'S CATECHISM, or, the QUAKERS questioned,
their Questions answered, and both published, for the sake
of those of them that have not yet sinned unto Death;
and of those ungrounded Novices that are most in danger
of their Seduction. By Richard Baxter.

London; Printed by A. M. for Thomas Underhill at the
Anchor and Bible in Pauls Churchyard, and Francis
Tyton at the Three Daggers in Fleet Street. 4to. 1655.
Reprinted, (same imprint)
4to. 1655.


Kep the letter I in RICHARD."

NAYLER, James, of Ardesloe, near Wakefield.

An Answer to a Book called, The Quaker's Catechism, put out by
RICHARD BAXTER, wherein the Slanderer is Searched, his
Questions Answered, and his Deceit discovered, whereby the
simple have been deceived: and the Popery proved in his own
bosom, which he would cast upon the Quakers. Published for
the sake of all who desire to come out of Babylon, to the
Foundation of the true Prophets and Apostles, where Christ
Jesus is the Light and Corner Stone; where God is building a
Habitation of Righteousness and everlasting Peace; where
the Children of Light do rest. Also some Queries for the
discovering the false Grounds of the literal Priest-hood of these
days, in the last times of Antichrist. If you know the Truth,
the Truth shall make you free, James Nailor.

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Note.-In this edition the letter E is omitted in the word "CATECHISM," and

4 to 1656 4to. 1657.


FOX, George.

The Great Mistery of the Great Whore unfolded, &c. Folio. 1659.
An Answer to the Quaker's Queries
4to. 1655.

4to. London, Printed in the Year, 1655. 61
4to. (Same imprint.) 1656. 7

One Sheet against the Quakers. By Richard Baxter.
London, Printed by Robert White, for Nevil Simmons,
Bookseller, in Kederminster, Anno Dom. 1657. 8vo. 1657.

BURROUGH, Edward, of Underbarrow, in Westmoreland.

Many Strong Reasons confounded, which would hinder any

reasonable Man from being A QUAKER; And Offences taken
out of the Way. But particularly Foure and Twenty Argu-
ments Overturned and Confuted; Put forth, and sent into






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BAXTER, Richard,-continued.

the World by Richard Baxter, a Professed Minister; but a
frequent Contender against the Wayes of God. And this is
an Answer to a Sheet of his, cryed up and down the streets in
London, as some excellent piece; but is proved to be full of
Lyes, Slanders, and false Reproaches against an innocent
People, &c.

London: Printed for Thomas Simmons, at the Bull and
Mouth, neer Aldersgate.
4to. 1657. 3

Reprinted in his Works, page 310.

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STORER, William.

Answer to Baxter's Sheet against the Quakers. (In Manuscript) One Sheet for the Ministry, Against the Malignants of all sorts. By Richard Baxter.

London, Printed by Robert White, for Nevil Simmons,

Bookseller in Kederminster, Anno Dom. 1657. 8vo. 1657.
A Second Sheet for the Ministry: Justifying our Calling
Against Quakers, Seekers, and Papists, and all that deny
us to be the Ministers of Christ. By Richard Baxter.
London, Printed by R. White, for Nevil Simmons Book-
seller in Kederminster.
8vo. 1657. 1
WHITEHEAD, George, of Orton, in Westmoreland, last of London.
A Brief TREATISE, on the Truth's behalf in discovery of Fals-
hoods which are dispersed abroad in two papers of Richard
Baxter's who is greatly esteemed of as an able Minister at
Kedarminster in Worcestershire, but his ignorance and deceit
is here made appear in his two papers, the one intituled, One
Sheet for the Ministry, the other A Second Sheet for the
Ministry, &c.

London, Printed for Thomas Simmons, at the Bull and
Mouth near Aldersgate Street.

A Winding Sheet for POPERY. By RICHARD

FOX, George.

The Great Mistery of the Great Whore unfolded, &c. (page 52).

8vo. 1679. #


In the Bodleian Library at Oxford.

4to. 1658. 3

Folio. 1659. BAXTER,

Note. Quakers mentioned in this Tract.

and JOHN TOMBES. TRUE OLD LIGHT exalted above Pre-
He is the Light which enlightens every one that comes
into the World. Against the sense both of the Quaker,
Arminian, and other Assertors of Universal Grace;
whose Light is proved to be Darkness. Delivered in Nine
Sermons. By JOHN TOMBES, B.D. And Commended to
publick View by Mr. Richard Baxter.

London, Printed, &c. .


London, Printed by Robert White, for Nevil Simmons,
Bookseller in Kederminster, Anno Dom. 8vo. 1657. 1

4to. 1660. 12

BAXTER, Richard,-continued.

FISHER, Samuel, of Northampton.

The LIGHT OF CHRIST WITHIN, proved to be sufficient to lead
unto God, in answer to a Book put forth by John Tombes and
Richard Baxter, In which they go about to prove the Light
within insufficient to lead to God; by many fallible arguments, by
perverting of Scripture, and their own reasonings.
London, Printed for Thomas Simmons, &c.

Reprinted in his Works, page (1).

The Rustick's ALARM to the Rabbies: or, The Country correcting
the University and Clergy. In Answer to John Owen, D.D.,
Thomas Danson, M.A., John Tombes, B.D., and Richard Baxter.
4to. London, Printed, 1660. 105

Reprinted in his Works, page 27. The True CATHOLICK, and Catholick Church Described. And the Vanity of the Papists, and all other Schismaticks, that confine the Catholick Church to their Sect, discovered and shamed. By Richard Baxter, a Member of that one Universal Church, which containeth all the true Christians in the World. With an Apologetical Postscript against the factious Principles and Writings of Mr. T. Malpas, Mr. T. Pierce, Philo-Tilenus, and such others. London, Printed by A. M. for T. Underhill at the Anchor and Bible in Pauls Church yard, and F. Tyton at the three Daggers in Fleet street. Small 12mo. 1660. 14 Quakers mentioned at pages 119 and 159.

4to. 1660. 3

The CURE of Church-divisions: or, Directions for weak
Christians, to keep them from being Dividers, or Troublers
of the Church. With some Directions to the Pastors, how
to deal with such Christians. By Richard Baxter.

London, Printed for Nevil Symmons at the three Crowns
over against Holborn-Conduit.
8vo. 1670. 803

Note.-At the end of this book is "A Catalogue of Books written and pub-
lished by the same Author."

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TAYLOR, Thomas, of Stafford.

BAXTER'S Book, Entituled, The Cure of Church Divisions, An-
swer'd and confuted. And he prov'd to be a Physitian of
No VALUE: who hath manifested his Folly and Weakness in
undertaking a Work which he hath so little Understanding
in. By Thomas TAYLOR.
4to. Printed in the Year, 1671. 8

Reprinted in his Works, page 199.

A Defence of the Principles of Love, which are necessary
to the Unity and Concord of Christians; and are delivered
in a Book called The Cure of Church-Divisions. I. Invit-
ing all sound and sober Christians, (by what name soever
called) to receive each other to Communion in the same
Churches. II. And where that (which is first desirable)

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