BAXTER, Richard,-continued.

cannot be attained, to bear with each other in their dis-
tinct Assemblies, and to manage them all in Christian
Love. Written to detect and eradicate all Love-Killing,
dividing, and Church-destroying Principles, Passions and
Practices, and to preserve the weak in this hour of mani-
fold temptation. By Richard Baxter, one of the Mourners
for a Self-dividing and Self-afflicting Land.

London, Printed for Nevil Simmons, at the sign of the
three Crowns near Holborn Conduit..
8vo. 1671. 19

A Treatise of DEATH, The last ENEMY to be destroyed.
Shewing wherein its enmity consisteth, and how it is
destroyed. Part of it was Preached at the Funerals of
Elizabeth the late Wife of Mr. Joseph Baker, Pastor of the
Church at Saint Andrews in Worcester. By Rich. Baxter.
With some few passages of the life of the said Mrs. Baker,

London, Printed for Nevil Simmons, at the Princes Arms
in St. Paul's Church-yard.
16mo. 1672. 61

Note.-At pages 2 and 11 Hiders and Quakers mentioned.
A SERMON of JUDGMENT, Preached at Pauls before the
Honourable Lord Major and Aldermen of the City of
London, Decem. 17. 1654. And now Enlarged. By Rich.

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London, Printed for Nevil Simmons, at the Princes Arms in Paul's Church-yard. 16mo. 1672. 61 Quakerism no Christianity, &c. By John Faldo. (Epistle by RICHARD BAXTER, and 20 other Divines (so called.) 8vo. London, 1675.


PENN, William, Founder of Pennsylvania.

A JUST REBUKE to One and Twenty Learned and Reverend
DIVINES (so called) Being an Answer to an Abusive Epistle
against the People called Quakers, subscribed by Richard
Baxter and others, &c.
4to. 1674. 4
Reprinted in his Works, Vol. 2, page 604.

Richard Baxter's CATHOLICK THEOLOGIE: Plain, Pure,
Peaceable for PACIFICATION of the Dogmatical Word

-Warriours. In Three Books. Written chiefly for Pos-
terity, when sad Experience hath taught men to hate
Theological Wars, and to love, and seek, and call for
Peace. (Ex Bello Pax.) [Portrait Etat: Suæ 58. 1678.]
London, Printed by Robert White, for Nevill Simmons at
the Princes Arms in St. Pauls Church-Yard.

Folio. 1675.

Note. Each Book or part has a separate pagination.

BAXTER, Richard,-continued.

The Judgment of the late Lord Chief Justice Sir Matthew
Hale, of the Nature of TRUE RELIGION, the Causes of its
Corruption, and the Churches Calamity, by Mens ADDITIONS
and VIOLENCES: With the desired Cure. In three Dis-
courses, written by himself at several times. Humbly
dedicated to the Honourable Judges and Learned Lawyers,
who knew and honoured the Author, because in their true
sentiments of Religion, and its Depravations, and the
Cure, the wellfare of England, under his Majesty, as well
as their own, is eminently concerned. By the faithful
Publisher, RICHARD BAXTER. To which is annexed the
Judgment of Sir Francis Bacon Lord Verulam St. Albans,
and Chancellour of England: and somewhat of Dr. Isaack
Barrows on the same subject.

London, Printed for B. Simmons, at the three Cocks near
the West-end of S. Paul's Church.
4to. 1684. 91

An ABRIDGMENT of Mr. Baxter's HISTORY of his LIFE and
TIMES. With an ACCOUNT of many others of those
Worthy Ministers who were Ejected, after the Restaura-
ration of King CHARLES the Second. By EDMUND CALAMY.
Edm. Fil. & Nepos. [With a Portrait of Richard Baxter.
Etat. Suæ 75.]

London: Printed by S. Bridge, for Thomas Parkhurst at
the Bible and Three Crowns in Cheapside. Jonathan
Robinson at the Golden Lyon in St. Paul's Church Yard.
And John Lawrence at the Angel in the Poultrey.

Page 103. Of Quakers.

8vo. 1702. 461

DIRECTIONS and PERSWASIONS to a Sound Conversion. For
Prevention of that Deceit and Damnation of Souls, and
of those Scandals, Heresies and desperate Apostasies, that
are the Consequents of a Counterfeit, or superficial
Change. By Richard Baxter. The Third Edition.

London: Printed for Tho. Parkhurst, at the Bible and
Three Crowns at the lower end of Cheapside. 12mo. 1702. 13

A CALL to the Unconverted to Turn and Libe. And Accept
of Mercy while Mercy may be had, as ever they would find
Mercy in the Day of their Extremity. From the Living
God. To which are Added, Forms of Prayer for Morning
and Evening for a Family, for a Penitent Sinner, and for
the Lord's Day. Written at the Request of the Late
Reverend and Learned Archbishop Usher: By RICHARD

BAXTER, Richard,-continued.

BAXTER. To be Read in FAMILIES where any are UNCON-
VERTED. The 30th Edition, Carefully Corrected.

London: Printed by Tho. Bunce, by Order of the Execu-
tors of the Reverend Mr. Richard Baxter; and sold by
Tho. Parkhurst, at the Bible and Three Crowns in
Cheapside, near Mercers-Chapel.
12mo. 1706.

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Knowledge and LOVE compared. In Two Parts: 1. Of
Falsely pretended Knowledge. II. Of True saving Know-
ledge and Love. Written as greatly needful to the Safety
and Peace of every Christian, and of the Church: the only
certain way to escape false Religions, Heresies, Sects, and
Malignant Prejudices, Persecutions and Sinful Wars: all
caused by falsely pretended knowledge, and hasty judging,
by Proud, Ignorant Men, who know not their own Igno-
rance. BY THE REV. RICHARD BAXTER, Author of "The
Saint's Everlasting Rest," &c. With a Life and Character
of the Author. By Dr. Adam Clarke.

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The POOR MAN'S FAMILY BOOK. 1. Teaching him
how to become a true Christian. 2. How to live as a
Christian, towards God, himself, and others in all his
Relations; especially in his Family. 8. How to die as a
Christian in Hope and Comfort, and so to be Glorified
with Christ for ever. In a plain familiar Conference between
a Teacher and a Learner. With a Form of Exhortation to
the Sick, Two Catechisms, a Profession of Christianity,
Forms of Prayers for Various uses, and some PSALMS, and
HYMNS for the LORD'S DAY. Written by RICH. BAXTER.
With a request to Landlords and Rich Men to give to
their Tenants and poor Neighbours, either this or some
fitter Book. The SEVENTH EDITION.

Dublin: Printed for George Grierson, at the Two Bibles
in Essex-Street.
12mo. 1723. 17

London: S. Cornish and Co., 126, Newgate Street;
J. Cornish, 37, New Street, Birmingham, 35, Lord
Street, Liverpool, and 18, Grafton Street, Dublin.

16mo. 1840.

BAYLEE, Joseph, Incumbent of Woodside, Cheshire.

An affectionate Address to the Society of Friends, upon
some of the views put forth in their Yearly Meeting's
epistle for this year, 1840.

STANSFIELD, Samuel, of Liverpool, afterwards of Kendal.

A Letter to Joseph Baylee, "Incumbent " of Woodside,
Cheshire, in Reply to his Address to the Society of Friends,




BAYLEE, Joseph,-continued.


upon some of the views put forth in their document, entitled,
A Testimony to the Authority of Christ in his Church,"
&c. Also against some of the corruptions of professing
Christendom. By Samuel Stansfield.

Liverpool: Thomas Hodgson, Lord Street.
London: Edmund Fry, Bishopsgate Street.

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BAYLEY, H., of London?

A Letter from a Churchman to a Quaker (George White-
head). .
12mo. 1721

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12mo. 1810. 11

BAYLY, Benjamin, Rector of St. James's, in Bristol.

An Essay on Inspiration. In Two Parts. (ANONYMOUS.) LONDON: Printed for John Wyat, at the Rose in St. Paul's Church-Yard 8vo. 1707. 231 Reprinted, entitled,-An ESSAY ON INSPIRATION. In Two Parts. The First, Shewing what Proofs are necessary for a Prophet's own Conviction, by which he may certainly know himself to be Inspir'd. The Second, Shewing what Proofs are necessary for him to produce, in order to satisfie and convince the World of the Reality of his Inspiration. By BENJAMIN BAYLY, M.A. Rector of St. James's in Bristol.

The Second Edition bery much Corrected and Enlarged.
LONDON: Printed by J. M. for John Wyat, at the Rose
in St. Paul's Church-Yard.
8vo. 1708. 271

Contents--The Lives of many Quakers, a strong Argument against their
being immediately and infallibly Inspired, as the Prophets or Apostles.-
Of ANTHOINETTE BOURIGNON, that she gives no solid or satisfactory
Proof of her Inspiration.-The Pertinency of Mr. KEITH's Reply to the
Quakers. Some Reflections on the Mystic Sect. The Inconsistency of
Opinions amongst the Quakers ought to be a clear Argument to them, that
they are not guided by a Divine and Infallible Spirit.-Of the Inspiration
of the Quakers.-The Antient Quakers made the Light within the superior
primary Rule of Faith and Practice.-The Absurd Consequences of this.—
&c., &c.

BECKHAM, Edward, D.D. Rector of Gayton-Thorpe in Norfolk.
(and others) A Brief DISCOVERY of some of the Blasphemous
and Seditious Principles and Practices of the People,
called QUAKERS: taken out of their Most Noted and
Approved Authors. Humbly Offered to the Consideration
of the King, and both Houses of Parliament. By

Edward Beckham, D.D. and Rector of

Hen. Meriton, Rector of Oxborow.
Lancaster Topcliffe, L.B. sometimes sen.
Fell. of Gon. & Caius Coll. Cambr.


(with a Postscript by FRANCIS BUGG)

London, Printed for John Harris at the Harrow in Little

4to. 1699. 4

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BECKHAM, Edward,-continued.

WHITEHEAD, George, of London.

The Three Norfolk Clergymen's Brief Discovery, &c.,-Modestly
observed to our Superiors.

London, Printed and sold by T. Sowle, in White-Hart-
Court, in Gracious Street, and at the Bible, in Leaden-

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another edition.

GOULDNEY, Henry, of London. (But ANON.)

A New Way of Reading the Bible according to the three Norfolk
Clergymen, Those Champions against the Quakers, Edward
Beckham, D.D. Henry Meriton, Rector, Lancaster Topcliffe;
Inferred from an Instance of Theirs, in a Book Entituled,
A Brief Discovery of some of the Blasphemous and seditious
Principles and Practices of the People called Quakers, &c.
4to. No Printer's name or place. [1699.]
PENN, Wm., Founder of Pennsylvania (anonymous). A Testimony
to the Truth of God, as held by the Quakers (answer to
Bugg, Leslie, Beckham, &c.
Reprinted.-2nd edition.

8vo. 1698.

Folio. 1699. Folio. No date.

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FIELD, John, of London. An Apology for the People, called
Quakers, and an appeal to the Inhabitants of Norfolk and

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London, Printed and sold by T. Sowle, in White-Hart-
Court, in Gracious Street.

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Some FEW of the QUAKERS many horrid Blasphemies,
Heresies, and their Bloody Treasonable Principles, Destruc-

London, Printed by Rich. Janeway, jun. on Addle
Hill, near Doctor's Commons, dc.


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WHITEHEAD, George, of London.

Truth and Innocency VINDICATED, and the People called QUAKERS
Defended, in Principle and Practice, against Invidious
Attempts and Calumnies. Being a just Examination of two
Books against the said People, Entituled, 1st, A Brief Dis-
covery, &c., by three Norfolk Priests. 2nd, Some few of the
Quakers many horrid Blasphemies, &c., being a Scandalous
Libel; Containing also many of the Repeated Abuses in
John Meriton's Antidote, and Francis Bugg's Pilgrim's Pro-
gress. Examined by G. Whitehead, a Servant of Christ.

London, Printed and sold by T. Sowle, in White-Hart-
Court in Gracious Street, and at the Bible in Leadenhall-
street. .

4to. 1699. 2

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1699. 3


4to. 1699. 21

The Quakers' Challenge made to the Norfolk Clergy, or a
Relation of a Conference between Some Clergy-Men of the
Church of England, and some Quakers, held (on the 8th
of December, 1698, in West-Dereham-Church) in the County
of Norfolk; together with those Letters which passed

4to. 1699. 10

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