BECKHAM, Edward-continued.

between them in order thereunto. To which is added a Certificate relateing to the Challenge. The Second Edition. London, Printed by H. Hills, for Edward Poole, at the half-Moon under the Royal Exchange, Cornhill. (Brit. Mus. 855. f. 9.



4to. 1699. 33

ASHBY, Richard, of Norfolk, and others, viz., Thomas Bonnet, John
Hubbard, John Fiddeman, Daniel Phillips, and Thomas

The DEFENCE of the People called QUAKERS: being a REPLY to a
Book lately published by certain Priests of the County of
Norfolk, under the pretended Title of The Quakers Challenge,
and containing some Brief and Modest Animadversions upon
the Book itself. Several Certificates, which Detect the errors
in those of West Dereham, and Clear the People called
Quakers of the said Challenge. The Letters that passed
between them and the Priests.

London, Printed and sold by T. Sowle, in White-Hart-
Court, in Gracious-Street, and at the Bible in Leaden-

4to. 1699. 7

J. (S.)

A Letter to the CLERGY of the Diocess of Norfolk and Suffolk,
wherein they are Desired to Challenge the Quakers once
more To Meet them in the Face of the Country, in Order to
Prove which of them are Christ's Ministers; which may be
done according to the Method herein laid down, with very
little Disputation and to the Great Satisfaction of the
Auditory. By a Member of the Church of England.

4to. No Printer's name, place, or date. The PRINCIPLES of the QUAKERS further shewn to be Blasphemous and Seditious, in a Reply to GEO. WHITEHEAD'S Answer to the Brief Discovery, stiled Truth and Innocency Vindicated.


EDWARD BECKHAM, D.D. Rector of Gay


HENRY MERITON, M.A. Rector of Or-

LANCASTER TOPCLIFFE, L.L.B. sometimes Norfolk.

Senior Fellow of Gonvil and Caius

College, in Cambridge, now Rector of

London, Printed for Brabazon Aylmer at the Three Pigeons
against the Royal Exchange in Cornhil

4to. 1700. 13

WHITEHEAD, George, of London.

Truth Prevalent; and the Quakers Discharged from the Norfolk
Rectors Furious Charge: in a Sober Answer to their Book,
Falsly stiled, The Principles of the Quakers further shewn to
be Blasphemous and Seditious; By these thus Remarked
Authors, viz. Edward Beckham, D.D. Rector of Gayton-Thorp,
Henry Meriton, M.A. Rector of Oxborough, Lancaster Top-


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BECKHAM, Edward,-continued.

cliffe, Rector of Hockwold; NORFOLK. Upon due examina-
tion Answered, by George Whitehead, a Servant of Christ.
London, Printed and sold by T. Sowle, in White Hart
Court, in Gracious-Street. .

A Certificate, of several Principal Inhabitants within the
Parishes of West-Dereham, and of other adjacent
Parishes, to obviate the false Reports given out by the
Quakers, &c. Signed by Will. Fenn, Will. Young,
Richd. Taylor, George Archer, John Smith, John Wright,
Thos. Wade, Thos. Complin, John Goddard, Thos. Ward,
Thos. Hubbard, Willm. Prick, Caleb Mayer, Grace Lam-
son, Mary Parke, Barth. Ramsey, Saml. Chicco, Wil.

4to. 1701. 251

BEDINGFIELD, Philip, of Burnham-Thorp in Norfolk. Stiles

himself Gentleman.

A LETTER to a QUAKER in NORFOLK, proving that WATER
BAPTISM is the Ordinance our Saviour (who came down
from Heaven to instruct us in the way thither) has
appointed for One of the Means of Salvation; without
which, according to the Terms of the Gospel, we cannot
enter into that Kingdom.

Norwich: Printed by Henry Cross-grove, and sold by J.
Carlot in Dove-Lane, and A. Bettesworth in Pater-
Noster-Row in London. [Price, Six Pence.]

8vo. [1730?] 24

ANONYMOUS, but supposed by EDMUND PECKOVER, of Wells in Nor-

The Answer unto the Letter written to a Quaker in Norfolk.
London: Printed and sold by John Darby in Bartholomew
Close, Arthur Bettesworth in Paternoster Row, John Clarke,
under the Royal Exchange; and James Carlos in Norwich.

Respecting this pamphlet see a note in my Catalogue of Friends' Books,
vol. i. p. 54.

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8vo. 1730. 3

A REPLY to the ANSWER unto the LETTER written to a
REPLY, and APPENDIX, all Robert Barclay's Arguments,
the Standard of the QUAKERS' Faith, are fairly drawn
forth, examined and confuted.

London: Printed and sold by John Darby in Bartholomew

Close, Arthur Bettesworth in Pater-noster-Row, John
Clarke under the Royal Exchange; and James Carlos
in Norwich.
8vo. 1780. 4
FORSTER, Josiah, of the Bishoprick of Durham, last of Tottenham.

A VINDICATION of the Doctrine of Baptism, as held by the People
called QUAKERS; in answer to Philip Bedingfield's Pamphlets,
especially that, called, A Letter to a Quaker in Norfolk :

BEDINGFIELD, Philip,-continued.

Wherein his Arguments for Water Baptism are Enervated:
His Mistaken Notions concerning the Baptism of the Spirit,
Detected: and his Exposition of sundry Texts of Scripture,
Refuted: Proving, That the Baptism with the Holy Spirit, is
the True Baptism of Christ; whereby every True Believer is
initiated into the Christian Church. With a Questionary
Postscript Directed to the Clergy.

London: Printed and sold by the Assigns of J. Sowle, at
the Bible in George-Yard, Lombard-street.

BELCHER, W. of London?

Intellectual Electricity, &c.

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8vo. 1732. 13

8vo. [1798.] 12


BELLINGHAM, Richard, of New England.

A Letter to persuade to Persecution, &c. Query, the title?
NAYLER, James, of Ardesloe, near Wakefield, Yorkshire.


Something in answer to two Letters sent from New England, to
some of England, to perswade to Persecution; one Letter
in the Name of Richard Billingham; and the other in the
Name of John Endicott, Governor of Boston. The 7th
Month, 1658."

In Nayler's Works (only) page 737. 8vo. 1716.

BENNETT, Philip, of Ulverston in Lancashire. One of the

Ejected Ministers.

A Paper directed to Richard
Friend, with Twenty queries.
having come to my hands.

Roper, and his Quaking
Query, the title? no copy

See the Queries in Burrough's Answer.
BURROUGH, Edward, of Underbarrow, in Westmoreland.

Answers to several QUERIES Put forth to the despised People,
called Quakers, by Philip Bennett, who cals himself a
Minister of Christ, but is found a Deceiver; answered by
them to whom they were directed. Also, Answers to several
other subtil QVERIES put forth by one JOHN REEVE, &C.
London, Printed for Giles Calvert, &c.
Reprinted in his Works, page 29.

A Looking Glass, &c.

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4to. 1654. 2

FOX, George, of Drayton in the Clay, Leicestershire.

The Great Mistery of the Great Whore unfolded, &c. (page 187).
Folio. 1659.

BENNET, Thomas, an English Divine, was born at Salisbury, in 1673, and educated at St. John's College, Cambridge, where he took his degrees in arts, and obtained a fellowship. In 1700 he was presented to the Rectory of St. James, Colchester, and about 1716 to the Vicarage of St. Giles, Cripplegate. He died in 1728. Dr. Bennet was a man of great learning, and an acute controversialist. His books are chiefly polemical.-Biog. Britt.

BENNET, Thomas,-continued.

A CONFUTATION of QUAKERISM; or a Plain Proof of the
Falshood of what the Principal Quaker Writers (especially
Mr. R. Barclay in his Apology and other Works) do
Teach, concerning The Necessity of Immediate Revelation
in order to a saving Christian Faith; the Being, Nature,
and Operation of the Pretended Universal Light Within;
its Striving with Men, moving them to Prayer, and call-
ing them to the Ministry; Regeneration, Sanctification,
Justification, Salvation, and Union with God; the Nature
of a Church; the Rule of Faith; Water Baptism; and
the Lord's Supper. Diverse Questions also concerning
Perfection, Christs' Satisfaction, the Judge of Controveries,
&c., are briefly stated and resolved. By THO. BENNET,
M.A., Rector of St. James, in Colchester, and late Fellow
of St. John's College, in Cambridge.

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Cambridge: Printed at the University Press, for Edmund
Jeffery, Bookseller in Cambridge, and James Knapton,
at the Crown, in St. Paul's Churchyard, London. 8vo. 1705. 21
Reprinted.-2nd Edition.

Cambridge: Printed at the University Press, for Edmund
Jeffery, Bookseller in Cambridge; and are to be sold by
James Knapton at the Crown in St. Paul's Church
Yard, London.
8vo. 1709. 21
Reprinted.-By THOMAS BENNET, D.D. late Vicar of St.
Giles's, Cripplegate.-The 3rd Edition.

London: Printed by M. J., and sold by A. Bettesworth
and C. Hitch at the Red Lion in Paternoster Row.

[ocr errors]

LINDLEY, Benjamin, of Yorkshire.

The NECESSITY of Immediate Rebelation, Towards the Foundation
and Ground of True Faith, proved; and the GOSPEL, its
True Ministers, and their Christian Writings, especially R.
Barclay's Apology, &c. vindicated: In Answer to the dark
attempts of Thomas Bennet against them; in his Nine first
Chapters, of his Pretended, Confutation of Quakerism. By

London: Printed and sold by J. Sowle, in White-Hart-
Court, in Gracious Street.
The NECESSITY of Immediate Revelation,-In an answer to the
dark attempts of Thomas Bennet against them, in his Seven-
teen last Chapters of his Pretended Confutation of Quakerism.
By Benjamin Lindley. THE SECOND PART.

London: Printed and sold by Philip Gwillim, in Austin
Fryars, near the Royal Exchange.

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8vo. 1733. 21

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4to. 1710. 17

4to. 1713. 211

A DISCOURSE of the Necessity of being BAPTIZ'D with Water,
and Receiving the LORD'S SUPPER; Taken out of the

BENNET, Thomas,-continued.

Rector of St. James's in Colchester, and late Fellow of St.
John's College in Cambridge.

Cambridge: Printed at the University Press, for Edmund

Jeffery, Bookseller in Cambridge. And are to be sold
by James Knapton at the Crown in St. Paul's Church
Yard, London. Price three Pence, or 20s. the hundred.

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12mo. 1707.

ARISTOBULUS, i.e. THOMAS WOOLSTON, of Sidney College, in Cam


A LETTER to the Reverend DR. BENNET, Rector of St. Giles Crip-
plegate, Upon this Question: Whether the People call'd
Quakers, do not the nearest, of any other Sect in Religion,
resemble the Primitive Christians in Principles and Practice?
Very necessary to be consider'd in this Age. By ARISTO-


N. N.

An ANSWER to Aristobulus's Two Letters to DR. BENNET: or, A
Vindication of the Orthodox and Learned Clergy of the Church
of England, from those Scurrilous and Scandalous Reflec-
tions he has cast on them. By a COUNTRY CURATE. (Ironical.)
London: Printed for M. Smith in Cornhill.

London: Printed for A. Moore, near St. Paul's. . 8vo. 1720. 41
A Second LETTER to the Reverend DR. BENNET, in Defence of the
Apostles and Primitive Fathers of the Church, for their
Allegorical Interpretation of the Law of Moses, against the
Ministers of the LETTER, and Literal Commentators of this
Age. By ARIstobulus.

London: Printed for A. Moore, near St. Paul's. (Price 18.)

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8vo. 1721. 21

Other Works by Thomas Bennet, viz.—

A Brief HISTORY of the Joint Use of Precompos'd Set
Forms of PRAYER; shewing I. That the Ancient Jews,
our Savior, his Apostles and the Primitive Christians,
never join'd in any Prayers but precompos'd Set Forms
only. II. That those precompos'd Set forms in which
they joyn'd, were such as the respective Congregations
were accustomed to, and thoroughly acquainted with.
III. That their practice warrants the Imposition of a
National Precompos'd Liturgy. To which is annex'd, A
DISCOURSE of the GIFT OF PRAYER, shewing, That what the
Dissenters mean by the Gift of Prayer, viz., a Faculty of
Conceiving Prayers Extempore, is not promised in Scripture.


8vo. 1721. 23

Cambridge: Printed at the University Press, for Edmund

Jeffery, Bookseller in Cambridge; and are to be sold by
James Knapton, at the Crown in St. Paul's Church
Yard, London.
8vo. 1708. 281

A DISCOURSE of JOINT Prayer; Shewing, I. What is meant

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