BOSSUET, James,-continued.

Majesty's Authority. Done into English from the Original
printed at Paris.

London, Printed for John Harris at the Harrow in Little
Britain, and
at the Cross-Keys and Bible in
Price One Shilling.


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(Brit. Mus. 56.1.18.)


BOULES, Edward,-see BOWLES.

BOURIGNON, Antonia, was born in 1616 at Lisle in Flanders, and died at Franeker in the Province of Frize in Holland, the 20th October, 1680, aged 64 years.

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Het licht des Weerelds, In een seer waerachtig Verbael van
eene Pellegrimme ANTHOINETTE BOURIGNON, Na't Eeuwig
Lane reisende; Aen den dach gebrage door CHRISTIAEN de
CORT, Directeur van't Eiland Noordstrant in't Hertogdom
Holstein, geweest Zijnde Overste van d'Oratoren, en
Pastoor van St. Jan, tot Mechelen. Uit het Frans na
sijn Hand-schrift vertaelt, en in drie stukken verdeelt :
Verdienende gelesen, verstaen, en wel in acht genomen te zijn,
van alle Persoonen begeerig om sich tet Godt te bekeeeren,
en hare saligheit uit te werken, EERSTE DEEL.

t'Amsterdam, by Pieter Arentsz. in de Beurs-straet, in de
drie Rapen, Anno 1671.
8vo. 1671. 22

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Small 8vo. 1698. 81

aen alle menschen die het aengaan mag, Tegen DE SECTE
der QUAKERS. Op hare ongefondeerde redenen en Laster-
ingen, die zy tegens haar hebben willen bewegen, door
Benjamin Furly, en andere Quakers; in een Tractaatje
geintituleert, Anthoinette Bourignon outdekt en haar-geest
geopenbaart; gedrukt in Amsterdam in t'Jaar, 1671.

Welke Lasteringen en quade Stellingen der Quakers, Klaar

lijk ten Toon gestelt zijn, door dit Advertissement. T'Amsterdam, By Pieter Arentz in de Beurs-Straat; in de drie Rapen, anno. 1672. 8vo. 1672. 27}

FURLY, Benjamin, of Colchester, afterwards of Rotterdam.
Anthoniette Bourignon ondeckt, &c. (Part by Stephen Crisp.)
Amsterdam, Printed.

See my Catalogue of Friends' Books, vol. 1, p. 827.

4to. 1671. 71

A WARNING against the QUAKERS: wherein the Errors of
that Sect are plainly detected; and the Authority of
Governours, both Civil and Ecclesiastical, fully vindicated.
Together with An Account of the Principles, Means, and
Characters of True Christianity and Regeneration in the

BOURIGNON, Antonia,-continued.

Done out of French. To which is prefix'd A Preface to
the English Reader.

London, Printed for R. Burrough and J. Baker, at the
Sun and Moon, in Cornhill.
8vo. 1708. 231

BARCLAY, Robert, jun. of Aberdeen.-Son of the Apologist.

A Modest and Serious ADDRESS to the well-meaning Followers
of ANTONIA BOURIGNON, upon occasion of the Trans-
lating and Publishing of Her WARNING against the QUAKERS,
and its Preface to the English Reader. By one of the afore-
said People, With a Letter from A. 1. (ANDREW JAFFRAY) to
Dr. G. G. (GEORge Gardne.) 4to. Printed in the Year, 1708. 4

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A CATALOGUE of the several Treatises written by Mrs.

Antonia Bourignon, comprised in Nineteen Volumes.

Vol. 1 contains an Apologetical Preface for Mrs. Ant. Bourignon's

Doctrine and Person.

Her Interiour Life

Her Exteriour Life by her self.

2. Mrs. A. Bourignon's Life continued by a Friend.

3. God's Call and Men's Refusal, in


A Treatise of the Solitary Life.

The Last Mercy of God.

4. The Light risen in Darkness, in 4 Parts.

5. The Funeral of false Divinity, 1st and 2nd Parts.

6. The Funeral of false Divinity, 3rd and 4th Parts.

7. The Light of the World, in 4 Parts.

8. The Academy of Learn'd Divines.

The Confusion of the Builders of Babel.
9. A Treatise of Solid Virtue, in 2 Parts.
10. A Warning against the Quakers.

The Persecutions of the Righteous.
11. The Testimony of the Truth. 1st Part.

12. A Collection of Testimonies given to Mrs. A. B. by many Per

sons of undoubted Credit and Veracity.

13. The Testimony of Truth, 2nd Part.

Innocence acknowledg'd, and Truth discover'd. 14. The Touch-stone.

The Morning-Star, with a Collection of divers Fragments. 15. The Blindness of Men now-a-days, in 2 Parts.

16. Anti-Christ discovered, in 3 Parts.

The Holy Perspective.

17. The Renovation of the Gospel Spirit, in 3 Parts.

18. The New Heaven and the New Earth.

The Stones of the New Jerusalem.

19. Sound Advices to all sorts of Persons. To which is annex'd,
The Illuminated J. Engelbert of the Three Estates.
Most of these Writings are translated from the Original French into

the High and Low-Dutch. Solid Virtue, Part I. The Touch-
stone, and The Renovation of the Gospel-Spirit, Part I. also
into Latin. The Light of the World, Solid Virtue, The Light
risen in Darkness, The Renovation of the Gospel-Spirit, A
Warning against the Quakers, The Persecutions of the

BOURIGNON, Antonia,-continued.

Righteous, The Academy of Learned Divines, and the Confusion of the Builders of Babel, into English." Mrs. Antonia Bourignon's Confession of Faith, publickly presented by her to the Court of Gottorp, to oppose the malicious Reports which some had industriously raised, to make the purity of her Doctrine and Sentiments be suspected.

I. I am Christian, and do believe all that a true Christian ought to

II. I am baptiz'd in the Catholick Church, in the Name of the Father,
in the Name of the Son, in the Name of the Holy Ghost.
III. I believe the Twelve Articles of the Creed, or the Apostles Symbol,
and don't doubt of any one Article of it.

IV. I believe that Jesus Christ is true God, and that He is also true
Man; and likewise that he is the Saviour aud Redeemer of the

V. I believe in the Gospel, in the Holy Prophets, and in all the Holy

Scriptures, both of the Old and New Testament.

And I will live and die in all the Points of this Faith, which I protest
before God and Men to all whom it may concern.

In testimony whereof, I have subscrib'd this my Confession with my
Hand, and seal'd it with my Seal.
At Sleswick, March
11, 1675.

[L. S.]

Ant. Bourignon. BOURNE, Immanuel, Pastor of the Church in Ashover in


A defence of the Scriptures, and the Holy Spirit speaking in them, as the chiefe Iudge of Controversies of Faith, and of the light in them, as needfull to be looked unto for direction to attaine Salvation: With a Vindication of that Honour due to Magistrates, Ministers, and others, according to their Places and Dignities. In a Relation of a Disputation at Chesterfield in the County of Darby, between some Ministers of the Gospell, and James Nayler an erring Quaker. The Questions disputed were these foure: 1. Whether the Spirit of God speaking in the Scripture, be the Chiefe Judge of Controversies of Faith? Affirmed by us Ministers of Christ. 2. Whether the private Spirit in the Pope, or in any Quaker, be the Chiefe Judge of Controversies? Denyed. 3. Whether every man be bound to looke to the light within him (as sufficient) for his direction to attaine Salvation? Denyed. 4. Whether it be lawfull to call any man Master or Father, upon earth, or to give any honour to man? Affirmed. In which, The Truth is confirmed, and the Quaker's Errors and Blasphemies discovered, and confuted, and many places of Scripture from the Quakers false applications, cleared, With some Animadversions upon a lying Relation, of that disputation,

BOURNE, Immanuel,-continued.

published by Iames Nayler. By Immanuel Bourne, Pastor
of the Church in Ashover in the County of DARBY.
London, Printed for John Wright at the King's Head in
the Old Bailey.
4to. 1656.

FOX, George, Founder of the Society of Friends.

Folio. 1659.

The Great MISTERY of the Great Whore unfolded, &c. (page 127.) A Defence and Justification of Ministers Maintenance by TYTHES. And of Infant-Baptism, Humane Learning, and the Sword of the Magistrate; which some ANABAPTISTS falsely call Four Sandy Pillars, and Popish Foundations of our Ministry and Churches. In which Tythes are proved to be due by Divine Right to the Ministers of the Gospel. All common Objections Answered, and divers cases of Conscience humbly proposed: with a light to clear them. In a REPLY to a Paper sent by some Anabaptists to IMMANUEL BOURNE, Late Pastor of the Church in Asheover in the County of Derby: now Preacher to the Congregation at Waltham in the County of Leicester. With a short ANSWER to Anthony Peirson's Great Case of Tythes, &c.

"Thou that abhorrest Idols, dost thou commit Sacriledge ?”—Rom. 2. 22.
London, Printed for John Allen, at the Rising Sun in
Paul's Church-yard.
Small 8vo. 1659.

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BOWLES, Edward, M.A.-was the Son of Oliver Bowles, of
Sutton in Bedfordshire. He was for some time Chaplain
to the Earl of Manchester, but upon the reduction of York
was constituted one of the 4 Ministers maintained by the
State in that City with honourable stipends.
He was
elected to the Vicarage of Leeds, April, 1661.-but,
through the favour of the times, Dr. John Lake (after-
wards Bishop of Chichester) was instituted into that
Vicarage. Mr. B. preached his course at the Minster on
the Wednesday Lecture, and once a month at Tadcaster,
where he was often set upon by the Quakers.- -Being
asked, in his last illness, what of Conformity he disliked?
he answered, "The whole." He died at the age of 49,
and was buried on the eve of Bartholomew-day, 1662.—
His person was tall and handsome; his deportment,
modest and obliging.-Palmer's Nonconformists' Memorial,
Vol. 2,
p. 580.

The DUTIE and DANGER of SWEARING: Opened in a
Sermon preached at YORK February 3, 1655, the day of
Swearing the Lord Maior. By Edward Bowles M.A.
Preacher of the Gospell there.




Zach. 5. 4.

And I will bring forth Curse, said the Lord of Hosts, and it shall
enter into the House of the Thief, and into the House of him
that sweareth falsly by my Name: and it shall remain in
the midst of his House, and shall consume it, with the
Timber thereof, and the Stones thereof.

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FOX, George, Founder of the Society of Friends.

The Great MISTERY of the Great Whore unfolded, &c. (page 178)

Folio. 1659.

4to. 1655. 3

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4to. 1655. 31


The Duty of consulting a Spiritual Guide, considered.
[About 1724.]


BOWNAS, Samuel, of Bridport in Dorsetshire, [but ANON]. Considerations on a pamphlet, entituled, "The Duty of consulting a SPIRITUAL GUIDE, considered; " Given and handed about to the Inhabitants of Martock, Long-Sutton, &c. and the Author's Popish Arguments refuted and detected. 8vo. Printed in the year, BOYSE, Joseph, a dissenting Minister, was born at Leeds in Yorkshire, in 1660, and educated first at Kendal in Westmoreland, and next at an Academy in Stepney. In 1683 he became joint Pastor with Dr. Daniel Williams of a Congregation at Dublin, where Mr. Boyse afterwards had Mr. Thomas Emlyn for a coadjutor, till a difference arose between them upon the doctrine of the Trinity. The conduct of Mr. Boyse on that occasion subjected him to much severe censure. He died in straitened circumstances in 1728. His works were published the same year in 2 vols. folio.-Gents. Magazine.

The WORKS of the Reverend and Learned Mr. Joseph
Boyse, of Dublin. Being a COMPLETE COLLECTION of all
the Discourses, Sermons, and other Tracts, Which have
been already Published.--In Two Volumes.

London: Printed for John Gray, at the Cross-Keys in the
Folio. 1728.

Note. At the end of this large work, are, "Some QUERIES offered to the
consideration of the People called QUAKERS, particularly of those in the
Queen's County.".
"-1 SHEET.

FULLER, Samuel, of Dublin. A Schoolmaster.

A Serious REPLY to Twelve sections of Abusive Queries, pro-
posed to the consideration of the People called QUAKERS;
concluding the Works of Joseph Bopse, yet alive, an Aged
and Eminent Preacher among the Presbyterians in Dublin,
1728. By Samuel Fuller, one of the People call'd Quakers.
Dublin: Printed and sold by Sam. Fuller, at the Globe and
Scales, in Meath-Street.


8vo. 1728. 91

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