BUNYAN, John,-continued.

hear them; to the end (if God will) that Truth may be
discovered thereby. By John Bunyan, Preacher of the
Gospel of CHRIST.

London, Printed for Matthias Cowley, Bookseller in New-
port, Anno Dom. 1657.
4to. 1657.

Note.-Prefixed to this book is a Recommendatory Epistle, signed by

Richard Spencely,
John Burton,
*John Child.

• This John Child, in the year 1684, hung himself.


Truth (the Strongest of all) Witnessed forth in the Spirit of
Truth against all Deceit: And pleading in Righteousnesse
its owne cause, to the understanding of the Simple, against
a very great number of Lyes, Slanders, perverting all the
Scriptures, Contradictions, and false (damnable) doctrines,
held forth by the INDEPENDENTS. And in particular by one
JOHN BUNION (one of Gog's Army) in two severall Bookes
put forth by him, against the despised scattered People
called Quakers. And is a Reply unto his second Book, called
A Vindication, &c.

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London: Printed for Giles Calvert, at the Black Spread
Eagle, near the West end of Pauls.
4to. 1657.

Reprinted in his Works, page 275.

FOX, George, Founder of the Society of Friends.

The Great MISTERY of the Great Whore unfolded, &c. (page 205)
(and page 8).
Folio. 1659.
The WORKS of that Eminent Servant of CHRIST, Mr. John
Bunyan, late MINISTER of the GOSPEL, and PASTOR of the
Congregation at BEDFORD. The First Volume. Containing
Ten of his Excellent manuscripts prepared for the Press
before his Death, never before Printed, and Ten of his
Choyce Books formerly printed, viz.:—


Books formerly Printed.

An Exposit. on the Ten first Chapt. of
of Gen.

Justification by Imputed Righteousness.
Paul's Departure and Crown.
Israel's Hope encouraged.

The Desires of the Righteous granted.
The Saints Priviledge and Profit.
Christ a Compleat Saviour in his In-

The Unsearchable Riches of Christ.
The House of the Forrest of Lebanon.

A Description of Antichrist and his

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Saved by Grace.

A Map of Salvation nnd Damnation.
Christian Behaviour.

Pray with the Spirit, and Under-

The Strait Gate.

Some Gospel Truths Opened.
Light for them in Darkness.
Instruction for the Ignorant.
The Holy City, New Jerusalem.
The Resurrection of the Dead.

Collected and Printed by the Procurement of his Church
and Friends, and by his own Approbation before his



BUNYAN, John,-continued.

Death: That these his Christian Ministerial Labours
may be preserved in the World: Together with A Large
Contents of the Whole. (With a Portrait.)

London, Printed, and are to be Sold by William Marshall
at the Bible in Newgate-street.
Folio. 1692. 155

, n.

Note. Quakers are referred to in this Volume, as under, viz. :—
Adam's six Conditions prove Quakerism not Gospel Doctrine, p. 11. n. 27.
William Pen a principal Quaker calls some Christians Satisfactionists,
p. 224, n. 102. That Quaker that denies Christ's two Natures, p. 637, n.
44. Of Quakers, p. 641, n. 2, 6, 36, 87, 50, 55, 57, 67, 65, 81. Of Quakers
Writings Concerning Christ, p.
Of Hypocrites called Quakers,
p. 652, n. 29, 82. Quakers own Christ only as he was before the World
began, p. 652, n. 30. Quakers Superstitious Conversation about 1656, p.
665, n. 41. Though Quakers have some power against sin, they are but
natural men, p. 665, n. 42. Of Mockers, Quakers against Christ in Heaven,
the Lord reward them, &c. p. 676, n. 57. A Quaker said that I preached
up an Idol, because I said the Son of Mary was in Heaven with the same
Body, p. 676, n. 57. Some Questions to the Quakers, dc., 4 ly, is that
crucified Jesus: 5 ly, the Christ of God yea or no: 6 ly, is he and his Body
within you? &c.: 7 ly, was he a real man? &c., hath he no Body but his
p. 686, n. 83.
Of Quakers Pretences, p. 742, n. 4. Quakers wicked reasons think Jesus
Christ not to be made Sin for us, p. 756, n. 40, 41. Quakers overthrow the
Gospel, p. 758, n. 44, 50. Jesus Christ could not suffer as he did but for
the sin of others, against Quakers Principles, p. 759, n. 45, 46. Objection,
he could not suffer for sin, because no false Judgment belongs to the Lord,
answered, p. 760, n. 47. Of the Object of Faith, p. 761, n. 49, The Name
Jesus none but those that must be damn'd must despise, p. 766, n. 60.
Those abominable Children of Hell, p. 768, n. 73. Blood, Blood of Christ
to save, p. 779, n. 81. Quakers Anathematized, p. 782, n. 87. The Quakers
denial of the Resurrection, carries six Errours with it, p. 844, n. 16. A hint
at Heretick Quakers, p. 848, n. 27. Question and Answer about my Faith,
p. 682, n. 67.

A Paper concerning a strange account at Cambridge. See

BLACKLEY, James, and others, of Cambridge.

A Lying Wonder discovered, &c.

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Note.-At page 29 of the above is, "The Quakers, their Errors."

BURGESS, (Doctor.)

The LIFE OF JOHN BUNYAN, written by Himself, and pub-
lished under the Title of "GRACE ABOUNDING TO THE CHIEF
OF SINNERS." With the addition of some particulars of his
examination before his Committal to Prison, and a con-
tinuation to the time he joined Good Christian in glory.

London: Samuel Bagster and Sons, 15, Paternoster Row.
8vo. 1845.

A Case concerning buying of Bishops Lands, &c.

4to. 1659. 1

FOX, George, Founder of the Society of Friends.

AN ANSWER to Dr. Burgess's his Book, entituled, A Case concern-
ing of buying Bishops Lands, &c., and about Tythes, &c.
London: Printed for Tho. Simmons, at the Bull and Mouth,
near Aldersgate.


4to. 1659. 5

BURNET, Gilbert, a celebrated Prelate, was born at Edinburgh in 1643. He received his education at Aberdeen, and in 1663 went over to Holland, where he studied Hebrew under a learned Jew. On his return he stopped at London, and was chosen a member of the Royal Society. He entered into Episcopal orders in 1665, and was presented to the living of Saltoun; but in 1669, he was appointed professor of divinity at Glasgow. In 1673, however, he settled in London, was made Chaplain to the King, Preacher at the Rolls, and Lecturer of St. Clements. At this time he engaged in writing the History of the Reformation, the first volume of which came out in 1679, and the author received the thanks of Parliament. The 2nd volume was published in 1681; but the 3rd did not appear till 1714.-In 1689, he was consecrated Bishop of Salisbury. He died March 1714-15, and was buried in the Church of St. James's, Clerkenwell.—Biog. Britt.

Bishop BURNET'S HISTORY of His Own Time. Vol. 1.
From the Restoration of King Charles II. To the Settle-
ment of King William and Queen Mary at the Revolu-
tion to which is prefixed A Summary Recapitulation of
Affairs in Church and State from King James I. to the
Restoration in the year 1660.

London: Printed for Thomas Ward in the Inner Temple
Folio. 1724.

Vol. II. From the Revolution to the Conclusion of the
Treaty of Peace at Utrecht, in the Reign of Queen ANNE.
To which is added, The AUTHOR'S Life, by the Editor.
London: Printed for the Editor, by Joseph Downing in
Bartholomew Close, and Henry Woodfall in the Strand.
Folio. 1734.

Reprinted in 6 vols. 8vo.


The same.

6 vols.
History of his Own Time; new and improved edition,
with Historical and Biographical Notes.

2 vols. Impl. 8vo. 1847.

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Oxford, at the Clarendon press, 1823.
Oxford, at the University press, 1833.

ARSCOTT, Alexander, Schoolmaster, of Bristol.

Some Considerations relating to the Present State of the Chris-
tian Religion. With an Appendix, containing some Remarks
on a Passage in the Second Volume of Bishop Burnet's
History of his own Times.-Part 3rd.

London: Printed and sold by the Assigns of J. Sowle, at
the Bible in George Yard, Lombard Street. . . 8vo.

1724. 81

BURNET, William, an Anabaptist.

The Capital Principles of the People called QUAKERS
Discovered and Stated out of their own WRITINGS, Both
as to what they own, and also as to what they disown.
All weighed in the Ballance, and found to repugne the
the Scriptures of Truth, and to be an eversion of the
Doctrine of Christ and his blessed Apostles; who walked
in his steps, and were as so many Oracles discovering
his secrets, according to Coloss. 1 25, 26, whose faith and
doctrine we ought to follow, Heb. 6, 12, and whatever is
found contrary thereunto, to withstand and contend
against, Jude 3. By WILLIAM BURNET, a Lover of Truth
and Peace.

4to. London, Printed in the Year, 1668.
Note. The concluding part consists of three pages in verse, as follows,
"The CONCLUSION being An Exhortation to keep close to the SCRIPTURES.'

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WHITEHEAD, George, of Orton, Westmoreland, last of London.

The LIGHT and LIFE of CHRIST WITHIN, and the Extent and

Efficacy thereof Demonstrated. And the Quakers Principles
Justified by the Scriptures of Truth, the Doctrine of Christ
and his Apostles, from the false and Blasphemous Construc-
tions put upon them by WILLIAM BURNET, in his book, stiled,
The Capital Principles of the people called Quakers. Herein
the rest of the Baptists that own him may see his Anti-
Christian spirit and doctrine-detected, &c.

4to. London, Printed in the Year, 1668.
Reprinted (with "The Christian Quaker.") 8vo. Philadelphia, 1823.

"A Serious Reflection upon some of Will. Burnet's Chief
Arguments, about the Resurrection of the SAME FLESH, in
his Book, stiled The Capital Principles of the People called
Quakers." In G. W.'s "Christian Quaker," page 338.

Folio. 1673.


BURREL, William, the author of the following paper says
therein that he had gone under the name of a Quaker
for this last 10 or 11 years.' It seems certain however
that he never did belong to the Society.
A Paper sent to the Quakers from W. B. Truth appearing
with an open Face, against Opposers and false Prophets.
William Burrel.

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BURT, Job.

A Dialogue between a Gentleman and a Tradesman,-
with a Supplement on Baptism.

4to. No Printer's name or place, [1676.]

"A Copy of that which was written at Houtle, the 12th Month of the Year
1676, at the place of my outward Being, nígh the Borders of Scotland, about
ten miles from Berwick, in Northumberland."




BURT, Job,-continued.

FORSTER, Josiah, of the Bishoprick of Durham, last of Tottenham.
The People called Quakers defended, and the Baptists Confuted,
being a Reply to Job Burt's pretended Answer, to R. B.'s
12th Proposition, and to a Book, intituled, A Vindication of
the Doctrine of Baptism, &c., to which is annex'd, an Appen-
dix, in answer to Oswald Edwards of Dublin his attempt
against the said Book, &c. In which reply and appendix,
their fallacious Reasoning is detected; their erroneous and
confused notion of Spiritual Baptism obviated; their repeated
contradictions and inconsistencies manifested; and the
Doctrine of Baptism, as held by the People called Quakers,
is further inforced and vindicated. By JOSIAH FORSTER.
London: Printed and sold by T. Sowle Raylton and Luke
Hinde, at the Bible, in George-yard, Lombard-street.

8vo. 1740.

BURTON, John, of Bedford, a Baptist Minister and Friend of

John Bunyan.

-An Epistle to "Some Gospel Truths opened, &c., by John

8vo. 1656.

Reprinted in Bunyan's Works

Folio. 1692. 4to. 1657,

-An Epistle to "A Vindication of the same.


BUTLER, Samuel, an English Poet, was the son of a Farmer at Strensham, in Worcestershire, and born there in 1612. He received his education at Worcester School. After the Restoration he became Secretary to the Earl of Carberry, who appointed him Steward of Ludlow Castle.-He died in London in 1680, and was buried in the Church-yard of St. Paul's, Covent Garden.-In 1721, Alderman Barber, the Printer, erected a Monument to his memory in Westminster-Abbey.

-Two Letters, one from John Audland, a Quaker, to W.
Prynne, the other William Prynne's Answer. By the
Author of Hudibras.
Folio. 1672.


Reprinted in the following.
-Posthumous Works In Prose and Verse, Written in the
time of the Civil wars and Reign of K. Charles II. by
Mr. Samuel Butler, Author of Hudibras. From Original
MSS. and Scarce and Valuable Pieces formerly printed.
With a Key to Hudibras, by Sir Roger L'Estrange.
London, Printed for R. Smith and G. Strahan at the Royal
Exchange, Jonas Brown Without Temple-Bar; and sold
by J. Morphew near Stationers-hall.

Small 12mo.

1715. 13 H



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