The Andes and the Amazon: Or, Across the Continent of South America

Harper & Brothers, 1870 - 356 pagina's
This work is the result of a scientific expedition to the equatorial Andes and the Amazon River under the auspices of the Smithsonian Institution.

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Pagina 40 - The day has passed delightfully. Delight itself, however, is a weak term to express the feelings of a naturalist who, for the first time, has wandered by himself in a Brazilian forest. The elegance of the grasses, the novelty of the parasitical plants, the beauty of the flowers, the glossy green of the foliage, but above all the general luxuriance of the vegetation, filled me with admiration.
Pagina 308 - The toucans, to be sure, might retort, to what purpose were gentlemen in Bond street created ? To what purpose were certain foolish, prating members of Parliament created...
Pagina 101 - If I might be allowed to abandon myself to the recollections of my own distant travels, I would instance, among the most striking scenes of nature, the calm sublimity of a tropical night...
Pagina 117 - A man's life would be too short to count even the centuries consumed in this operation. The coast of Peru has risen eighty feet since it felt the tread of Pizarro : supposing the Andes to have risen at this rate uniformly and without interruption, seventy thousand years must have elapsed before they reached their present altitude.
Pagina xii - Among the scenes which are deeply impressed on my mind, none exceed in sublimity the primeval forests undefaced by the hand of man ; whether those of Brazil, where the powers of Life are predominant, or those of Tierra del Fuego, where Death and Decay prevail.
Pagina 165 - A moment destroys the illusion of a whole life ; our deceptive faith in the repose of nature vanishes, and we feel transported, as it were, into a realm of unknown destructive forces.
Pagina 209 - ... unless we suppose the same species to have been created in two different places, we ought not to expect any closer similarity between the organic beings on the opposite sides of the Andes, than on the opposite shores of the ocean.
Pagina 73 - Go to the Senorita Fulana de Tal, and tell her that she is my heart and the dear little friend of my soul; tell her that I am dying for not having seen her, and ask her why she does not come to see me; tell her that I have been waiting for her more than a week, and that I send her my best respects and considerations; and ask her how she is, and how her husband is, and how her children are, and whether they are all well in the family; and tell her she is my little love, and ask her whether she will...
Pagina 199 - Tobacco, too, was among the products of this elevated region. Yet the Peruvians differed from every other Indian nation to whom it was known, by using it only for medicinal purposes, in the form of snuff.
Pagina 116 - to distant planets our earth must have shone with a green and delicate ray," he rubbed the picture out, and ushered in the hideous reptilian age, when monstrous saurians, footed, paddled, and winged, were the lords of this lower world. All the great mountain chains were at this time slumbering beneath the ocean. The city of New York was sure of its site ; but huge dinotheria wallowed in the mire where now stand the palaces of Paris, London, and Vienna. At length the morning breaks upon the last day...

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