Auf den ersten Blick: Graphic Design für den Alltag

L. Müller, 1 okt. 2001 - 149 pagina's
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Pierre Mendell's work is characterized by elements which are often missing in much contemporary graphic design: vibrancy, communicative force, poetry, and humor. His cultural posters and corporate design identities -- including his designs for Vitra and Siemens, for which he is probably best known -- are timeless yet contemporary. The success of his designs demonstrate that the strength of all graphic work depends on an overarching concept, not on current fads.Pierre Mendell: At First Sight aims to encourage designers to trust in the power of the idea and in the impact of simple forms, as well as to see their work as a cultural expression of the society in which we live.

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Pierre Mendell, geboren 1958. Studierte Graphic Design bei Armin Hofmann. Lebt und arbeitet seit 1961 in MA1/4nchen. Internationale Auszeichnungen und Ausstellungen.

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