But emulates the diamond's blaze, Whose cheek but mocks the peach's

bloom, Whose breath the hyacinth's perfume, Whose melting voice the warbling woodlark's

lays, Shall she be deem'd my rival ? Shall a

form Of elemental drofs, of mould'ring clay, Vie with these charms empyreal ? The

poor worm Shall prove

her contest vain, Life's little

day Shall pass, and she is gone : while I ap

pear Flush'd with the bloom of youth through

Heav'n's eternal year.

Know, Mortals, know, ere first ye sprung,
Ere first these orbs in æther hung,

I thone amid her heavenly throng,


beheld Creation’s day, This voice began the choral lay,


And taught Archangels their triumphant

fong, Pleas'd I survey'd bright Nature's gra

dual birth, Saw infant Light with kindling luftre spread, Soft vernal fragrance clothe the flow'ring

earth, And Ocean heave on its extended bed;

Saw the tall pine aspiring pierce the sky, The tawny lion ftalk, the rapid eagle fly.

Last, Man arose, erect in youthful grace, Heaven's hallow'd image stamp'd upon his face,

[giv'n, And, as he rose, the high behest was

" That I alone, of all the host of heav'n, • Should reign Protectress of the godlike

Youth :' Thus the Almighty spake : he fpake, and call'd me TRUTH.



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ELINDA now, whom thirst of fame

Burns to encounter two advent'rous Knights,
At Ombre fingly to decide their doom ;
And swells her breasts with conquests yet to


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Strait the three bands prepare in arms to join,
Each band the number of the sacred Nine.
Soon as the spreads her hand, th' aerial

Descend, and fit on each important card :
First Ariel perch'd upon a matadore,
Then each according to the rank he bore;
For Sylphs, yet mindful of their ancient

Are, as when Women, wond'rous fond of



Behold, four Kings in majefty reverd,
With hcary whiskers and a forky beard ;
And four fair Queens, whose hands suftain a

Th'expressive emblem of their softer pow'r;
Four Knaves in garbs succinct, a trusty band,
Caps on their heads, and halberts in their


And party-colour'd troops, a shining train, Drawn forth to combat on the velvet plain.

The skilful Nymph reviews her force with

care :

Let Spades be trumps ! the said, and

trumps they were.

Now move to war her fable Matadores,
In show like leaders of the swarthy Moors.
Spadillo firft, unconquerable Lord ! [board.
Led off two captive trumps, and fivept the
As inany more Manillio forc'd to yield,
And march'd a vi&tor from the verdant field.
Him Bafto follow'd, but his fare more hard
Gain'd but one trump, and one Plebeian card.
With his broad sabre next, a chief in years,
Thc hoary Majesty of Spades appears,
Puts forth one manly leg, to sight reveald,
The rest his many-colour'd robe conceal’d.
The rebel Knave, who dares his prince en-

Proyes the juft vi&tim of his royal rage,
Ev'n mighty Pam, that Kings and Queens

And mow'd down armies in the fights of Lu,
Sad chance of war, now deftitute of aid,
Falls undistinguish'd by the victor Spade !

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Thus far both armies to Belinda yield;
Now to the Baron fate inclines the field.
His warlike Amazon her host invades,
Th’imperial confort of the crown of Spades.
The Club's black tyrant first her victim dy'd,
Spite of his haughty mien, and barb'rous

pride :
What boots the regal circle on his head,
His giant limbs in ftate unweildy spread ;


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