But from mountain, dell, or stream,

Not a Autt'ring zephyr springs ; Fearful lest the noon-tide beam

Scorch it's soft, it's filken wings.

Not a leaf has leave to stir,

Nature's lullid-serene--and still ! Quiet e’en the shepherd's cur,

Sleeping on the heath-clad hill.

Languid is the landscape round,

Till the fresh-descending shower, Grateful to the thirsty ground,

Raises ev'ry fainting flower.

Now the hill-the hedge is green,

Now the warbler's chroats in tune; Blithsome is the verdant scene,

Brighten’d by the beams of Noon!

O'ER the heath the heifer strays

Free-(the furrow'd task is done ;)
Now the village windows blaze

Burnilh'd by the setting fun.

G 3


Now he sets behind the hill,

Sinking from a golden sky; Can the pencil's mimic skill

Copy the refulgent dye ?

Trudging as the ploughmen go,

(To the smoking hamlet bound) Giant-like their shadows grow,

Lengthen’d o'er the level ground.

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Where the rising forest spreads

Shelter for the lordly dome! To their high-built airy beds,

See the rocks returning home!

As the lark with vary'd tune,

Carols to the evening loud ; Mark the mill resplendent moon,

Breaking through a parted cloud !

Now the hermit howlet peeps

From the barn or twisted brake; And the blue mist slowly creeps,

Curling on the silver lake,


As the trout in speckled pride,

Playful from its bosom springs ; To the banks, a ruffled tide

Verges in successive rings.

Tripping through the hilken grafs,

O'er the path divided dale. Mark the rose-complexon’d-lass

With her well-pois’d milking pail !

Linnets with unnumber'd notes,

And the cuckow-bird with two, Tuning sweet their mellow throats, Bid the setting-fun adieu.


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A Receipt for Courtship. Two

WO or three dears, and two or three

sweets ;

Two or three balls, and two or three treats ;


Two or three ferenades, given as a lure ;
Two or three oaths how much they endure;
Two or three messages fent in one day ;
Two or three times led out from the play;
Two or three soft speeches made by the

way ;
Two or three tickets for two or three times;
Two or three love-letters writ all in rhymes;
Two or three months keeping strict to these

rules, Can never fail making a couple of fools.


The Editor's Wish.

ULL humble is my prayer 1 ween,
For humble I have always been :
Far from the wishes to be rich,
I ask not, for I need not much.
Give me, kind Fortune, give me clear, .
Two hundred sterling pounds a year!
Full humble is my prayer 1 ween,
For humble I have always been.

On the Prospect' of Death.
OTHOU unknown, Almighty Cause

Of all my hope and fear!
In whole dread Presence, ere an hour,
Perhaps I must

appear :

If I have wander'd in those paths

of life I ought to shun; As Something, loudly, in my breast,

Remonstrates I have done :

Thou know'ft that Thou hast formed me

With passions wild and strong; And lift'ning to their witching voice

Has often led me wrong.

Where human weakness has come short,

Or frailty stept aside, Do Thou, All-Good ! for such Thou art, In shades of darkness hide.


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