So shall each hill in purer green array'd, And flower adorn’d in new-born beauty glow; The grove shall smooth the horrors of the

shade, And streams and murmurs shall forget to

flow. Shine, Goddess, shine with unremitted ray, And gild (a second sun) with brighter beam

our day.

Labour with thee forgets his pain,
And aged Poverty can smile with thee,

If thou be nigh, Grief's hate is vain,
And weak th' uplifted arm of tyranny.

The morning opens on high
His universal eye;
And on the world doth pour

His glories in a golden shower.
Lo! Darkness treinbling 'fore the hostile

ray Shrinks to the cavern deep and wood forlorn : The brood obscene, that own her gloomy

sway, Troop in her rear, and fly th' approach of





Pale shivering ghosts, that dread th’all-cheer

ing light, Quick, as the lightning's flash, glide to

sepulchral night.

But whence the gladdening beam
That pours

his purple stream
O’er the long prospect wide ?
Tis Mirth. I see her fit
In majesty of light,

With Laughter at her side.
Bright-ey'd Fancy hovering near
Wide waves her glancing wing in air ;
And young Wit fings his pointed dart,
That guiltless strikes the willing heart.

Fear not now AMiction's power,
Fear not now wild Passion's rage,

Nor fear ye aught in evil hour, Save the tardy hand of Age. Now mirth hath heard the suppliant Poet's

prayer ; No cloud that rides the blast, shall vex the troubled air.



Independence. Hail! Independence, hail! Heaven's

next best gift, To that of life and an immortal foul ! The life of life ! that to the banquet high And sober meal gives taste; to the bow'd

roof Fair-dream'd repose, and to the cottage

charms. Of public Freedom, hail, thou secret Source! Whose streams from every quarter confluent

form My better Nile, that nurses human life. By rills from thee deduc'd, irriguous, fed, The private field looks gay, with Nature's

wealth Abundant flows, and blooms with each dem

light That nature craves. Its happy master there, The only Freeman, walks his pleasing round:


D 2

Sweet-featurd Peace attending ; fearless

Truth; Firm Refolution ; Goodness, blessing all That can rejoice ; Contentment, surest friend; And, still fresh stores from nature's book

deriv'd, Philofophy, companion ever-new. These chcer his rural, and sustain or fire, When into action callid, his busy hours. Mean-time true judging moderate desires, Oeconomy and Tafte, combin'd, direct His clear affairs, and from debauching fiends Secure his little kingdom. Nor can those Whom Fortune heaps, without these Vir

tues, reach That truce with pain, that animated ease That self-enjoyment springing from within ; That Independence, active, or retird, Which make the foundest bliss of man be.

low :

But, lost beneath the rubbish of their means, And drain’d by wants to Nature all un

known, A wandering, tasteless, gaily-wretched train,


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Tho' rich, are beggars, and tho' noble,


A Winter Piece.
T was a winter's evening, and fast came

down the snow,
And keenly o’er the wide heath the bitter

blast did blow, When a damsel all forlorn, quite bewilderd

in her way,

Prest her baby to her bosom, and sadly thus

did say:

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“ Oh cruel was my father, that shut his

door on me, And cruel was my mother, that such a figlit

could see,

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