ligence, and his own wealth shall increase-teach him benevolence, and his mind shall be exalted-teach him science, and his life shall be useful teach him religion, and his death. shall be happy!


Sonnet. On Conscience.

HAT form is that, so hateful to my

fight! With eyes so dull, and cheeks of yellow

hue ! It thrinks by day, and wanders in the night,

And fips of nothing but the mizzly dew.



Why lurks the monster ftill around my

head, To steal that sleep which pity would be

ftowi Why does the fiend thus harrass me in bed,

And whisper nothing but a tale of woe?

'Tis Conscience ! child of horror and dispair, The sting of man- the


of peace

! Tis that which fills the soul with bitter fear, And goads the hear, and bids its Aum

bers cease.

Strange mystery! that man, that coward

slave, Should sink beneath its weight, and live but

in the grave.



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To a Friend on his Wife's Birth

THO fad misfortune o'er thy youthful

Threw, for awhile, her melancholy shade,
Yet, let thy grateful heart with rapture say-

“ One bleffing far has every ill o'erpaid ;

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“ Still let this day be sacred held and dear,
“ That gave the world my best and firm-

est friend,
66 That bade Maria's pleasing form appear,
" On whom iny hopes, my life, my all

depend !")

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Blest is the man, whatever fate betide,

Whatever fame or fortune may decree, Who fafe from all the busy world, can hide

In one dear breast his joy and misery.

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This lot the favour'd sons of virtue know, Whose hearts are constant, and whose

minds are pure, Long on my friend, may heaven this bliss

bestow, From chance protect it, and froin change secure.


Alwin and Rena. ASK

SK you, why round yon hallow'd

grave The myrtle and the laurel bloom ? There sleep the lovely and the brave ;

Oh lhed a tear upon their tomb !

“ Oh! cease my love, these vain alarms !"

For war prepar’d, young Alwin said 6 For I must quit my Rena's arms

My bleeding country asks my aid !" *



66 Yes, 56 Yes, I will check this bursting figh;

“ Yes, I will check thefe flowing tears : " A smile shall brighten in my eye ;

My bosom shall dispel its fears !

“ You try, indeed, to force a smile,

“ Yet sorrows' drops bedew your cheek; “ You speak of peace-yet, ah! the while,

“ Your fighs will scarcely let you speak!

66 Go Alwin ! Rena bids thee go;

“ She bids thee seek the fields of death : " Go Alwin, rush amid the foe,

“ Go, and return with viêt'rys wreath !”

A thrilling blast the trumpet blew ;

The milk-white courser paw'd the ground: A mix'd delight young Alwin knew ;

While Rena fhudder'd at the sound.

Yet strove to check the rising fears,

Which now with double fury swell ; And, faintly smiling thro' her tears

She faulter'd out a long “ farewell!"


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