shalt look round upon all that is present with disgust; anticipate all that is future, with dread; and retain thy sensibility, only for pain and anguish. This time appears to thee, to be far diftant-but alas ! thou art deceived, it approaches with irrefistible rapidity, and is, therefore, at hand : that which draws near so fast, can never be remote ; and the present, for ever flying, is remote already ; even while we speak it is past, and it returns no more.

Let the prefent, therefore, be light in thy estimation; tread the path of virtue, however rugged, with perseverance, and fix thine eye up-. on futurity.


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Character of Cardinal Wolfey

19 Hafsan; or, the Camel Driver

"25 Conference between Achilles and Hec

tor, at the Time of that Engage-
ment, which proved fatal to the
last mentioned Hero

31 Maria

Page. Mara

33 Universal Order

49 Epigram on Quin and Foote

51 Dialogue between a Noblemari, &C. 53 Verses to Sir J. Reynolds and Co. 54 Bishop Corbet to his Son Vincent Corbet, two Years of Age

57 On Suicide


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Day. A Pastoral in Three Parts
A Receipt for Courtfhip
The Editor's Wifh
On the Prospect of Death
The Conclusion

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