Parliamentary Debates: Senate and House of Representatives, Volume 49

Printed and published for the Government of the Commonwealth of Australia by J. Kemp, 1909
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Pagina 383 - There shall be an Inter-State Commission, with such powers of adjudication and administration as The Parliament deems necessary for the execution and maintenance, within the Commonwealth, of the provisions of this Constitution relating to trade and commerce, and of all laws made thereunder.
Pagina 25 - The House expresses its firm conviction that, whenever the need arises, the Canadian people will be found ready and willing to make any sacrifice that is required, to give to the Imperial authorities the most loyal and hearty co-operation in every movement for the maintenance of the integrity and honour of the Empire.
Pagina 447 - Party should have as a definite object the Socialisation of the means of production, distribution, and exchange, to be controlled by a Democratic State in the interests of the entire community ; and the complete emancipation of Labour from the domination of Capitalism and Landlordism, with the establishment of social and economic equality between the sexes.
Pagina 25 - The House will cordially approve of any necessary expenditure designed to promote the speedy organization of a Canadian naval service in cooperation with and in close relation to the Imperial navy, along the lines suggested by the Admiralty at the last Imperial Conference, and in full sympathy with the view that the naval supremacy of Britain is essential to the security of commerce, the safety of the Empire and the peace of the world.
Pagina 73 - Woe unto them that join house to house, that lay field to field, till there be no place, that they may be placed alone in the midst of the earth...
Pagina 3 - The Governor-General may appoint such times for holding the sessions of the Parliament as he thinks fit, and may also from time to time, by proclamation or otherwise, prorogue the Parliament, and may in like manner dissolve the House of Representatives.
Pagina 342 - Commonwealth and its coasts. They now beg to offer to the Empire an Australian Dreadnought, or such addition to its naval strength as may be determined after consultation with Naval and Military Conference in London, at which they will be represented.
Pagina 167 - Last night the honorable member abandoned the finer resources of political assassination and resorted to the bludgeon of the cannibal. Having perhaps exhausted all the finer possibilities of the art, or desiring to exhibit his versatility in his execrable profession he came out and bludgeoned us in the open light of day. It was then that I heard from this side of the House some mention of Judas. I do not agree with that; it is not fair — to Judas, for whom there is this to be said, that he did...
Pagina 266 - That a message be sent to the House of Representatives requesting the House to return to the Senate the bill (H.
Pagina 125 - What a career his has been! In his hands, at various times, have rested the banners of every party in this country. He has proclaimed them all, he has held them all, he has betrayed them all...

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