(Opposite St. Paul's Church-yard, a few doors west of Broadway.)

"Book Catalogues are to men of letters what the compass and the lighthouse are to the mariner, the rail-road to the merchant, the telegraph wires to the editor, the digested index to the lawyer, the pharmacopoeia and the dispensatory to the physician, the sign-post to the traveller, the screw, the wedge, and the lever, to the mechanic; in short, they are the labor-saving machines, the concordances, of literature.". ..Western Memorabilia.

"I have friends whose society is delightful to me: they are persons of all countries, and of all ages; distinguished in war, in council, and in letters; easy to live with, always at my command. They come at my call, and return when I desire them. They are never out of humour, and they answer all my questions with readiness. Some present in review before me the events of past ages; others reveal to me the secrets of nature. These teach me how to live, and those how to die: these dispel my melancholy by their mirth, and amuse me by their sallies of wit; and some there are who prepare my soul to suffer every thing, to desire nothing, and to become thoroughly acquainted with itself. In a word, they open the door to all the arts and sciences. As a reward of such great services, they require only a corner of my little house, where they may be safely sheltered from the depredations of their enemies. In fine, I carry them with me into the fields, the silence of which suits them better than the business and tumults of cities."

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ADAMS, JOHN. President of the United States. Message relating to the affairs of the Mississippi Indians, Spain and the United States, with Documents and Letters. Pp. 91. 1798. Message of the President of the United States, James Monroe, with Letters and Documents on Spanish Affairs. Pp. 155. 1818. Message of the President of the United States relative to the Seminole War, with numerous Letters, by Andrew Jackson, A. Arbuthnot, R. C. Ambrister, and others. 1818. In 1 vol. 8vo. $275. Very rare.

This last is an account of the famous Florida campaign, which was like to have involved the United States in war with Great Britain. Lord Castlereagh told the American minister (Mr. Rush) that the feeling was so strong and the excitement so great in England, at the treatment of Arbuthnot and Ambrister, by General Jackson, that the holding up of his finger would have caused a declaration of war against America.

ADAMS, JOHN QUINCY. Report upon Weights and Measures. 8vo. pp. 245. $150. Philadelphia, 1821.

ADAMS, JOHN Q. Lectures on Rhetoric and Oratory. 2 vols. 8vo. calf, very neat. $300.


Cambridge, 1810. ADAMS, JOSIAH. The Genealogy of the Descendants of Richard Haven, of Lynn, Massachusetts, who emigrated from England about 200 years ago. 8vo. pp. 50. $100. Bost. 1843. ADAMS, HANNAH. A Dictionary of

all Religions and Religious Denominations. 8vo. $125. Boston, 1817. ALLEN, ETHAN. Memoirs of, by Hugh Moor. 12mo. 50 cts. Plattsburgh, N. Y. 1834. ALMANAC. New York Almanac, with Ephiemeries for the year 1765. 12mo. (Imperfect.) $1 50. Printed by Hugh Gaine. New York, 1765. ALEXANDER, A. A History of Colonization on the Western Coast of Africa. 8vo. pp. 659. Map. $1 50. Philadelphia, 1849. ALDEN, TIMOTHY. A Collection of American Epitaphs and Inscriptions. 5 vols. 18mo. $5 00. very scarce. New York, 1814.

AMERICA. The contest in, between Great Britain and France, with its consequences and importance. 8vo. pp. 244. very scarce. $3.00.

London, 1757. AMERICAN Journal of Education, 2 vols. 8vo. half bound in russia. pp. 768 and 768. $2 50. Boston, 1820-27. AMERICAN MEMORANDA. By a Mercantile Man during a short tour in the summer of 1843. (For private circulation.) 8vo. pp. 60. $1 50. Glasgow, 1844. AMERICAN QUESTION. The Dispute with America considered in a Series of Letters from a Cosmopolite. 8vo. pp. 218. 50 cts. London, 1812.

AMERICAN TRACT SOCIETY. Proceedings of a Public Deliberative Meeting, October, 1842-together with documents. 12mo. 50 cts. New York, 1843. AMERICAN MONTHLY MAGAZINE. The, and Critical Review. 4 vols. 8vo. bds. $7 00. New York, 1817-18. AMERICAN Biographical Sketch Book, by William Hunt. 8vo. pp. 408. Numerous Portraits. $1 50. Albany, 1848.

[blocks in formation]

Politics, and General Repository of Literature and State Papers. (Conducted by R. Walsh.) 4 vols. $5.00. Philadelphia, 1811-12. AMERICAN REVIEW, THE, and Literary Journal for the year 1800. 8vo. 75 cts. New York, 1801. AMERICAN WANDERER. Through various parts of Europe.


12mo. Dublin, 1783.

Vita e Let

tere di genteluomo Florentino Raccolte e Illustrate Dale Abate Angelo Maria Bandini. 4to. pp. 204. $2.50 Firenze, 1745.

AN ANNIVERSARY Sermon preached at Plymouth, Dec. 22, 1777, in grateful memory of the first landing of our pious New England Ancestors in that place, A. D., 1620. By Samuel West. 8vo. pp. 79.

Boston, 1778. ANBURY, THOMAS. Travels through the interior of America. Curious folding plates, and fac-similes of the Continental Money. 2 vols. 8vo. pp. 467 and 558. $3 00.

London, 1789. ASSOCIATE-REFORMED CHURCH. The Constitution and Standards of the Associate-Reformed Church in

North America. 8vo. pp. 603.
Very rare! $2 50.

New York, 1799. ASSOCIATE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, NEW YORK. All the Pamphlets, pro. and con., relating to the dispute in said Church. In all seven. Very rare. Bound in one vol. 8vo. $3 00.

N. York & Albany, V. D. ALTAS GEOGRAPHUS, or a complete system of Geography, Ancient and Modern. Illustrated with 100 Maps, besides numerous plates by the best Artists. 5 vols. to calf. $7 50. London, 1711.

The 5th volume of this work contains a very minute description of America, North and South-as then known-with maps of New France, New Scotland, and New Spain.

AUSTIN, WILLIAM. Letters from

London. 8vo. 75 cts. Bost. 1804 BAKER, GEORGE P. The Life of, with Sketches of some of his celebrated Speeches. By George J. Bryan. 12mo. pp. 215. 75 cts. (Portrait.) Buffalo, 1849, BALDWIN, WILLIAM. Relequiæ Baldwinianæ. Selections from the correspondence of-with occasional notes, and a short Biographical Memoir. By William Darlington, M. D. 12mo. pp. 346. Portrait. $1 00. Philadelphia, 1843. BANCROFT, AARON. An Essay on the Life of George Washington. 8vo. pp. 552. Portrait. $150.

Worcester, 1807. BANCROFT, GEORGE, (the historian). Oration delivered on the Fourth of July, 1826, at Northampton, Mass. 8vo. pp. 26. 50 cts. Very scarce. Northampton, 1826.

BANCROFT, GEORGE. History of the United States, from the Discovery of the American Continent. Fourteenth Edition. 4 vols. 8vo. pp. 481, 474, 485, and 467. Portraits. $7.00. Boston, 1850-52. BANKS, HENRY. A Memorial to the Congress of the United States, relative to Revolutionary Events. 12mo. pp. 71. 50 cts. Frankfort, Ky., 1827. BANVARD, JOSEPH. Plymouth and the Pilgrims; or incidents of adventures in the history of the First Settlers. 12mo. pp. 288. 75 cts. Plates. Boston, 1851. BARBER, J. W. Connecticut Historical Collection, relating to the History and Antiquities of every Town in Connecticut. With engravings. 8vo. pp. 568. $2 50. New-Haven, 1836. BARLOW, JOEL. The Columbiad: a Poem. With beautiful plates. 4to. pp. 456. $6 00. Published at $25 00. Philadelphia, 1807. BARHAM, WM. Description of Niagara, selected from various Travellers. With original additions. 8vo. pp. 180. $1 50. Gravesend. Sini Ana. BARROW, JOHN. A Chronological History of the Voyages into the Arctic Regions; undertaken chiefly

for the purpose of discovering a north-east and north-west passage between the Atlantic and Pacific. 8vo. Map. $200. London, 1818. BARRY, JOHN S. A Genealogical and Biographical Sketch of the Name and Family of Stetson, from the year 1634 to 1847. 8vo. pp. 116. $1 00. Boston, 1847. BATCHELDER, E. Border Adventures; or the Romantic Incidents of a New-England Town; and other Poems. 12mo. pp. 48. 50 cts.

Boston, 1851. Historical MeEpiscopal Charipp. 32. 38 cts. Boston, 1840. BEVERIDGE, JOHN. Epistolæ Famileares et Alia Quædam Miscellanea. Familiar Epistles, and other Miscellaneous Pieces; written originally in Latin verse, to which are now subjoined several translations by various hands. 8vo. pp. 88. $150.

BOYLE, ISAAC. An moir of the Boston table Society. 8vo.

Philadelphia, 1765. BELDEN, E. PORTER. New York, Past, Present, and Future; comprising a history of the City of New York, a description of its present condition, and an estimate of its future increase. 12mo. $1 00. New York, 1851. Voices of the


Press; a collection of Sketches, Essays, and Poems. By Practical Printers. 8vo. pp. 312 $1 00. N. York, 1850. Recollections BERRIAN, WILLIAM. of Departed Friends, or the Lives of Sixteen New York Citizens. 18mo. pp. 219. 63 cts. New York, 1850. BIGELOW, WILLIAM. History of the

Town of Natiek, Mass., from the

days of the Apostolic Elliot to 1830. 8vo. pp. 87. 50 cts. Boston, 1850. BINGHAM, HIRAM. A Residence of

Twenty-one years in the Sandwich Islands; or the Civil, Religious, and Political History of those Islands. 8vo. pp. 616. Map and plates. $2.00. Hartford, 1847. BIRD, JAMES. Machin; or the Discovery of Madeira. 8vo. London, 1821. BLACK HAWK. Life and Adventures of. By B. Drake. 12mo. pp. 288. 50 cts. Cincinnati, 1851.

BLAGAON, GEORGE. An Address delivered before the Pilgrim Society

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