Building Democratic Institutions: Governance Reform in Developing Countries

Kumarian Press, 2005 - 271 pagina's
* Brings together a wide variety of recent scholarship on democratization processes
* Draws from original case studies the world over, including Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Arab Region and Eastern Europe
* Written by a seasoned practitioner at the forefront of practice and theory

Building Democratic Institutions bridges the gap between theoretical literature and the actual tools and practices needed to strengthen or rebuild democratic institutions and reform governance systems. Through original case studies and contemporary examples of good practices of governance, Cheema clarifies the links between governance, democracy, and human development and assesses the conditions that make democracy work.

A senior Advisor on Governance working with the United Nations and an Adjunct Professor of Politics at New York University, Cheema displays in this book the depth of his experience as both theoretician and practitioner. He examines institutional designs and practices concerning such core issues as strengthening parliaments, electoral management bodies, and judicial systems; combating corruption; and reinventing governance in crisis situations. Undergraduates, graduate students, and professionals will gain from his insight into the value of inclusive democracy and the innovations that promote responsiveness and accountability for an able, free, and just society.

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Democracy Governance and Development
Elections and Democracy
Integrity in Governance Combating Corruption
Strengthening Parliamentary Process
Promoting Human Rights Through Inclusive Democracy
Democracy at the Grass Roots Through Decentralization
Globalization and Public Sector Management Capacity
Judicial Reform Improving Access to Justice
Governance in Crisis Situations
Sustaining Democracy Contextual Factors

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Over de auteur (2005)

G. Shabbir Cheema is Principal Adviser on Governance, Division for Public Administration and Development Management, United Nations. He is also visiting Fellow, The Ash Institute for Democratic Governance and Innovations, Harvard University. As a senior UN official for the past 15 years, including six years as the Director of Governance Division of UNDP, he provided leadership in crafting democratic governance and public administration programs at the country level. He also designed global research and training programs in electoral and parliamentary systems, human rights, transparency and accountability of government, urban management and decentralization.Dr. Cheema has authored and edited eight books and numerous book chapters and journal articles on governance and public administration. His books include Reinventing Government for the Twenty First Century: State Capacity in a Globalizing Society, co-editor (Kumarian Press 2003); Urban Shelter and Services: Public Policies and Management Approaches, author (Praeger 1987); and Decentralization and Development: Policy Implementation in Developing Countries, co-editor (Sage Publications 1984).

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