563 BAYLE (E.) et R. ZEILLER. Explication de la CARTE GEOLOGIQUE de la FRANCE, publiée par ordre de M. le Ministre des Travaux Publics. Tome IV. ATLAS. Première Partie-Fossiles principaux des Terrains par E. Bayle. Seconde Partie-Vegetaux Fossiles du Terrain Houiller. 2 vols., impl. 4to., with 176 fine plates; half morocco

Paris, 1878 564 BELLARDI (L.). I Molluschi dei Terreni Terziari del Piemonte e della Liguria. 3 vols., roy. 4to., with 36 plates; cloth Torino, 1872-82 565 BLANFORD (H. F.) The Fossil Cephalopoda of the Cretaceous Rocks of Southern India. (Belemnitide-Nautilida), folio, with 25 plates; sd. Geological Survey of India, 1861 566 BONAPARTE (Prince Roland). Le Glacier de l'Aletsch et le Lac de Märyelen. 4to., with 3 plates; sd. Paris, Imprimé pour l'auteur, 1889 567 [BOWERBANK. Fossils of the London Clay]. Roy. 8vo., plates by J. D. C. Sowerby; half calf ?1840

An important extract of 144 pp.

368 BROCCHI (G.) Conchologia Fossile Subapennina con Osservazioni
Geologiche Sugli Apennini e sul suolo adiacente. 2 vols., roy. 4to.,
with 16 plates of Fossil remains; calf gilt
Milano, 1814
569 BRONGNIART (A.) et A. G. DESMAREST. Histoire Naturelle des Crustacés
fossiles. Royal 4to., with 11 plates; bds., uncut
Paris, 1822


Histoire des VÉGÉTAUX FOSSILES. Tome premier. Roy. 4to., with 165 fine plates (some folding); bound in two half calf volumes; SCARCE Paris, 1828 A second volume though commenced, did not progress beyond the initial stages. 571 BUCH (Leopold von) Physicalische Beschreibung der Canarischen Inseln. Roy. 4to., bds. Berlin, 1825 1825


the same. Roy. 4to., half calf

Important for the Geology of these islands, though it also gives an account of the
Flora, Climate, etc.

573 Buvignier (A.) Statistique Géologique, Mineralogique et Paléontologique
du Département de la Meuse. 1 vol., 8vo., text sd. and 1 vol. folio,
atlas, containing 32 plates representing numerous paleontological
specimens; bds.
Paris, 1852
574 CHAMBERS (R.) Ancient Sea-Margins as Memorials of Changes in the
Relative Level of Sea and Land. 8vo., map and illustrations; cloth
Edinburgh, 1848
575 CHAPUIS (F) et G. DEWALQUE. Description des Fossiles des Terrains
Secondaires de la Province de Luxembourg-Nouvelles Recherches
sur les Fossiles des Terrains Secondaires de la Province de Luxem-
bourg-2 vols. in 1, 4to., with 58 plates; hf. calf neat

Bruxelles, 1853-58 576 CORDA (A. G.) Beiträge zur Flora der Vorwelt. Folio, with 60 plates containing innumerable figures; half calf Prag. 1845 577 COTTA (C. B.). Die Dendrolithen in Beziehung auf ihren inneren Bau. 4to., with 20 plates, some additional plates and drawings inserted; hf. bd. Dresden und Leipzig, 1832 578 CROIZET et JOBERT. Recherches sur les Ossemens Fossiles du Departement du Puy-de-Dome. Roy. 4to., with 57 plates; half calf Paris, 1828 579 CROLL (J.) Climate and Time in their Geological Relations, a Theory of Secular Changes of the Earth's Climate. 8vo., pp. xvii and 577 (pub. 248); cloth


580 DANA (J. D.) U. S. EXPLORING EXPEDITION, 1838-42. GEOLOGY. Roy. 4to., Text, pp. xii and 156 with maps and numerous woodcuts; and impl. folio Atlas, containing 21 fine plates; cloth; RARE

New York (1849) Forming the 10th volume of the United States Exploring Expedition 1838-42, under the command of Charles Wilkes.

[blocks in formation]

581 DAWSON (Sir J. W.). The Geology of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island, or Acadian Geology. Fourth Edition, with Two Supplements. Impl. 8vo., pp. xxvi, 694, 103, 37, with map and illustrations; cloth 1891

The Canadian Ice Age, being notes on the Pleistocene Geology of Canada. 8vo., su. Montreal, 1893 583 DEECKE (W.). Die Foraminiferenfauna der Zone des Stephanoceras Humphresianum im Unter-Elsass. With 2 plates. Strassburg, 1884CHAPUIS (F.). Nouvelles Recherches sur les Fossiles des Terrains secondaires de la Province de Luxembourg. Première Partie. With 20 plates. 1858-MOSELEY (H. N.). On the Structure and Relations of the Alcyonarian Heliopora cærulea, with some Account of the Anatomy of a Species of Sarcophyton, Notes on the Structure of Species of the Genera Millepora, Pocillopora, and Stylaster, and Remarks on the Affinities of certain Palæozoic Corals. With 2 plates. 1875-MOSELEY. On the Structure of a Species of Millepora occurring at Tahiti, Society Islands. With 2 plates. 1876-MOSELEY. On the Structure of the Stylasterida. With 11 plates. 1878-GREGORIO (A. de). Coralli Giuresi di Sicilia-GREGORIO. Nota intorno a taluni Fossili di Monte Erice. With 2 plates. 1886-GREGORIO. Fossili dei Giura-Lias (Alpiniano de Greg). With 2 plates. 1885-REUSS (A. E.). Die Bryozen, Anthozoen und Spongiaren des braunen Jura von Balin bei Krakau. With 4 plates. 1867-KÜBLER (J.). Die Foraminiferen des scheweiz Jura. With 4 plates. 1870-in 1 vol., roy. 4to., half calf neat, lettered" Moseley, etc." 1858-86


584 DIXON (F.). The Geology and Fossils of the Tertiary and Cretaceous. Formations of Sussex. Impl. 4to., with 3 coloured, and 42 plain plates;




the same. Impl. 4to., calf gilt, uncut the same. New Edition by T. Rupert Jones. plates; cloth 587 D'ORBIGNY (A.). Cours Élémentaire de Paléontologie et de Géologie stratigraphiques. 2 vols. in 1, cr. 8vo., and 1 vol., 4to., half calf and sd. Paris, 1849-52 588 DRAPARNAUD (J. P. R.) Histoire Naturelle des Mollusques Terrestres et Fluviatiles de la France. With 13 plates. (1805)-LAMARCK (M. de) Recueil des Coquilles Fossiles des Environs de Paris. With 30 plates. 1823-in one vol., 4to., half calf Paris, (1805)-1823 589 DUNKER und MEYER. PALAEONTOGRAPHICA. Beiträge zur Naturgeschichte der Vorwelt. Herausgegeben von W. Dunker und H. von Meyer. Vols. I-XIV part 4, and XV part 1 (without XII parts 5 and 6), roy. 4to., with upwards of 650 fine plates, some coloured; six vols. in half calf, the rest in parts Cassel, 1851-65 590 EUDES-DESLONGCHAMPS (E.). Le Jura Normand. Etudes Paléontologiques des divers Niveaux Jurassiques de la Normandie. Livraisons Ï—II, impl. 4to., 17 plates; in parts (pub. 40 fr.) Paris, 1877-78 591 FALCONER (Hugh) and Sir P. T. CAUTLEY. FAUNA ANTIQUA SIVALENSIS, being the Fossil Zoology of the Sewalik Hills in the NORTH of INDIA. 9 pts. large folio, with 107 plates by FORD, representing in many cases the fossils of the natural size, 1846-49-the same, LETTERPRESS, pt. 1 (all issued), roy. 8vo., 1846-together 2 vols. (published at £10), in parts






Impl. 4to., with 64
Brighton, 1878

the same. 2 vols., the folio volume in half red morocco, the royal
8vo. part sd.

the same.
2 vols. the folio volume in dark crimson morocco super
extra, gilt edges, the royal 8vo. part sd.

£ s.

0 16

0 4

3 0

1 4

1 12

2 15


0 10

9 0

0 18

1 10

2 5

3 10


Paleontological Memoirs and Notes of the late Hugh
FALCONER. Compiled and edited by Charles MURCHISON. 2 vols..
8vo., with portrait and 72 plates; half calf


Topley's Geology of the Weald 1875
Newton's Vertebrats of the Forest Bed
Series of Norfolk and Suffolk 1882

Forbes' Tertiary Fluvis- Marine Forma-

tion of the Isle of Wight


605 Geological Survey of India. A set of the publications, comprising the
beginning in 1859 to 1891, and forming 61 vols., royal 8vo., and folio,
with many hundreds of fine plates and maps (original subscription price
in India about £40), a few vols. bound, the rest as published, SCARCE
Calcutta, 1859-97 26 0


MEMOIRS of the Geological Survey of India, vols. I—XXII, 1859-83; Index to

the first twenty vols., 1892.

RECORDS of the Geological Survey of India, vols. I-XIX and XX, parts 1 and 2,

1868-87; and Index to the first twenty vols., 1891.

PALEONTOLOGIA INDICA: Figures and descriptions of Organic Remains,

published in series by Thomas OLDHAM :
Series I, III, V, VI and VIII:
INDIA. 4 vols., with 323 plates 1861-73

Series II, XI and XII: FOSSIL


4 vols., with 197 plates



with 60 plates



Vol. I, 5 parts, with 26





5 parts, with 46 plates; vol. II, 6 parts,

with 45 plates; vol. III, 8 parts in 7,

with 37 plates; vol. IV, 3 paris, with

13 plates


INDEX to the Genera and Species described in the Paleontologia Indica up to the
year 1891. By W. THEOBALD.

606 GEYER (C.). Über die Liasischen Cephalopoden des Hierlotz bei Hallstatt.

Impl. 4to., 4 plates; sd. (pub. 7 fl.)

Wien, 1886

607 GÖPPERT (H. R.) Die Fossilen Farrnkränter. 4to., with 44 tinted plates,

hf. bd.

Breslau, 1836

und G. C. BERENDT, Der Bernstein und die in ihm befindlichen

Pflanzenreste der Vorwelt. Folio, with 7 plates containing a large

number of coloured figures of organic remains in amber; hf. russia

Berlin, 1845

609 HAAS (H.) und C. PETRI. Die Brachiopoden der Juraformation von

Elsass-Lothringen. 1 vol., impl. 8vo., and 1 vol., roy. 4to., with 18

plates containing many figures; half calf neat

610 HAWORTH (E.) The University Geological Survey of Kansas.

8vo., with numerous maps and illustrations; cloth

Strassburg, 1882

Vol. II, roy.

Topeka, 1897

611 HEER (O.). FLORA TERTIARIA HELVETIÆ. Die tertiäre Flora

der SCHWEIZ. 3 vols., folio, with 157 lithographic plates; cloth (pub.

at £9)

Winterthur, 1855-59

Recherches sur le Climat et la Végétation du Pays tertiare,
traduction de C. T. Gaudin. Impl. 4to., bds.
Winterthur, 1861


7 vols., roy. 4to., with 400 plates containing thousands of coloured figures;

as issued

Zürich, 1868-83

614 HENWOOD (William Jory). Observations on Metalliferous Deposits.

1 vol. in 2, thick 8vo., with large plates and numerous folding tables;


Geolog. Soc. of Cornwall, 1871

The Metalliferous Deposits of Cornwall and Devon; with

Appendices on Subterranean Temperature, Electricity of Rocks and

Veins, Water in the Cornish Mines, Mining Statistics. 8vo., 512 pp.,

with 13 plates and 114 tables; bds. or calf

Penzance, 1843

616 HILL (J.). A General Natural History. [Vol. I, The History of Fossils].

Folio, with finely engraved plates; in old red morocco, with dentelle

borders, centrepieces on sides, gilt back, gilt edges

1748 1



617 HINDE (G. J.).

Fossil Sponge Spicules from the Upper Chalk. Found

in the interior of single flint-stone from Horstead in Norfolk.

8vo., with 5 plates; sd.
Munich, 1880

618 HÖRNES (M.). Die FOSSILEN MOLLUSKEN des Tertiær-Beckens von Wien.
2 vols., atlas 4to., with map and 137 plates; half calf Wien, 1856-1870
Issued as the third (Gasteropoda) and fourth (Conchifera) vols. of the
“Abhandlungen der K. K. Geologischen Reichsanstalt."

Auckland, 1864

620 HOWORTH (H. H.) The Mammoth and the Flood. An Attempt to con-
front the Theory of Uniformity with the Facts of recent Geology.
8vo., pp. xxxii, 464 (pub. 18s), cloth
621 HULL (E.) Contributions to the Physical History of the British Isles, with
a dissertation on the Origin of Western Europe, and of the Atlantic
Ocean. 8vo., with 27 coloured maps; cloth


623 HUTTON (F. W.) and
Fields of Otago.

Autograph presentation copy from the author.

G. H. F. ULRICH. Report on the Geology and Gold
Svo., with map and plates, cloth Dunedin, N. Z. 1875
Contains a list of the Fauna of Otago.

624 IOWA GEOLOGICAL SURVEY. Vois. III, V, VI, and VII, royal 8vo., with
numerous plates and geological maps; sewed
Des Moines, 1895-7

Containing the Annual Reports for 1893, 1895 and 1896; and the Report on Lead
and Zinc, Artesian Wells, etc.

625 JARDINE (Sir W.). The Ichnology of Annandale; or, Illustrations of

Footmarks impressed on the New Red Sandstone. Atlas folio, coloured

plates; bds.

626 JOHNSTON (R. M.). Systematic Account of the Geology of Tasmania.

Roy. 4to., with many illustrations; half calf
Hobart, 1888

627 KEYES (C. R.). Paleontology of Missouri. 2 vols., impl. 8vo., with
numerous plates and illustrations in the text; cloth Jefferson City, 1894
628 KLEIN (Jacobi Theodori). Specimen Descriptionis Petrefactorum
Gedanensium, cum Syllabo Tabularum. Folio, with 24 coloured plates;
the text in Latin and German; russia gilt

Nürnberg, 1770

Folio, with 23

6:29 KOKEN (E.) Die Gastropoden der Trias um Hallstatt.

fine lithographed plates of paleontological specimens (pub. £2. 8s); sd.

Wien, 1897

630 KONINCK (L. de). Description des Animaux Fossiles qui se trouvent dans
le Terrain Carbonifère de Belgique. 2 vols., roy. 4to., with 55 fine
plates; tree-marbled calf extra, gilt edges
Liège, 1842-44
A supplement with about six plates was published in 1854.


631 PALEONTOLOGIA ARGENTINA, I. Catalogo de los Pajaros Fosiles de la

Republica Argentina, conservados en el Museo de La Plata; por F. P.

Moreno y A. Mercerat. Folio, with 21 plates representing some hundreds

of figures; in portfolio


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