A New and General Biographical Dictionary: Containing an ... Account of the Lives and Writings of the Most Eminent Persons in Every Nation in the World, Particularly the British and Irish ...

The Proprietors, 1795

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Pagina 16 - ... the water, and went away, and carried the keys with him. So when the fire broke out next morning, they opened the pipes in the streets to find water, but there was none.
Pagina 191 - His charity was remarkable. It was always his defire to die juft even with the world, and to be, as he called it, his own executor. His fund almoft expired with his life : what little remained, he defired might be given in warm cloathing to the poor in that fcvere feafon.
Pagina 16 - Clarendon, and said he could raise that estate considerably, if she would make him a trustee for •her. His schemes were probable; and he was made one of the board that governed that matter, and by that he 'had a right to come as often as he pleased to view their 'works at Islington. He went thither the Saturday before the fire broke out, and called for the key...
Pagina 139 - December of the same year he attended as chaplain the duke of Richmond and earl of Southampton ; who were sent to London by Charles I. with terms of peace and accommodation to the parliament ; and when a treaty was appointed at Uxbridge, he appeared there as one of the divines on the king's side, where he managed, greatly to his honour, a dispute with Richard Vines, one of the presbyterian ministers sent by the parliament.
Pagina 60 - But the pomp and splendor attending their nuptials was the last gleam of joy that shone in the palace of Edward, who grew so weak in a few days after, that Northumberland thought it high time to carry his project into execution. Accordingly, in the beginning of June, he broke the matter to the young monarch ; and, having first made all such...
Pagina 107 - The maid, while her master was out, innocently looking on the paviours at work, saw a broken place they had not repaired, and mentioned it to them ; but they told her that Mr. Guy had directed them not to go so far. " Well," says she, " do you mend it : tell him I bade you, and I know he will not be angry.
Pagina 470 - The following year, the bishop gave him the living of Cuckstone, in Kent, on which he resigned his fellowship, left Oxford, and settled at Cuckstone ; but the unhealthiness of that place having thrown him into an ague, he exchanged it soon after for Norton, a benefice of less value, but in a better air.
Pagina 60 - He directed letters to the lady Mary in her brother's name, requiring her attendance at Greenwich, where the court then was; and she had got within half a day's journey of...
Pagina 340 - ... thofe parts, whom he bre.d up in the doftrine of the Church of England, treating- them like an intimate friend rather than a mafter, and comforting them with hopes of better times. But this could not pafs long without being obferved by the Parliament party, who grew fo jealous, that they were refolved to put a ftop to it : and, as the moft effectual means of difperfing the fcholars, the mafter was feized by fome foldiers quartered in thofe parts ; and, being fent to prifon, was indicated at the...
Pagina 146 - Jonas was put to fchool by his mother, in London, where he learned writing and accounts, and made fome proficiency in Latin. At the age of feventeen he went to Lifbon, where he arrived in June 1729.

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