Historical and Descriptive Account of British India, from the Most Remote Period to the Present Time: Including a Narrative of the Early Portuguese and English Voyages, the Revolutions in the Mogul Empire, and the ... Establishment of the British Power, Volume 1

J. & J. Harper, 1832

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Pagina 277 - Its capital, bordering on the Delta of the Coleroon and the Cavery, is wealthy and splendid, adorned with a pagoda, which eclipses in magnificence all other structures in the south of India ; and exceeding, in the number of its sacred buildings and charitable institutions, all the neighbouring provinces.
Pagina 127 - In six days, however, a charge was raised against the adventurers by Michael Stropene, an Italian, jealous of rivals in a trade which he himself had found very lucrative ; whereupon both Newbery and his companion Fitch were arrested and thrown into prison. The former writes in considerable dismay to his associates at Bassora, saying — " It may be that they will cut our throats, or keep us long in prison, — God's will be done.
Pagina 129 - Many of them are black and have claws of brass with long nails, and some ride upon peacocks and other fowls which be evil favoured, with long hawk's bills, some with one thing and some with another, but none with a good face. They be black and evil favoured, their mouths monstrous, their ears gilded and full of jewels ; their teeth and eyes of gold, silver, and glass.
Pagina 254 - The instant which has passed in power hath left only sorrow behind it. I have not been the guardian and protector of the empire. My valuable time has been passed vainly. I had a patron in my own dwelling (conscience), but his glorious light was unseen by my dim sight.
Pagina 17 - It has all along appeared to the imagination of the Western World as adorned with whatever is most splendid and gorgeous ; glittering as it were with gold and gems, and redolent of fragrant and delicious odours. Though there be in these magnificent conceptions something romantic and illusory, still India forms unquestionably one of the most remarkable regions that exist on the surface of the globe. The varied grandeur of its scenery, and the rich productions of its soil, are scarcely equalled in...