A Short Visit to the Ionian Islands, Athens, and the Morea

J. Murray, 1837 - 399 pagina's

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Pagina 214 - By the sea's margin, on the watery strand, Thy monument, Themistocles, shall stand. By this directed to thy native shore, The merchant shall convey his freighted store; And when our fleets are summon'd to the fight, Athens shall conquer with thy tomb in sight.
Pagina 60 - All press to speak, all question with their eyes. What hands unseen the rapid bark restrain! And yet it swims, or seems to swim, the main! Thus they, unconscious of the deed divine; Till great Alcinous, rising, own'd the sign.
Pagina 259 - Before great Agamemnon reign'd, Reign'd kings as great as he, and brave, Whose huge ambition's now contain'd In the small compass of a grave : In endless night they sleep, unwept, unknown : No bard had they to make all time their own.
Pagina 61 - Phaeacia cross'd the vast profound. Swift as a swallow sweeps the liquid way, The winged pinnace shot along the sea. The god arrests her with a sudden stroke, And roots her down an everlasting rock. Aghast the Scherians stand in deep surprise; All press to speak, all question with their eyes. What hands unseen the rapid bark restrain! And yet it swims, or seems to swim, the main!
Pagina 172 - Sometimes, misguided by the tuneful throng, I look for streams immortalized in Song, That lost in silence and oblivion lie (Dumb are their fountains, and their channels dry): Yet run for ever, by the Muses' skill; And in the smooth description murmur still!
Pagina 68 - Here a rich juice the royal vineyard pours; And there the garden yields a waste of flowers. Hence lies the town, as far as to the ear Floats a strong shout...
Pagina 47 - The coursers for the champaign sports, retain; That gift our barren rocks will render vain: Horrid with cliffs, our meagre land allows Thin herbage for the mountain goat to browze, But neither mead nor plain supplies, to feed The sprightly courser, or indulge his speed: To sea-surrounded realms the Gods assign Small tract of fertile lawn, the least to mine.
Pagina 51 - ... the planet Jupiter shining in all his glory, with his satellites around him. On the following morning I first set my foot in Corfu. It was indeed a lovely morning, and everything appeared fresh and gay to those who had been shut up so long at sea. The approach to Corfu is beautiful in the extreme ; the opposite coast of Albania, the fortifications of the island of Vido, the citadel of Corfu — built on two precipitous rocks, running out into the sea — the palace of the Lord High Commissioner,...
Pagina 257 - Standing opposite to it, I could hardly believe it possible that it had existed for so many ages, notwithstanding all the combined assaults of war and time. In its immediate neighbourhood the walls are still entire, as well as in many other parts of the city : the lions, which are rampant, resting their forelegs against a low pillar, are, with the exception of their heads, perfect, though in the rudest style of sculpture. ' From the spot where we stood the scene was full of interest — we were exceedingly...
Pagina 144 - These excavations may, it is to be hoped, lay hare the foundations or bases of some of those numerous temples and monuments, and perhaps discover even some of the innumerable statues, which we are told existed in former times on a spot, peopled, if I may use the expression, with the gods and heroes of Athenian mythology and history. We read, that after an extensive spoliation by Nero, three thousand statues still remained in the Acropolis. Perhaps the most valuable of all, that of Pericles himself,...

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