Dodging Angels on Saturday: Or why Being a Theologian in the Twentieth Century Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

ATF Press, 2005 - 171 pagina's
Of many surprising experiences that life has brought, two stand out for me - God and children. Neither turned out to be anything like I had been lead to expect. God was big in my family of origin; big enough to lure me into a life of faith. But I hardly knew what I was getting into. Then I married and had two daughters. At the time I thought you had children while you got on with the rest of your life. That idea turned out to be wide off the mark as well. Parents sometimes ask their children, usually in the light of some misdemeanor: What have you got to say for yourself? But that question can as readily be put the other way. After all we bring our children without consultation into the world. They have to live with the circumstances we create until age and stage give them a choice. This book is an attempt at an answer to the implied questions of the rising generation. Of all possibilities available why did you choose to live as a believer? And what on earth has that to do with us? The author an Anglican theologian at St Mark's National Anglican Theological College in Canberra, Australia and has previously written for Liturgical Press in the US.

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