Literature: An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, and Drama

Longman, 2000 - 1531 pagina's

Kennedy and Gioia's Literature, Second Compact Edition, offers an excellent introduction to the study of fiction, poetry, and drama. Reflecting a balance of canonical works along with contemporary and diverse literature, the new edition includes more coverage of writing and more student research papers. As in past editions, the authors' voice invites students on a journey of discovery by sharing their knowledge in an intelligent and down-to-earth style.

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Over de auteur (2000)

Widely anthologized, Kennedy's poetry may not be as influential among contemporary poets as others' because of his preference for, in his words, "old-fangled structures most poets have junked these days." As Kennedy's comments on his verse suggest, his poetry is witty, concise, and unpretentious. His subject matter is drawn from the everyday including his Catholic background and middle-class suburban life. Yet his concerns can be profound including death, violence, suicide, and Genesis.

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