Lessons in Evil, Lessons from the Light: A True Story of Satanic Abuse and Spiritual Healing

Crown, 1993 - 306 pagina's
"Barbara Maddox arrived at psychologist Gail Feldman's office complaining of two problems: sexual dysfunction with her husband and unwarranted anger at her daughter, Michelle. Dr. Feldman took her case, not knowing what affect it would have on her life as well as her patient's; soon, through hypnosis, Barbara was able to recall that she had been systematically tortured and abused for more than a decade by, among others, her mother and grandparents, all of them members of a satanic cult. And the memories plunged both patient and doctor into an abyss." "Barbara had protected herself from the memories by denying and forgetting them. During the years with the cult, she was able to escape into "the light," and in effect watch her other self until it was safe to return. One of the great themes in this vital book is how the human brain defends the body, how the soul can survive when the body suffers." "The book will shock you; the transcripts of the therapy sessions are strong - very strong - stuff. But as a document about the depths of human evil and the transcendental power of the mind to heal itself, Lessons in Evil, Lessons from the Light is unparalleled. For Barbara triumphed. She lives in an enduring relationship with her husband and two children. And Dr. Feldman, her own marriage shaken by the revelations of her patient, also triumphed. This book itself is testimony to that." "There are some who do not believe in the existence of satanic cults, yet evidence for them goes back as far as the Middle Ages. The editor's note puts it this way: "We feel that to deny the existence of such cults is to deny both a social and human truth, and that in Barbara's case by accepting the reality of the worst, we can also see proof of the best."" "Once read, you will never forget Lessons in Evil, Lessons from the Light."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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LESSONS IN EVIL, LESSONS FROM THE LIGHT: A True Story of Satanic Abuse and Spiritual Healing

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A shallow account of how Feldman (Psychology/University of New Mexico) cured a victim of satanic sex abuse through hypnosis and New Age methods. Feldman has a new patient, ``Barbara,'' who can't enjoy ... Volledige review lezen

Lessons in evil, lessons from the light: a true story of satanic abuse and spiritual healing

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Psychologist and hypnotherapist Feldman records, in heart-wrenching detail, the story of Barbara, a young woman who as a child was the victim of ritual satanic abuse at the hands of a sect led by her ... Volledige review lezen


Part Two Spring 1989

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