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The Labour Party and Socialism, [78]. The Education Question, [79]. East

Edinburgh Bye-election, [79]. Mr. Winston Churchill on the Naval Con-

troversy, [79]. The Prime Minister at Glasgow, [79]. Lord Milner at

Nottingham and at Worksop, [80]. Indian Councils Bill Passes, [82]. Ad-

mission of Strangers to the House of Commons, [83]. Board of Trade Bill,

[83]. Welsh Disestablishment Bill, [83]. Debates on the Right of Capture

of Merchantmen in War, [85], on Arterial Drainage of Ireland, [86]. The

Government and Social Legislation, [87]. Trade Boards Bill, [87]. Post

Office Vote, [89]. The Naval Agitation, [89]. Civil Service Estimates, [90].

Budget Statement by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, [92]. Final

Balance Sheet," [99]. Reception, [100]. Stratford-on-Avon and Sheffield

Bye-elections, [101]. Debates on the Budget Resolutions, [101]. Mr. Balfour

at the Primrose League, [103]. Debates on the new Licence and Excise

Duties, [104]. Letter from City Firms to the Prime Minister, [106]. Further

Budget Debates, [106]. Working of the Small Holdings Act, [111]. Coal

Mines (Checkweighers) Bill, [111]. Old-Age Pensions in Ireland, [111].

Estimated Yield of the New Taxation, [112]. Payment of Members of

Parliament, [113]. Roman Catholic Disabilities Removal Bill, [113].

spection of Convents Bill, [115]. House of Lords: Child Murder Bill, [115];

Hops Bill, [115]; Debates on the Territorial Force and the Special Reserve,

[116]. Scareships" and German Rifles, [117]. Anglo-German Hospi-

talities, [117]. The King's Tour, [118]. Aviation, [118]. Labour Exchange

Scheme, [118]. Budget Campaign: Mr. Balfour at St. James's Hall, [119];

Mr. Asquith at Sheffield, [119]; Mr. Churchill at Manchester, [120]. Circular

on Uncertificated Teachers, [121]. Renewed Suffragist Demonstrations, [121].

Mrs. Asquith and Foreign Dresses, [122]. The "Bacon Letters," [122].

Empire Day, [122]. Budget Resolutions: Report Stage, [123]. Debate on

the Two-Power Standard, [125]. Whitsuntide Adjournment: the Congo,


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Administration, [150]. Finance Bill in Committee: Increment Duty, [151].

Naval Debate, [152]. Ministerial Changes, [153]. Lord Cromer at the

Unionist Free Trade Club, [153]. Lord Charles Beresford on the Navy, [153].

The Army Council on the Regular Forces, [154]. Renewed Suffragist

Demonstrations, [154]. Coal Crisis, [154]. Murder of Sir Curzon Wyllie,

[155]. The Prime Minister at Southport, [155]. The King in Lancashire,

[156]. The Naval Manœuvres, [156]. Finance Bill in Committee; Incre-

ment Duty, [156]. British Policy in Persia, [157]. Debates in the Lords; the

Territorial Force; the Hops and other Bills, [158]. The Irish Land Bill:

Committee Stage in the Commons, [158]. Minor Ministerial Changes:

Cleveland Bye-election, [159]. Suffragist Activity, [160]. Earl Roberts's

National Military Service Bill, [160]. Finance Bill in Committee; the Land

Taxes, [163]. Mr. Lloyd-George and a Deputation, [165]. Controversy in the

Country, [165]. Lords' Debates on Divorce and on the Appointment of Magis-

trates, [166]. Education Vote, [167]. Passive Resistance, [168]. Finance Bill;

the Land Taxes, [168]. Bye-elections, [169]. Mr. Asquith at the Eighty Club

and in the City, [169]. Hyde Park Demonstration, [170]. Mr. Balfour in the

City, [170]. Debates on Irish Questions, [171]; on the Foreign Office Vote, [171].

The Fleet in the Thames, [174]. The Contingent Dreadnoughts Conceded,

[174]. South Africa Constitution Bill in the Lords; Second Reading, [176];

Committee, [178]. Colonial Office Vote, [179]. Imperial Defence Com-

mittee Prime Minister's Statement, [179]. Territorial Reserve An-

nounced, [180]. Scottish Coal Crisis Settled, [180]. Mr. Lloyd-George at

Limehouse, [181]. Naval Review in the Solent, [182]. The Tsar's Visit,

[182]. The Government and Aviation, [183]. Votes in Supply Passed, [184].

Shops Bill, [184]. Prison Treatment of the Suffragists, [184]. Indian

Budget Debate, [185]. Secretary to Board of Agriculture, [186]. Water

Supplies Question, [186]. The Country and the Budget, [186]. Mr. Churchill

at Saltburn, [187]. Amended Procedure for the Finance Bill, [187]. Com-

mittee: the Undeveloped Land Duty, [188]. Changes in the Valuation

Arrangements and Mineral Rights Duty, [190]. Sir Edward Grey at Leeds,

[191]. Mr. Asquith at Bletchley, [192]. Result of Inquiry into Lord Charles

Beresford's Allegations, [192]. South Africa Bill in the Commons, [193].

Finance Bill: Land Clauses, [195]. "Massacre of the Innocents," [196].

Irish Land Bill in Committee, [196]. Results of the Imperial Defence Con-

ference, [198]. Trade Boards Bill Passed, [199]. Finance Bill: Licensing

Clauses, [199]. Mr. Churchill at Leicester, [201]. Development Bill, [202].

Lord Rosebery's Speech at Glasgow, [203]. Trade Union Congress, [204].

Finance Bill: Death Duties, [204]. Irish Land Bill: Report, [205]; Third

Reading, [206]. The Primate on the Poor Law Report, [207]. Assistant

Postmaster-General, [208]. Mr. Asquith at Birmingham, [208]. Mr. Balfour

at Birmingham, [209]. The Budget Agitation, [211]. Lords' Amendments to

the Town Planning Bill, [211]. The Government and the Teaching of Oriental

Languages, [211]. Army Manœuvres, [212]. Finance Bill; Concessions to

Landowners, [212]. Stamp Duties, [212]. Tea Duty, [213]. Spirit Duty,

[213]. Motor Duties, [214]. Division of Proceeds with Local Authorities,

[214]. Postponed and New Clauses, [216]. Wireless Telegraphy, [217].

Church Congress, [217]. Railway Servants' Congress, [217]. Miners' Federa-

tion, [217]. Irish Land Bill in the Lords, [218]. Town Planning Bill in the

Lords, [219]. The Development Bill and the Opposition, [219]. Finance Bill;

Schedules, [219]. The Prime Minister at Balmoral, [220]. Ministers on the

Bill: Mr. Lloyd-George at Newcastle, [221]. A Referendum Suggested, [221].

Suffragist Agitation, [222]. The Commons Adjourn, [223].

Pensions, [232]. Bermondsey Election; Suffragist Interference, [232].

Municipal Elections, [233]. Third Reading of the Finance Bill, [233]. Its

Final Provisions Summarised, [237]. Commons and Lords, [242]. Lord

Mayor's Banquet, [242]. Colston Day at Bristol, [243]. King of Portugal's

Visit, [243]. Lord Lansdowne's Motion, [244]. Speeches by Mr. Churchill

and Lord Milner, [244]. Mr. Balfour at Manchester, [245]. Mr. Haldane's

Reply, [245]. Viscount Milner "Damns the Consequences" of Rejection,

[246]. Bye-elections Deferred, [246]. Congo Demonstration, [247]. The

House of Lords Debate the Finance Bill, [247]. Its Rejection, [255]. Mr.

Asquith's Resolution in Reply, [256]. Compromise on other Ministerial

Measures, [256]. Close of the Session, [257]. Mr. Lloyd-George on the Re-

jection, [258]. Lord Lansdowne and Mr. Austen Chamberlain at Plymouth,

[258]. Sir Edward Grey at Leith, [259]. "Financial Chaos" Averted, [259].

Election Campaign: Manifestoes, [260]. Progress of the Suffragist Conflict,

[261]. Unionist Dissensions, [262]. Mr. Churchill in Lancashire, [262].

Unionist Speeches, [264]. The Birmingham Post's Tariff Scheme, [264]. Mr.

Lloyd-George at Carnarvon, [265]. The Prime Minister at the Albert Hall,

[265]. Mr. Balfour's Address to his Constituents, [267]. The Campaign; the

"Backwoods" Peers, [268]. Speeches by Lord Curzon, [268]; Lord Milner,

[269]; Earl Cawdor, [269]. Mr. Lloyd-George at Queen's Hall, [269]. The

Prime Minister at Liverpool, [270]. Mr. Lloyd-George at Cardiff, [270].

Dissentients on Both Sides, [271]. Mr. Blatchford and the German Danger,

[271]. Date of the Election, [271]. Speeches by Unionist Peers, by Mr.

Balfour, and Mr. Lloyd-George, [272]. The Electoral Outlook, [273].

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