The Annual Register, Volume 151

Edmund Burke
Rivingtons, 1910
Continuation of the reference work that originated with Robert Dodsley, written and published each year, which records and analyzes the year’s major events, developments and trends in Great Britain and throughout the world. From the 1920s volumes of The Annual Register took the essential shape in which they have continued ever since, opening with the history of Britain, then a section on foreign history covering each country or region in turn. Following these are the chronicle of events, brief retrospectives on the year’s cultural and economic developments, a short selection of documents, and obituaries of eminent persons who died in the year.

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Pagina 102 - ... wage implacable warfare against poverty and squalidness. I cannot help hoping and believing that before this generation has passed away we shall have advanced a great step towards that good time when poverty and wretchedness and human degradation, which always follow in its camp, will be as remote to the people of this country as the wolves which once infested its forests.
Pagina 269 - December 2 he proposed a resolution that ' the action of the House of Lords in refusing to pass into law the financial provision made by this House for the service of the year is a breach of the Constitution, and a usurpation of the rights of the Commons '. It was carried by 349 votes to 134.
Pagina 217 - the end of all " — the negation of faith, of family, of property, of monarchy, of the Empire. He himself must go a different road — that of public economy, of strengthening character, of preserving confidence — the road by which we had built up our strength and dominion.
Pagina 419 - One-half of their number shall be selected on the ground mainly of their thorough acquaintance, by reason of their official experience or otherwise, with the reasonable wants and wishes of the coloured races in South Africa.
Pagina 409 - September, 1900, by which the taxation of land shall not exceed that on similar land in Lower Burmah, is hereby removed. British subjects in Siam shall be exempt from all military service, either in the army or navy, and from all forced loans or military exactions or contributions. ARTICLE 7. The provisions of all treaties, agreements, and conventions between Great Britain and Siam, not modified by the present treaty remain in full force. ARTICLE 8. The present treaty shall be ratified within four...
Pagina 133 - viz., a preponderance of 10 per cent over the combined strengths in capital ships of the two next strongest Powers," whatever and wherever those Powers might be.
Pagina 63 - The question whether the nationality or the domicile of the owner should be adopted as the dominant factor in deciding whether property is enemy property.
Pagina 216 - No, it is here in our midst, close at home, close at hand in the vast growing cities of England and Scotland, and in the dwindling and cramped villages of our denuded countryside. It is there you will find the seeds of Imperial ruin and national decay— the unnatural gap between rich and poor, the divorce of the people from the land, the want of proper discipline and training in our youth, the exploitation of boy labour, the physical degeneration which seems to follow so swiftly on civilised poverty,...
Pagina 31 - Provinces in which it does not exist, but have also failed to give effect to the policy of granting modified fixity of tenure and immunity from enhancements laid down in 1882 and 1884 by the Government of India and approved by the Secretary of State...

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