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" ... the blue-jay, and the woodpecker, the scream of the fish-hawk and the eagle, the laugh of the loon, and the whistle of ducks along the solitary streams; at night, with the hooting of owls and howling of wolves; in summer, swarming with myriads of... "
Crosscurrents: A Fly Fisher's Progress - Pagina 71
door James R. Babb - 2002 - 224 pagina’s
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The Maine Woods

Henry David Thoreau - 1904 - 462 pagina’s
...diversified with innumerable lakes and rapid streams, peopled with trout and various species of leucisci, with salmon, shad, and pickerel, and other fishes;...Who shall describe the inexpressible tenderness and ~i immortal life of the grim forest, where Nature, though it be mid-winter, is ever in her spring,...
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One Man's Owl

Bernd Heinrich, Alice Calaprice - 1993 - 186 pagina’s
...resounding at rare intervals with the note of the chicadee, the blue-jay, and the woodpecker . . . ; and at night, with the hooting of owls and howling of...mosquitoes, more formidable than wolves to the white man" (Thoreau 1972). The only difference between then and now is that instead of the howling of wolves one...
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James Welch: A Critical Companion

Mary Jane Lupton - 2004 - 164 pagina’s
...as interpreters of their own environment. He cites Thoreau's famous description of the Maine woods: "Such is the home of the moose, the bear, the caribou, the wolf, the beaver, and the Indian" (Thoreau, cited in McKusick 2000, 166). McKusick claims that Thoreau's placement of the Indian in this...
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