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Pagina 33 - Contains descriptions of the seed-plants, ferns and fern-allies growing naturally in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, and the Indian Territory, and in Oklahoma and Texas east of the one-hundredth meridian.
Pagina 65 - ... railroad companies in the United States, for the transportation of the mail, it shall be the duty of the postmaster general to arrange and divide the railroad routes...
Pagina 246 - Ordinary or registered letters, book packets, and patterns of merchandise misdirected or missent shall be reciprocally returned without delay through the respective offices of exchange, for the same weight and amount of postage at which they were charged by the despatching office to the other office.
Pagina 268 - The amounts placed in the treasury for the service of the Department for the fiscal year, being grants in aid of the revenue under the following acts of Congress, were — Under the second section of the act approved...
Pagina 267 - The following named offices, twenty-seven in number, are denominated •• depositories," and are required by the Postmaster General to receive and retain, subject to the drafts of the department, the funds of certain adjacent offices as well as the revenues of their own: Albany, New York.
Pagina 191 - Letters, newspapers, anil other printed papers, misdirected or mis-sent, shall be reciprocally returned, without delay, through the respective offices of exchange, for the same weight and amount of postage at which they were charged by the dispatching office to the other office. The articles of a like nature addressed to persons who have changed their residence shall be mutually forwarded or returned, charged with the rate that would have originally been paid by the receivers.
Pagina 243 - Senate, and that is the last that was ever heard of it. lu 1870 another treaty was made between the United States of Colombia and the United States of America. You will find It commencing at page 38 of the document to which I have referred.
Pagina 235 - Ireland being desirous of modifying the present system of exchange of Money Orders between the two countries, the undersigned, duly authorized for that purpose, have agreed upon the following Articles : ABTICLE 1.
Pagina 236 - I hereby approve the aforegoing convention, and in testimony thereof I have caused the seal of the United States to be affixed.
Pagina 243 - XIX In consideration of two cents United States' currency not being precisely equivalent to one penny sterling, the British Post Office shall account to the United States...

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