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Note. Typographical errors are not mentioned in the following list when the correct reading is obvious. 14 Adams, J., Pres. For PHOCION, pseud. read SMITH, W. L.

15 Adams, J. Q. Speech on his resolution. For June 22 read Jan. 22.


Adorno. For Cattarina read Caterina. 35 Alabama, steamer. Before SOME casual papers read NYE, G.

38 Albret, J. d'. For See Jeanne read See Joanna. 47 Alison, Sir A. Add Several articles.] (In Blackwood's mag., v. 32, 33.)

52 Allgemeines Repertorium. For 1840 read 1819.

59 60

Ambulances. For GWILT read GURLT. America. LECLERC, C. For 1847 read 1867. 101 Andros, Sir E. For MATHER, I. RAWSON, E., and SEWALL, S. MATHER, I. Same. (In Force.) 1846.

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Revolution read
For 1836 read

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Backus, Rev. I. Letter. For 1810 read 1794. Baily, F. Journal. For 1816 read 1856.

Bannatyne Club. Publ. Namely. After 1867 insert Knox, J. Works, ed. by D. Laing. 1846-64. Barclay, J. The last Same belongs to the Satyricon not to the Icon animorum; the date of the latter is 1614 instead of 1714.

207 Barbary. LA MOTTE, P. de. For 1763 read 1736. 210 Baring, D. E. Content Insert Struve, B. G. before Diss. de criteriis manuscriptorum. 216 Barrell, Miss. For 1806 read 1800. 216 Barrell, J. Before Statement insert BARRELL, C., and others. Before True statement insert Joy, B. 217 Barrow, Sir J. Tr. Life and correspondence, etc., to Barrow, John, Jr. (p. 218).

222 Baruffaldi, G. De poetis. For 1699 read 1723. 225 Bate, J. Essay. For 1732 read 1752.


Battle of Dorking. For Cheeney read Chesney.

230 Bayley, Rev. Kiah. Transfer title to Bailey, Rev. Kiah.

235 Beauvoir, R. de. For 1849 read 1859.

237 Beckford, Wm. Descriptive account of Jamaica and Parliamentary opinions are by Wm. Beckford, the alderman; the rest are by his son Wm. Beckford. 248 Belsham, T. For WILLS, W. read LOWELL, J. 271 Bible. Commentaries. LUTHER, M. For 1829-44.

3 v. read 1829-61. 23 v.


Genesis. Commentaries. BUNYAN, J. For v. 20 read v. 2.


Peter. LEIGHTON, R. Expository works. For 1748 read 1798.

305 Biot, E. C. Tr. Zodiaque circulaire de Denderah to Biot, J. B.


For Bismarck-Schoenhausen, Carl Eduard Leopold Otto read Bismarck-Schoenhausen, Otto Eduard Leopold.

309 Bixio, C. L. Before 1846 insert v. 3.

310 Blackmore, Sir R. Dissertation. For 1772 read 1727.

314 Blakey, R. History of moral science. For 3 v. read 2 v.

315 Blatchford, Samuel, D.D., b. 1820. The Reports are by Blatchford, Samuel, judge.

316 Bleaburn. For [by Mrs. E. C. Gaskell?] read [by H. Martineau].

319 Blunt, E. M. An appendix. For Camb. read New. buryport.

322 Boecler, J. H. De comparanda. For Schaffer read Scheffer.

343 Boston. (Massacre.) For LOWELL read LOVELL. 353 Botany. LINNEUS, C. For 1649-69 read 1749-69. MARTYN, T. For n.p., [179-] read London,

1792. 2 v. in 1.

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436 Byrne, J. Influence. For 1836 read 1863. 455, 456 Camden Soc. Pub. 8. For Marco read Macro. - 21. For Jordan read Jerdan. 25, 54, 89. For 2 v. read 3 v. - 87. For Long read Leng. 90. For Gardiner, S. W. read Gardiner, S. R. Campaigns of the armies. For 1804 read 1808. Campbell, John, b. 1779. Contents. Put the 3 before Ld. Kenyon.

473 Capital punishment. For MORI read MOIR. 488 Casanova, Jacopo is the same as Casanova, G. J. 510 Celts. Language. DAVIES, J. For 1860-61 read

Brownlows, The. After 1868 insert 3 v.

Bunker Hill battle. For PUTNAM, D. read DearBORN, H.; insert by D. Putnam after Israel Putnam. Burgundy. MONSTRELET, E. de. Same. For 186760 read 1857-60. Eng. For Johns read Johnes. Burnet, T., Master. For Sacred theory of the earth, etc., read

Answer to the late exceptions made by E. Warren against the Theory of the earth. London, 1690. f. Review of the Theory of the earth and of its proofs especially in ref. to Scripture. London, 1690. fo. Short consideration of E. Warren's defence of his exceptions against the Theory of the earth. London, 1691. fo.

Theory of the earth: books 1, 2, conc. the deluge and Paradise; books 3, 4, conc. the burning of the world and the new heavens and new earth. London, 1691, 90. 3 v. fo.

Buxtorf, J. B. Tr. the Lexicon Chaldaicum to Bux. torf, J. B., d. 1664 (p. 436).

Byles, M., d. 1788. Death of the Queen. For 1721 read 1737?

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693 694


2, 3.

After Cochran, J. insert STINCHField, E.
Collier, J. P. Misc. tracts. For London, 1868 read
[London, 1867-68.] 8 v.

633 Colvin, S. For ATKINSON, J. B. (In his read Criticism on E. B. Jones. (In Atkinson, J. B.

Champollion-Figeac, J. J. Lettres des rois. For 1839 read 1839-47. 2 v.

Chemistry. LAVOISIER, A. L. Euvres. For 186468 read 1864, 62-68.

Compleat geographer. For London, 1709. f. read London, 1709. 2 v. fo.

Contagion. For DISCOURSE read MEAD, R. Short discourse.

Corinne. For Works read Œuvres.

Countess Gisela. For Wistar read Wister.

Courcelles, J. B. P. J. For 1832-33 read 1822-33. Cox, Rev. G. W. Dict. of science. For Brand read Brande.

Coyle, J.

For Lain read McLain.


For Cradock, R. Z. read Cradock, 'Samuel. Sermon before the King to Cradock, Zachary. Crowe, J. A., and Cavalcasselle, G. B. After Hist. of painting in Italy insert 2d-16th cent.; for 5 v. read 3 v.


Crown Point. Before SECOND letter to a friend insert CHAUNCY, C.



Cunningham, A. Lives. Same. Contents. previous ed. insert 5 same as 6 of prev. ed. 716 Cunningham, P. Two years. For 1825 read 1828. 731 Dancing. For KATFUS read KATTFUSS.


736 Darc, Jeanne. SCHILLER, J. C. F. For v. 5 read v. 7. D'Avenant, C. Vol. 1. 745 Davis, N. M. For Memoir of N. Mitchell read Memoir by N. MITCHELL.

New dialogues. For Vol. 2 read

758 Delavigne, J. F. C. Discours.

For 1820-29 read



759 Delignières, E. For 1860 read 1867.

759 Dellon, M, D. is the same as Dellon, C. 759 Delisle,-. (Lettre) is the same as Delisle, Guillaume. 764 Denmark. History. For DUTHEIL, L. read LA PORTE DU THEIL, F. J. G. de.


766 Depping, G. B. Histoire des expéditions. 2 v. after 1826.

776 Diary of a late physician. For 1832 read 1862-63. 777 Dibdin, C. The deserter. For v. 4 read v. 1.

777 Dick, J. For 1863 read 1836.

797 For Dolomica read Dolomieu.

799 Dominican artist. For Farrar, H. S. read Lear, Mrs. S.

803 For Doubeux read Dubeux.

823 Dumas, A. D. Les morts vont vite. Contents. 2. For Lefèvre. - Deumier read Lefèvre-Deumier. 833 Dutch literature. For MUELLER, J. read MULLER, J. 860 Edwards, Mrs. A. Ought we to visit her? For (In Sharpe's mag. read (In Temple Bar. 862 Edwards, Jonathan, Pres. of College of N. J. For WEST, S. Read WEST, Samuel. - Before Essay on moral agency insert WEST, Stephen. 868 Εκλεκτά. For Λοις [1837] read Ασλζ [1737]. 873 Ella Rosenberg. For v. 36 read v. 37. 886 Encyclopædias. NICHOLSON, W.

Same. After

1818 add 12 v. 8°. 921 Erchempertus. For De postumis read De postremis; for Langobardum read Langobardorum. Historia. After Langobardorum read Beneventi. After Thes. antiq. Ital. read v. 9, pt. 1. 928 Essex Co. Before WATSON, W. C. insert Essex County, N. Y.

930 Estienne, R. Fragmenta. After Latinorum read ; ed. ab H. Stephano; for Par., 1564 read [Gene. væ,] 1564.

933 Etoníana ancient and modern. After Eton insert; by W. L. Collins.

933 Etruria. LANZI, L. For 1824 read 1824-25. 3 v. Evesham. For MAYO, G. read MAY, G.


948 Evidence. GABRIEL, M. For V. H. Tolon read [V. H.] Solon.

949 Examination of the British doctrine. After peace read; by J. Madison.

951 Experiences of R. Taylor. For S. Warren read [Mrs. J. Johnstone].


Exposition of the weakness, etc. After States read ;[by C. F. Mercer].

951 Expression. Before WEBSTER, D. insert Expunging. 963 Farmer, H. Christ's temptations. For E.'s Inquiry read F.'s Inquiry. This is about, not by, Farmer. 963 Farmer's letters, A. After people insert; [by L. Lincoln].

981 Fiacchi, L. For bratti read tratti.

989 Fisher, J. Before Conference insert LAUD, W. 1002 Florian, J. P. C. de. Euvres. Dela (v. 3 w.). 1007 Fonseca, G. L. da. For Mousanto read Monsanto. 1009 Forbes, J. D. Tour. For 1845 read 1855.

1015 Fortification. For CORMONTAINGNE, L. de read CORMONTAIGNE, L. de.

1018 Fothergill, J. Rules. For 1762 read [177-]. 1043 France. House of Bourbon. LA FAYETTE, M. M. P. After 1828 insert and Michaud v. 32. 1854. LACRETELLE, J. D. For 1819 read 1819-26.

(Lang.) Prosody. OLIVET, J. T. de. For 1787 read 1737.



Literature. HÉRICAULT, C. d'. For l'ésprit avr. read l'esprit franç-; after Mondes, read avr. 1071 For Fredst, P. read Fredet, P. 1098 Galleries. After Castle Howard insert; worth, J. W. and W.


1099 Gallipoli, -. Read Gallipoli. FERRARI, A. 1100 Gambier, J. Before MALTE-BRUN, V. insert Gambier Islands.

1109 For Gatoube read Gatonbe; for v. 3. 1745 read v. 6.

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1629 1631

1660 1662

For Horner, T. read Hornor, T.

Hunt, J. H. L. Attempt. For 1869 read 1809.
Hutchinson, T. For 1674 read 1765.

Hymns. Bibliog. For BUCHANAN, C. read PEAR-
SON, C. B.

Indian. JONES, P. For genungumouat read genunugumouat.

For Hebræa read

1744 1768

For HUNT, F. Life of J. (In his Lives read Same (In Hunt, F. Lives. For Jannson read Jansson.

King's own. For 1845 read 1854. Kinne, A. Laws of the different States and Questions and answer are by Asa Kinne. Lambton, J. G. Letter. Lancaster Co., Pa. FRANKLIN, B. 1669 Landscape gardening. LOR, J.

For Dunham read Durham. Before NARRATIVE insert

For TAYLOR, I. read TAY

1669 For Lannan read Lanman.

1685 Lauzun, A. L. de G., duc de. For v. 2 read v. 25.

1724 For Levée Le Monnier, Jérome Balthazar Guillaume Antoine read Levèe, Jérome Balthazar, and Le Monnier, Guillaume Antoine.

For Linnæan read Linnean.

Lockwood, J. The tears. For Woodbridge read

quette, J.

For Kathchen read Kaethchen.

Keen. For CROCKER read Croker.
Kelly, J. For 1861-66 read 1861-71.

Keppel, Maj. G. is the same person as Keppel, Geo.


1789 For Lothrop read Lathrop.

1795 Louisiana. History. ORR, G. For 1830 read 1803. Manchester, Mass. CANDID enquiries. For 1819


read [1825].

1907 Mass. Hist. Soc. Col. 38. For Aspinwall papers. Pt. 1. read Mather papers. 39. For Winthrop

papers read Aspinwall papers. Pt. 1. 1948 Mellen, P. For See Gray, H. G. read See Otis,

H. G.


For Moreau, Georges read Moreau, Jean Victor. 2080 Narraganset Country. The titles COFFIN and, at the end, FARMER should be under Narraganset townships. 2108 New Gloucester, Me. For 1793 read 1847. 2167 For O., Y. read O., T.

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I. J. Barney. (In Longacre, J. B. Nat. portr. gal., v. 4.
See Hickman, H.
I., H. N. O.
I., R. Nova

Britannia; offering most excellent
(In Force, P.

fruites by planting in Virginia.
Col. of tracts, v. 1. 1836.)
Same. With a pref. note by F. L. Hawks.
London, 1609, reprinted New York, 1867. 4°.
second part of Nova
New life of Virginia;
Britannia. London, 1612. 4°.

Same. (In Mass. Hist. Soc. Col., v. 18. 1819; and in Force, P. Col. of tracts, v. 1. 1836.) I., S. R. N. See Scot, T.

I am afraid there is a God! [by L. M. Sargent]. Boston, 1833. 8. (D 18)

I-King. PIPER. G. O. Ueber das I-King. (In Zeitschrift
d. D. morgenl. Ges., v. 3, 7. 1849, 53.)
I'm not mesilf at all; by C. A. Maltby. (No. 116 of De
Witt's acting plays.)

I will be a gentleman; by Mrs. Tuthill.


1844. 18.

I wish you a happy new year. n.t.p. 1842. 12o. (C 246)
De mysteriis; præmittitur epistola
Porphyrii; ed., Lat. vertit, etc., T. Gale. Ox-
onii, 1678. fo

Drama. See Erotici scriptores (p. 923).
De vita Pythagorica, Gr. et Lat. notis illust. a
L. Kustero; vers. Lat. confecit U. Obrechtus;
acc. Malchus sive Porphyrius de vita Pyth-
agoræ itemque anonymus apud Photium de
vita Pythagoræ. Amst., 1707. 4o
De vita Pythagoræ. (In Diogenes Laertius. De clar.
philos. vitis. 1850.)

Eng. Life of Pythagoras; [also] fragments of
the writings of Pythagoreans and a collection
of Pythagoric sentences; tr. by F. Taylor.
London, 1818. 8°.

Iambulus. See Diodorus Siculus.
Iatroliptic remedies.
méthode iatroliptice, ou Obs. pratiques sur
l'administration des remèdes à l'extérieur,
dans le traitement de maladies internes.
Montpellier, [1804]. 8°.

Ibbetson, James. Pleas for the subscription of the clergy
to the 39 articles. 5th ed. Lond., 1772. 8°. (B 1965)
LETTER to J. I. on the 3d ed. of his plea for the sub-
scription of the clergy to the 39 articles. London,
1771. 8°. (B 125, 905)

Ibbetson, Julius. Drawings of quadrupeds. See Church, J.
Ibbot, Benjamin, D.D. Nature of the office of the civil
magistrate; sermon, St. Lawrence Jewry, Sept. 29.
London, 1720. 4. (B 98, 1250)


Ibn Haukal, Muhammad Abú-1 Kásim, called.
bitád or The Kitábu-l masálik wa mamalik. (In
Elliot, H. M. Hist. of India. v. 1. 1867.)
Ibn-Khaldun, Abd ar-Rahman Bin Muhammad al-Ishbili
al-Hadhrami, called. Prolégomènes; texte arabe,
pub. par E. Quatremère. In Paris. Inst. Ac. d.
Inser. Not. des mss., v. 16-19, part 1 of each.

Account of the great histor-
ical works of K. (In Roy. Asiatic Soc. Trans.,
v. 1. 1827.)

Ibn Khurdadba, Ábú-1 Kásim 'Ubaidu-llah Bin 'Abdh-llah
Bin Khurdádba, called. Kitabu-l masálik wa-l mam-
álik. ELLIOT, H. M. (In his History of India, v. 1.

Ibn Malik, Jamal-ad-Din Muhammad, called. Alfi-
yya ou la quintessence de la grammaire arabe;
pub. par Silvestre de Sacy. Paris, Oriental

Trans. Fund, 1833. 8o.

Same. (In Baron, R. Pillars of priestcraft, v. 1. 1768.)
Sir Thorold,
etc., Sept.
29. London. 1720. 4. (B 1250)

True notion of free-thinking. (In Boyle lecture ser.
mons, v. 2. 1739.)
Iberiada, La: poema epico. See Valvidares y Longo, R.
Iberville, P. Lemoyne d'. See Lemoyne d'Iberville."
Ibn. For Arabic names beginning thus see also Bin.
Ibn-Abd-al-Hakam. History of the conquest of

Spain; tr. and ed. by J. H. Jones. Goett.,
1858. 8o.

Ibn Muhallib Bin Muhammad Bin Shádi. Mujmalu-t Taw-
(In his Hist. of India,
arikh. ELLIOT, H. M.
v. 1. 1867.)

Ibn Roshd. See Averroes.
Ibn Sina.

See Avicenna.

Ibn Wahshih, Ahmad Bin Abubakr pseud.? An-
cient alphabets and hieroglyphic characters;
with an account of the Egyptian priests, etc.;
in English by J. Hammer. London, 1806. 4o.
Note. On the authorship see Graesse's Allgem.
Lit.gesch.', II. i. 1. p. 804.

Solevan el
Ibn Zafar, Ibn Abi Muhammad.
mota; ossiano Conforti politici, versione ital.
de M. Amari. Firenze, 1851. 12.



ANNALES Yburgenses, 817-841, 1072-1085.
Pertz, G. H. Mon. Germ., Ser., v. 16. 1859.)
Ibycus. Fragm. (In Bergk, T. Poetæ lyr. Gr. 1853.)
See Cabet, E.
Icarie, Voyage en.
Icazbalceta, Joaquin García. Colleccion de docu-
mentos para la historia de Mexico. Mexico,
1858-66. 2 v. 8.

Contents. Vol. 1. Noticia de la piezas. - Ramirez,
J. F. Vida de T. de Benavente ó Motolinia. - Moto-
Historia de los Indios de Nueva España.
linia, T.
Carta al emp. Cários v. - Varios documentos del siglo
XVI. - Diaz, J. Itinerario de la armada del Rey Cato-
lico á la isla de Yucatan, en la India, 1518, en la que fué
comandante J. de Grijalva. Texto ital. y trad.
Vida de H. Cortés; fragm. anon. Texto ital. y trad.
El conquis-
Zuazo, A. Carta al Fray L. de Figueroa. -
tador anonimo; relacion de algunas cosas de la Nueva
Espana y de Temestitán México; por un companero de
Cortes. Texto ital. y trad. - Velasquez, D. Carta al
lic. Figueroa, para que hiciese relación á S. S. M. M. de
- Ochoa
lo que le habia fecho F. Cortes. El proceso y pesquisa
hecho por la Real Audiencia de la Española.
Probanza hecha en Segura de la Fron-
de Lejalde, J.
Probanza fecha en la
tera, à nombre de H. Cortés. -
Nueva España, á pedimento de J. Ochoa de Lejalde, en
nombre de H. Cortés, sobre las diligencias que el dicho
capitan hizo para que no se perdiese el oro é joyas de S.
S. M. M. que estaban en la ciudad de Temestitán. -
Carta del ejército de Cortés al emperador. —
H. de. Deinanda en nombre de P. de Narvaez, contra
H. Cortés y sus compañeros. - Cortes, H. Ordenanzas
militares y civiles mandadas pregonar en Tlaxcala, al
tiempo de partirse para poner cerco á Mexico. Lo que
pasó con C. de Tapia, acerea de no admitirle por gober-
nador, con los procuradores de Mexico y demás pobla-
Cortes, H. Instruc-
ciones y los de Hernan Cortés.
cion civil y militar à F. Cortés, para la expedicion de la
Albornoz, R. de.
- Carta inedita.
costa de Colima;
Carta al emperador. Memoria de lo acaecido en esta
Ocana, D. de.
ciudad [de Temixtitán] despues que el gobernador H.
Cortés salió della. 12 de oct. de 1525. -
Carta. 2. Noticia de las prezas. - Real ejecutoria de
S. M. sobre tierras y reservas de pechos y paga, per
teneciente á los caciques de Axapusco, de la jurisdiccion
Cardenas, L. de. Memo-
de Otumba.
Merced á Hernan
Charles V.
rial contra Cortés.
Cortés de tierras inmediatas á Mexico y solares en la
ciudad. Isabella, Queen. Orden á Cortés para que se
detenga á diez leguas de México hasta que llegue la se-
Real provision sobre descubri-
gunda audiencia.
mientos en el Mar del Sur, y respuesta de Cortés á la no-
Valle, marques de.
tificacion que se le hizo de ella. -
Relacion de los servicios del marques que de su orden
Cortes, H. Peticion
presentó el lie. Nunez á S. M. -
contra D. Antonio de Mendoza, virey, pidiendo residen.
cia contra él. — Fragmento de la visita hecha á D. An-



Ibn Abi lagalat. Traité sur l'amour. (In Bibl. univ. des
romans, Nouv., v. 1. 1798.)
Journey into the interior of
Ibn-ad-Din al-Aghicati.
(In Oriental Trans. Fund.

Northern Africa.
Misc. tr., v. 1. 1831.)
Ibn al-Maqriz, Tagi ad-Din Bin Ali, called. LANGLÈS, L.
M. Le livre des avis et sujets de réflexions, sur la
descript. hist. des divisions territor. et des vestiges,
tires des annales de l'Egypte. (In Paris. Inst. Ac.
d. Inser. Not., v. 6. 1801.)

Ibn-Batuta, Abu-Abdallah Muhammad, called.

Travels of Ibn Batuta; tr. with notes by S.
Lee. London, 1829. 4°

Ibn Batuta's travels in Bengal and China. (In Yule,
H. Cathay. 1866.)

ST. JOHN, J. A. (In his Lives of cel. trav.. v. 1. 1844.)
Die ältesten arabischen
Ibn Foszlan.
Nachrichten über die Wolga-Bulgharen, aus Ibn-
Foszlan's Reiseberichte. (In St. Petersburg. Ac.
Sci. Mém., de sér., v. 1. 1832.)

187. (2. 6. 76.)



tonio de Mendoza; interrogatorio por el cual han de ser examinados los testigos que presente por su parte D. A. de Mendoza. - Lopez, C. Carta al emperador. — Valencia, M. de. Carta de V. y otros misioneros al em. perador. Ceynos, F. Carta al emperador. - Fuenleal, S. R. de. Paracer de R.. obispo de Santo Domingo y presidente de la real audiencia de Nueva Espana. -Betanzos, D de. Parecer; — Carta. - Castillo, A. del. PaCharles v. Leyes y ordenanzas nuevamente hechas para la gobernación de las Indias, y buen tratamiento y conservación do los Indios. - Casas, B. de las. Mem. en favor de los Indios de N. España. - - Casas, B. de las, and Santo Tomás, D. de. Memorial en nombre de los Indios del Perú, contra la perpetuidad; y ofrecen servir con lo mismo que los Españoles, y cien mil ducados mas; y si no oviere comparacion de lo de los Españoles, servirán con dos millones, pagados en cuatro años, con las condiciones que ponen. Ceynos, Dr. Segunda carta. - Michoacan, ciudad de. Carta. Pilar, G. del. Relacion de la entrada de N. de Guzman. Sámano, J. de. Relacion de la conquista de los Teules chichimecas. - 1a. 2a relacion anón. de la jornada que hizo N. de Guzman á la Nueva Galicia. Acazitli. F. de Sandoval. Relacion de la jornada con el viso. rey A. de Mendoza, cuando fué à la conquista y pacificacion de los Indios chichimecas de Xuchipila. Zurita, A. de. Memorial. - Tello, A. Fragmentos de una historia de la Nueva Galicia, ecrita hacia 1650. 3a, 4a relacion anón. de la jornada que hizo N. de Guz. man á la Nueva Galicia. Informe al Rey por el cabildo eclesiastico de Guadalajara, acerca de las cosas de aquel reino. — Casas, B. de las. Clausula del testamento.- Mendieta, G. de. Carta. - Aguilar, M. de. Carta y doc, anexos. - Tania, A. de. Relacion sobra la conquista de Mexico. - Casas, B. de las. Memorial al consejo de Indias; Peticion à Pio V. Icbad-Dod Dowlah Buhador. Icbal-e-furug, or, British prosperity; a short description of the manners, customs, etc., of the enlightened Brit., accomp. by a trans. Calcutta, 1834. 12o. Ice. CAMPBELL, J. F. Frost and fire, natural en

gines. Edin., 1865. 2 v. 8°.

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Ice caves. BROWNE, G. F. Ice caves of France and Switzerland; a narrative of subterranean exploration. London, 1865. 8o.

Ice-maiden, and other tales; by II. C. Andersen; tr. by F. Fuller. 2d ed. Phila., 1863. 16 Ice-trade. TUDOR, F. Letter on the ice-trade. (In Mass. Hist. Soc. Proc., 1855-58.)



MAGNUSEN, F. Efterretning om nogle paa Island endnu tilværende Runestene og andre Mindesmærker. (In Copenhagen. K. Com. f. Olds. Opb. Antiq. Ann., v. 4, p. 2. 1827.)

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ENGLEHARDT, M. Formation of ice at the bottom of the water. (In Smithsonian Inst. Reports, 1866.) TOTTEN, J. G. Sudden disappearance of the ice of our northern lakes in the spring. (In Amer. Assoc. Proc., v. 14. 1861.)

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