Grammars and grammatical works.

BAYLDON, G. Elementary grammar of the
old Norse or Icelandic lang. Edin., 1870. 8%
Islandsk Læsebog med
Ordregister og et Oversigt over den islandske
Formlære. Kjöb., 1846. 12°



Grammaticæ Islandica rudimenta.
Hickes, G. Ling. vett. Sept., v. 1. 1705.)
Grammar of Icelandic. Bur-
lington, 1838. 12°

RASK, R. Kortfattet Vejledning til det oldnor-
diske eller gamle islandske Sprog. 3e Oplag.
Köb., 1854. 12.

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History and collections.
ARNASON, J. Islandic legends; tr. by G. E. J.
Powell and E. Magnússon. Lond., 1864. 8°.
Same. 2d ser. ; with notes and introd. essay.
London, 1866. 8°.

DE COSTA. B. F. Translations from the Icelandic
sagas. (In his Pre-Columbian discovery. 1868.)
GOULD, S. B. [Translations from several sagas.] (In
his Iceland. 1863.)



Literature and Folk-lore.


List of Icelandic published sagas.


fornkvæði. Kjöb., 1854-59. 3 pts. 12. (Nor-
diske Lit. Samfund, v. 19, 24, 26.)

HENDERSON. E. Origin. progress, nature of Icelandic
poetry. (In his Iceland, v. 2. 1818.)

HOWITT, W and M. (In their Lit. of N. Europe. 1852.)
LONGFELLOW, H. W. (In his Poets of Europe. 1845.)
MARMIER, X. Chants populaires du Nord, etc.,
tr. ad. Paris, 1842. 12.


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MAURER, K. Isländische Volkssagen der Ge-
genwart verdeutscht. Leipz., 1860. 8°.
METCALF, F. Glances at Icelandic folk lore and sagas.
(In his Oxonian in I. 1861.)


BOTELHO DE LACERDA LOBO. C. Sobre a preparação
do peixe salgado e secco das nossas pescarias. (In
Lisbon. Ac. d. Sci. Mem. econ., v. 4. 1812.)
ARTEDI, P. Synonymia piscium
Græca et Latina, aucta. Lips., 1789. 4o.
ANDREWE, L. Extracts about fish from The noble
lyfe and natures of man', etc. (In Furnival, J.
Babees book. 1868.)

BANVARD, J. The wonders of the deep. Bos-
ton, 1850. 24°.

Gründliche Anweisung wie
die Fisherei zu betreiben. Lpz., 1794. 16o.
BERNARD, T. Account of a supply of fish for the
(In Pamphleteer, 1813; v. 1
manufacturing poor.
of B 838)
BONNATERRE, J. P. Ichthyologie. Paris, 1788.
4. (Encycl. méthod.)

BUSH AN, J. S. Natural history of fishes, par-
ticularly their structure and economical uses.
(Jardine. Nat. lib.)
Edin., 1840. 16o.
Poissons crustacés et mollusques.
(In Paris. Com. Imp. de l'Expos. de 1867. Rapports
du jury. v. 12.)

A. Histoire naturelle des poissons. Paris,
1828–49, 22 v. 8.

See also his Règne animal.

GILLIES, P. De Gallicis et Latinis nominibus piscium.
(In his Ex Elian. hist. 1535.)

GIOVIO. P. De piscibus Romanis. (In his Opera,
v. 2. 1578.)

Edda; Glum,

Natural history, etc.

HOOKER, W. J. Account of Hecla and other volcanic
Mts. in Iceland. - Icelandic plants. (In his Jour-
nal. v. 2. 1813.)

Remarks on some fossil im-
pressions in the sandstone of the Connecticut
river. Boston, 1854. 8°

HORREBOW, N. Nat. hist. of I. Lond., 1758. fo.
NOUGARET, J. Rapport sur Le surtarbrandur d'Is-
lande, les anciennes forêts et le reboisement de cette
île'; par E Jardin. (In Paris. Soc. de Géog. Bul.,
5e sér., v. 16. 1868.)

See also Glaciers.

Ichabod; or, Five groans of the Church. Camb., 1663. 4°.

Ichnographia veteris Romæ, cum notis J. B. Bellorii.
Romæ, 1764. fo.
Ichnology. DEANE, J.

Ichnographs from the
sandstone of Conn. River. Boston, 1861. 4o.
HITCHCOCK, E. Ichnology of New Eng.; a
report on the sandstone of Conn. Valley, espe-
cially its fossil footmarks. Boston, 1858. 4°.
Additional facts respecting the tracts of the otozoum
Moodii on the liassic sandstone of the Connecticut
Proc., v. 9. 1856.)
Valley. (In Amer. Assoc.
Remarks on certain points of I. (In v. 14. 1861.)

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JENYNS, L. Fish. (In Darwin, C. R. Zoology of the
voy. of the Beagle, v, 3. 1862.)

MEUNIER, V. Les grandes pêches. Paris, 1868.
16. (Bibl. des merv.)

OWEN, R. Fishes. (In his Anatomy of the verte-
brates, v. 1. 1866.)

RICHARDSON. J. (In Belcher, E. Voy. of the Sama-
rang. 1848.)

RUMPF, G. E. D. Thesaurus imaginum piscium
testaceorum. Lugd. Bat., 1711. fo.

SHAW, G. Pisces. (Vol. 4, 5 of his Gen. zoology.

SONNINI, C. S. Histoire naturelle des poissons;
suite à l'Histoire naturelle par Buffon. Paris,
1802-04. 13 v. 8

Paris, 1868.

SONREL, L. Le fond de la mer.
16o. (Bibl. des merveilles.)
Natural history of fishes, etc.
Lond., 1838-39. 2 v. 16o. (Lardner. Cab.cyc.)


Herring;;- Perch; - Cyprinidæ ; See also Bass; - ConRaia batis; also Aquarium ; :- Porpoise; also general works chology: Fishing; - Ocean; on Zoology; also the division Ichthyology or Natu Massachural history under various countries, as Great Britain; Long Island; Guiana; Illinois; setts; - New Jersey;- New York; - Superior, Lake. See Charles I. Icon basilike. Iconography. HEYNE, C. G. De auctoribus formarum quibus dii in priscæ artis operibus efficti sunt. (In Goettingen. Ges. d. Wiss. Comm., 1785-86.) Iconography. Christian. See Christian art; - Idolatry;

LAY, G. T., and BENNETT. E. T. Fishes. (In Rich-
ardson, J. Zoology of Beechey's voyage. 1839.)

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See Errata.

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Idatius or Ithacius Lemicensis, Bp. of Galicia, fl. 445.
Chronicon, 379-468; ex ed. J. Sirmondi. (In Bou-
quet, M. Rec. des hist. des Gaules, v. 1. 1863.)

Chronicon. (In Florez, H. España sagrada, v. 4. 1749.)

Idda de Tokenburg; par A. H. J. Lafontaine. (In

Biblioth. univ, des romans, Nouv., v. 63. 1802.)

Ide, George B. Battle echoes; lessons from the

war. Boston, 1866. 8°.

Sermon, Sept. 12, 1821, ordin. of Rev. G. Fisher. Con-

cord. 1822. 8°. (B 1319)

Sermons, Medway, on balls. Dedham, 1819. 8°. (B 1008)
Idea medicinæ practicæ generalis. t.p.w. [17-.] 8°.
Idealism. SCHELLING, F. W. J. von. Système d'
idéalisme transcendantal; tr. par P. Grim-
blot. Paris, 1842. 8°.

Ideas. MERIAN, J. B. Mémoire sur l'apperception con-
siderée relativement aux idées dans l'âme. (In Ber-
lin. Ak. d. Wiss. Abh., 1749.) - ANCILLON, L. F.
Sur la différence de nos idées. — CASTILLON, F. A.
M. G. Mémoire touchant l'influence des signes sur
la formation des idées. (In 1799-1800.)

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Idiocy. BROWN, B. Treatment and cure of crétins

and idiots. Boston. 1847. 8°. (B 1549)

HOWE, S. G. Report upon idiocy. Boston,

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1848. 8°. (Senate, no. 51.)

Report in part on the condition of the idiots in Mass.,

with a document on the school for idiots in Paris

[by G. Sumner. Boston, 1847.] 8%. (House doc.,

no. 152.

B 1553)


Report on training and teaching idiots.
1850.] S. (Senate doc., no. 38. B 1563)
JARVIS, E. Review of Dr. Howe's Reports on idiocy.
[Pages 421-441 of Amer. journal of med. sci., ..,
v. 17. Phila., April 1849.] (B 1563)

See also Crétins; Pennsylvania Training School.

Idiot witness. The; by J. T. Haines. (In Sargent, E.

Mod. stand. dr., v. 31.)

Idler in France, in Italy. See Gardiner, M., Countess of


Idolatry. BERG, J. F. Scripture history of idol-
atry. Phila., 1838. 12%

BUNSEN, E. de. The keys of Saint Peter; or,

The house of Rechab connected with the his-
tory of idolatry. London, 1867. 8o.

HUGHES, O. The veneration of saints and images, as
taught and practis'd in the Church of Rome, exam-
ined; sermon. London, 1735. 8°. (B 33)
KIRWAN, R. Origin of polytheism, idolatry, etc. (In
Roy. Irish Acad. Trans., v. 11. 1810.)
MATHER, S. Testimony against idolatry. [Boston,
1672] 8°. (C 9)

MORE, H. Antidotus adv. idololatriam; quid sit idola-
tria apud Christianos, cum applicatione ad doctr.
Conc. Tridentini. — App. in qua vera definitio idolo-
latriæ proponitur; exempla in Romana ecclesia ex-
aminantur, consuetudines in ecclesia Anglicana vindi-
cantur. (In his Opera theol., 1675; and Eng. 1708.)
MOSES BEN MAIMON. De idolatria Hebræa;
cum interpr. Lat. D. Vossii. n.p., 1668. 4o.

Note. A part of J. G. Vossius's Opera. Amst., 1668.

RIDLEY, N. Worship of images. (In his Works. 1841.)

See also Iconography.





Note. Nos. 33, 93, 96. by T. Warton; nos. 76,
79, 82. by Sir J. Reynolds.

Same. (Vol. 33-34 of Chalmers, A. Brit. ess.. 1802.)
DRAKE, N. Essays, biog., crit., and hist, illustr.
of the Idler. London, 1809-10. 2 v. 12o.

hist. Gr., v. 2. 1848.)


Idrisi, Abu 'Abdu-llah Muhammad, called Al.
mushtak. ELLIOT, H. M. (In his Hist. of India,
v. 1. 1867.)

Idropica, L'; conmedia. See Guarini, G. B.

Iduna, ou L'amour maternel; par Fabre d'Olivet.

Biblioth. univ. des romans, Nouv., v. 73. 1803.)

Idyls of the King. See Tennyson, A.

If I had a thousand a year! farce. See Morton, J. M.

If, yes, and perhaps; [tales] by E. E. Hale. Bos-

ton, 1868. 8°.

Iffland, August Wilhelm.

Theatralische Werke,

in einer Auswahl. Lpz., 1858-60. 10 v. 16o.
Contents. Vol. 1. Die Jäger. Reue versöhnt. 2.
Die Reise nach der Stadt. Herbsting. 3. Der Mann

von Wort. Dienstpflicht. 4. Scheinverdienst.
Der Spieler.
- Der Komet. 5. Verbrechen aus Ehr-
sucht. - Leichter Siun. - Die Hagestolzen. 6. Die
Aussteuer. Das Erbtheil des Vaters. 7. Die Höhen.
-Frauenstand. 8. Die Advokaten. - Erinnerung.
Albert von Thurneisen. 9. Bewusstseyn. Der Vor-
mund. Vaterfreude. 10. Elise von Valberg. — Haus-
frieden. - Die Mündel. - Nachr. von Ilands Leben.
- Conscience; a tragedy; tr. by B. Thompson. London,
1800. 16. (D 42)
Ifigenia in Aulide. See Zeno, A.

Ifigenia in Tauris, tragédie. See Martello, P. J.
Iglesias, José M. The other side. 1850. See Alcarez, R.
Iglesias de la Casa, Josef. Poesias postumas.

Salamanca, 1798. 2 v. 12%

Contents. Vol. 1. Poesias serias. 2. Poes. jocosas.

Igliano, Lodovico Sauli d'. See Sauli d' Igliano, L.

Ignacio, Martin. Ytmerario a la China, la India Oriental,

y otros reynos. (In Gonzalez de Mendoza, J. Hist.

de la China. 1585; - and, Eng., v. 2. 1854, Hakluyt

Soc., v. 15. 1854.)

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Epistles after the
Epistles, longer and shorter.
Spurious epistles.
Syriac version. -
(In Apostolic Fathers. Writings. 1870.)

Epistolæ genuinæ ad Polycarpum; ad Ephesios; ad

Romanos. (In Bunsen, C. C. J. Christianity, v. 5.


Epistolæ, una cum interpret. Latina, etc., præf. est de

Ignatii scriptis J. Usserii diss. (In Polycarpus.

Polycarpi et Ignatii epist. 1644.)

Versus in Adamum [Gr.]. (In Wagner, F. G. Fragm.

Eurip. 1846.)

BOEHRINGER, F. (In his Kirche Christi, v. 1, Abth. 1.


Hist. acct. of the epistles ascribed to

Ignatius. (In his Discourse. 1762. B 51, 152)
MARTYRDOM of Ignatius at Rome. (In Tracts for the

times, v.

WAKE, W. Relation of the martyrdom of St. Igna-
tius. (In his Epist. 1769.)

SIMEON Metaphrasies. (In Acta sanct., v. 4. 1863.)
USHER, J. Græcorum Ignatii exemplarium et
inter se et cum utraque vetere Latina interpr.
comparatio, cum I. Vossii in Barnabæ epis-
tolam annot. Oxon., [1644?]. 4°
WHISTON, W. (In his Prim. Christ., v. 1. 1711.)

Ignatius Constantinopolitanus, Patriarch. WEGUELIN, J.

D. Sur le différend entre les patriarches Photius et

Bibl. acad., v. 5. 1811.)

Ignace. (In Sérieys, A.

Ignazio de Loyola, St. De obedientiæ virtute.

De perfectione religiosa. (In Jesuits. Epist. præpos.

gen., 1635.)


pt. 1. 1782.)


GONZALVO, L. Vita S. Ignatii.

de. Vita S. I. (In Acta sanct., v. 34. 1868.)

ROSE, S. Ignatius Loyola and the early Jesuits.

2d ed. London, 1871. 8°.


(In his Œuvres, v. 3,












Ignorantia scientifica; essay on man's not knowing his time,
[by C. Mather]. Boston, 1727. 8°. (C 9)

Iguvium. NEWMAN, F. W. Text of the Iguvine inscrip-
(In Philological Soc.

tions, with Latin trans.

Proc., 1864.)

See Le Sage, A. R.

Sea-side studies at

Ilfracombe, etc. Edin. and London, 1858. 8o

Ilheos. SILVA LISBOA, B. de. Memoria da comarca dos

Mem., v. 9. 1825.)

Ilheos. (In Lisbon. Ac. d. Sci.

Iliad. See Homerus.
Ilicino or Glicino or Lapini or da Montalcino or da Monte
Alano or da Siena, Bernardo. Novel. (In Roscoe,
T. Ital. novelists, v. 2. 1823.)

Illescas, Gonzalo de. Jornada de Carlos v. á Tunéz. (In

Rosell, C. Hist. de sucesos partic., v. 1. 1858; v. 21

of Aribau. Bibl.)

Illiers, Florent d'. Mémoires. (In Perrin. Col. des mém.,
v. 7. 1785; and in Petitot. Col., le sér., v. 8. 1819.)
Laws passed by the
General Assembly.

18th Gen. Assembly, 2d sess. Springfield,

1854. 8°.


Springfield, 1855-57.

Journal, 1857.

Senate. Journal, 1859. Springfield, 1859. 8°.
Geological Survey. Geological survey of Illi-
nois. Springfield, 1866. 2 v. 4o.

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Contents. Vol. 1. Geology; J. D. Whitney, L. Les-
quereux, H. Engelmann, assistants. 2. Palæontology;
by J. S. Newbury, A. H. Worthen, F. B. Meek, and L.

House of Representatives.
Springfield, 1857. 8°.


Superintendent of Public Instruction. 2d, 4th,
6th biennial report, 1857-58, 1861-62, 1865-
66. Springfield, 1859-[66]. 3 v. 8o.


BARNET, J. Martyrs and heroes of Illinois in
the great rebellion. Chicago, 1865. 8°.

SMITH, G. B. (In his Official army list of the volun-

teers of the [Western states]. 1862.)




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History and Politics.

BIRKBECK, M. Appeal on the question of a conven-
tion. Shawneetown, 1823. 8°. * (B 1105)
BROWN, H. Hist. of Illinois. N. Y., 1844. 8°.
CLARK, G. R. Sketch of his campaign in the
Illinois in 1778-79, etc.

Cincin., 1869. 8°.


(Ohio Valley hist. ser., no. 3.)

EDWARDS, N. W. History of I., 1778-1833.
Springfield, Ill., 1870. 8°.

6th thous.

FORD, T. History of I., 1818-47.
Chicago, 1854. 8°.

Natural history, etc.

ALLEN, J. A. Notes on birds observed in northern I.
(In Boston Soc. of Nat. Hist. Mem., v. 1. 1866-69.)

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U. S. 4th Cong. 2d sess. Report of the committee [on] the memorial of the Illinois and Wabash Land Co., Feb. 3. 1797. [Phila, 1797.] 8° (W 65) Illinois Anti-Slavery Convention at Upper Alton, Oct. 1837. Proceedings. Alton, 1838. 8°. (B 1475) Illinois gazette, Mar. 2. Shawnee-town, Ill., 1822. fo. (E 181)

Illinois Indians. ALLOUEZ. C. Narrative of a voyage to the Illinois. (In Shea, J. G. Discov. of the Mis sissippi Valley. 1852.)

Illinois River. KENNEDY, P. Journal up the Illinois. (In Hutchins, T. Topog. descr., etc. 1787. C 64) Illinois State Agricultural Soc. Transactions. Vol. 1, 4. Springfield, 1855-60. 2 v. 8o. Illinois teacher; Richard Edwards, ed. Vol. 11 and 12. Jan. 1865 - Dec. 1866. Peoria, 1865-66. 2 v. 8°.

Illuminated magazine; ed. by D. Jerrold; illust. by Phiz, etc. London, 1845. 4 v. 8°. Illuminati. BARRUEL, A. de. Memoirs illustrating the history of Jacobinism; tr. by R. Clifford. London, 1797-98. 4 v. 8°.


CARY, J. View of the New England illuminati.
Phila., 1799. 8°. (W 62)

PAYSON, S. Proofs of the existence and dan-
gerous tendency of illuminism. Charles-
town, 1802. 12%

ROBISON, J. Proofs of a conspiracy against the religions and governments of Europe [by] Illuminati. 4th ed. N. York, 1798. 8%. Illumination (of mss. and books). ARUNDEL SOCI ETY. Alphabet of capital letters selected from the illuminations of Italian choral books of the 15th and 16th cent. London, 1862. fo. DELAMOTTE, F. P. Mediæval alphabets and initials for illuminators; with introd. by J. W. Brooks. 2d ed. London, 1864. 16o.


- Primer of the art of illumination. London, 1860. 4o.

- GIBBS, W. Decorative alphabets for the chisel, the pen, and the needle. London, [186-]. 4o. HUMPHREYS, H. N. The illuminated books of the Middle Ages. London, 1844. f. WYATT, M. D. The art of illuminating, illustrated by borders, initial letters, etc., chromolithographed by T. R. Tymms. Lond., n.d. 8°. Illumination. BORDIER, J. A. and C. Collections des cer. tificats des villes éclairées selon leur brevet. Paris, 1809. 4°. (A 74)

GORE, G. Chemistry of artificial illumination. (In his
Pract. chem. 1856.)


NORWOOD, J. G. Abstract of report on Ill. coals. Chicago, 1857. 8.

PARVIN, J. B. Habits of the gopher of Illinois. (In Smithsonian Inst. Report, 1854.)

WORTHEN, A. H. Occurrence of fish remains in the carboniferous limestone of Illinois. (In Amer. Assoc. Proc., v. 10. pt. 2. 1857.)- Remarks on the discovery of a terrestrial flora in the mountain lime stone of Illinois. (In v. 13. 1860.)

Memorial to Congress. n.p., 1802. 8°. (B 452) Memorial to the Senate and House of R. Baltimore, 1810. 8° (B 452)

To the committee of the Senate and House, on the menorial. No. 1. n.t.p. 8°. (B 452)

To the committee of Senate and House, on land pur. chases. No. 3. nt.p. 8. (B 452)

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See also Candles; - Gas; — Lamps. Illusion, L'; comédie. See Corneille, P.

Illusions perdues; par H. de Balzac. Paris, 1865. 16o. (Œuvres, v. 26, 27.)

Illustrated book of Scottish songs. Lond., 1854. 8°. Illustrated London news. London, 1842-75. 67 v. fo

Illustrated Mt. Vernon record. See Mt. Vernon Ladies' Assoc.

Illustrated pilgrim almanac for 1860. Boston,

1860. 8°.

Illustrated travels; ed. by H. W. Bates. Vol. 1-6.
London, 1869-74. 6 v. 4°.
Illustrations of human life; by [R. P. Ward].
Paris, 1837. 8°.

Illustrations of the manners and expences of an

cient times; [by J. Nichols]. Lond., 1797. 4°. Illustrations of the roads throughout Bengal, including those to Madras and Bombay. Calcutta, 1828. 8°.

Illustre docteur Mathéus, L'; par Erekmann-Chatrian. 4e éd. Paris, [18-]. 12°

Illustres ennemis, Les; tragédie. See Corneille, T. Illustrirter Kalendar für 1856-59. Leipz., 185659. 3 v. 4°.

Illyria. APPIANUS Alexandrinus. De rebus Illy

ricis. (In his Rom. hist. 1840.)

DESPREZ, H. (In Revue d. D. Mondes, mars 1847; nov. 1848.)


See also Carniola; Laybach; - - Triest. Illyricus, Flaccius. See Francowitz, M. F. Ilsley, E. Clarke. Yes, we think of thee at home; words by J. H. Hewitt. Augusta. [186-]. 4°. (E 171) Ilustre fregona, El. See Cervantes Saavedra, M. de. Imagery of foreign travel. See Sherer, M. Images. See Idolatry. Imaginary conversations of literary men and statesmen. See Landor, W. S. Imaginary voyages and travels. See Ferington (Gaudentio de Lucca); De Foe (Robinson Crusoe); Holberg (Niels Klim); - Quarll; Slonenburgh, pseud. (Cajamai); - Swift (Lilliput. Brobdignag).

Imagination. AKENSIDE, M. Pleasures of imag


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Fosco, P. De situ ora Illyrici. (In Grævius. Thes. antiq. Sic.. v. 14. 1725.)

ILLYRICI provinc. descriptio. (In Byzant. hist. script., v. 18. 1729?)

LEAR, E. Journals of a landscape painter in Albania, Illyria, etc. 2d ed. Lond., 1852. 8°. LUCIO, J. De regno Illyrici. (In Grævius. Thes. antiq. Sicil., v. 14. 1725.) POUQUEVILLE, F. C. H. L. L'Illyrie ancienne et moderne. (In Paris. Inst. Ac. d. Inser. Mém., v. 12. 1836.) TOMMASEO, N. Canti popolari. [Vol. 4:] Illirici. Venezia, 1841-42. 4 v. 8°.


Istria ;

ination. London, 1744. 4°. (A4)

Same. (In his Works, v. 1. 1808; and in Campbell, T. Specimens of British poets, v. 6. 1819.) BEATTIE, J. On memory and imagination. (In his Works, v. 1. 1809.)

[blocks in formation]

TYNDALL, J. Essays on the use and limit of the imagination in science. Lond., 1870. 8°. Scientific use of the imagination, [one of the 'Essays]. (In his Fragm. of sci. 1871.) Imagination, L'; [par] J. Delille. Nouv. éd. Paris,

1824. 2 v. 8°. (Euvres, v. 8, 9.) Imaginative biography. See Brydges, Sir S. E.

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Imajen del Antecristo [tr. por J. Perez?] i Carta a Don Felipe 11. [por J. Perez? 1558?]. Reimpresas, 1849. 16o.

Imbert, Barthélemi. La jaloux sans amour. Paris, 1785. 8°. (C 287)


Same. (In Petitot, C. B. Théâtre, v. 14. 1817.) Portraits de femmes Imbert de Saint-Amand, françaises du 18e, 19e siècle. Paris, 1869. 18o. Marquise de Contents. Duchesse de Chateauroux. Marquise du Def Marie Leczinska. Pompadour. fand. Marie Antoinette à Trianon. Mme. ElisaCharlotte Corday. beth. Princesse de Lamballe. Marquises de la RocheJoséMme. Tallien.

Marquise de Montagu. jaquelein et de la Fayette. phine. - Comtesse de la Ferronuays. Sœur Rosalie. Imeneo. See Zeno, A. Imhoff, Gustave Guillaume, baron d'. Considérations sur l'état présent de la Companie Hollandoise des Indes Orientales, etc. (In Du Bois, J. P. J. Vies des gouverneurs. 1763.)

Imitation. QUATREMÈRE DE QUINCY, A. C. Essay on imitation in the fine arts; tr. by J. C. Kent. London, 1837. 8°.

HURD, R. Marks of imitation. - Poetical imitation. (In Horatius Flaccus. Epistola, v. 3. 1776.) WINCKELMANN, J. J. Schriften über die Nachahmung der alten Kunstwerke, 1756. (In his Werke, v. 1. 1808.)


Imitatione Christi, De, libri IV. Londini, 1827. 18. Eng. The Christian's pattern; or, a treatise of the imitation of Jesus Christ; rend. into London, Eng. by G. Stanhope. 2d ed.

1700. 16°



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Works on the question whether man is immortal are placed here; for works on the character of a future life see Future life (p. 1091).

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