Catalogue of the Library of the Boston Athenaeum: 1807-1871, Deel 3

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Pagina 1816 - An Address to the People of England, Scotland, and Ireland, on the present Important Crisis of Affairs...
Pagina 1797 - Elements of Practical Agriculture ; comprehending the Cultivation of Plants, the Husbandry of the Domestic Animals, and the Economy of the Farm. By D.
Pagina 1697 - Mémoire sur les avantages de la navigation des canaux et rivières qui traversent les départemens de la Meurthe, des Vosges, de la Meuse et de la Moselle ; sur les travaux...
Pagina 1525 - Genève, le 22 août 1864, pour l'amélioration du sort des militaires blessés dans les armées en campagne...
Pagina 1667 - The Eastern Origin of the Celtic Nations proved by a Comparison of their Dialects with the Sanskrit, Greek, Latin, and Teutonic Languages. Forming a Supplement to Researches into the Physical History of Mankind.
Pagina 1848 - Post 8vo, cloth, 7s. 6d. MALLET (ROBERT)— GREAT NEAPOLITAN EARTHQUAKE OF 1857. First Principles of Observational Seismology, as developed in the Report to the Royal Society of London, of the Expedition made into the Interior of the Kingdom of Naples, to investigate the circumstances of the great Earthquake of December, 1857.
Pagina 1783 - Tables for correcting the apparent Distance of the Moon and a Star from the effects of Refraction and Parallax,' which was published by order of the commissioners of longitude.
Pagina 1566 - A View of the Action of the Federal Government in behalf of Slavery, by William Jay.
Pagina 1716 - The Alliance of Divine Offices, exhibiting all the Liturgies of the Church of England since the Reformation : as also the late Scotch Service-Book, with all their respective variations.
Pagina 1836 - A Parallel in the manner of Plutarch, between a most celebrated man of Florence, and one, scarce ever heard of, in England.

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